How to Start an Internet Cafe Using Sweepstakes Software

How to Start an Internet Cafe Using Sweepstakes Software

Are you looking for a profession that is easy and very beneficial? We give you the chance to enter this business with a small investment. We have various versions, versatile and fun games, Progressive Community Jackpot and the incredible point of sale! Don’t Get Hooked With The Wrong Software | Frontier Internet Sweepstakes Software also identified as Gateway Internet Sweepstakes Software maybe be a thing of the history. Many internet software firms, such as Hest Technologies are no longer in business. When it happens to your Internet Cafe Software, it is necessary to choose a software company that will help you with confidence and offers you the software you need to set your Internet Cafe Software separate from the rest.


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If you are searching a Sweepstakes Software company that is responsible, calm and ready to help you, then look no further than Cold Fusion. We offer the latest in internet Sweepstakes games, and we help you take your Internet Sweepstakes Cafe to the next level of earnings in your pocket. We will do full conversions of your current software, or we will set your Internet Cafe up with leased equipment ready to plug and play. Either way, we help get you on the fast track to making more money and to beating your completion. Our system is fun, exciting, and offers the latest in sweepstakes technology. Your clients will return time after time to play the games, and your Internet Cafe will grow to be a great success beyond your imagination. With our top-notch games, excellent customer service, helpful tech support, and easy to use Point of Sale, you are sure to have a winning Internet Cafe Business.


Here’s how to get started:


STEP 1 — Find a great place.


STEP 2 — Get a city license for business management. Google “location’s town/city hall.” Search for the person in charge of administration and ask about the sweepstakes permission for your area. You may, also, need to speak to your local sheriff and DA and inform them of your new business.


STEP 3 — Let us verify the location for the setup to run more smoothly.


STEP 4 — Build out your location (paint, furniture, hire staff, etc.)


STEP 5 — Complete your contract with us.


STEP 6 — We ship all equipment to you.


STEP 7 — Complete the training on back of office (very user-friendly software).


STEP 8 — Our install guy will come to your location and set up all computers, keyboards, mouses, widescreen monitors with speakers, POS, thermal printer, battery backup (mainly all the computer hardware required to play games).


STEP 9 — Next day — Open doors for business!