Different Types of Gamification at Online Casino Software

by Jeffrey Black

Posted on August 7th, 2018

Different Types of Gamification at Online Casino Software

Most online casino software will offer you a quality of slots and, well, that is why you have come to the place. And that’s fabulous! However, some online casino software will go a step further and, apart from online slots, bonuses, and Free Spins, they’ll even introduce something called gamification. While gamification varies from casino to casino, we’ll talk about some of the most popular ways in which online casinos will engage you as members and motivate you to keep returning there. Spoiler alert: treats are promised!

Loyalty Points

So, how do some online casinos make sure you’ll keep coming back? For one, loyalty points. The basic concept of loyalty points is that the more time you spend at an excellent online casino, the more perks you’ll have down the line. The awards can be pretty diverse, too – anything from Free Spins and special promo offer to VIP treatment. It’s all about the online casino showing their gratefulness for your support through awards. And none of us are opposed to that, are we?

Ikiru Casino, for instance, offers points in the form of seeds. You collect seeds through improvements and real money, which later you can exchange for Free Spins in their shop. Similarly, Energy Casino has their shop, too, except their money is called EnergyPoints and you get them by playing online casino software games at the online casino. The shop sells anything from marked shirts to lighters, so you’ll have lots of fun picking your merch!


Furthermore, the online casino software often constructs their gamification around leaderboards. The idea is straightforward, and it’s about points, once more, only they’re gained through the playing of specific online slots, for example. Again, the more points you acquire, the higher up the leaderboard you go. Seeing yourself on the top of the board is always a good feeling, but more than that, some casinos will also provide treats for the victorious players as another form of motivation.

There’s one such leaderboard (and more!) at Rizk Casino, for example. You join daily races, accumulate points and climb up the leaderboard. What’s more, whenever you play online slots at Rizk Casino, you also fill a power bar, which in turn brings you closer to another type of gamification, Wheel of Rizk with plenty of rewards awaiting there!

Goals, Adventures, and Missions

This type of gamification may be the most creative one yet. Why? Because online casinos can come up with just about anything and, as long as you practice towards the set object or try to complete the mission at hand, apathy will not be in the cards… and surprises will!

For example, Kaboo Casino does this pretty sleekly. You can choose your missions and, if you complete them, there’s some super cool prize awaiting. Free Spins can eternally come in handy, isn’t that right? Online Casino Heroes, on the other hand, has a different type of gamification where you explore magical worlds with the help of your elected Hero Avatar, battle evil Bosses and earn online casino bonuses. Pretty neat, huh?

Thoughts on Gamification?

As we said, those are just a few cases of gamification at casinos (there’s plenty more, but we’d be here all day). Your turn! What do you remember about gamification at online and mobile casinos? Does it stimulate you more than usual promotions and online casino bonuses? Which online casinos have the most productive and prolific gamification systems?

We are excited to understand what you think, so make sure you visit us over at our forum and tell us all about your gamification preferences!