Which Online Casino Software Type is Better, Download or Instant Play?

by Jack Morgan

Posted on August 2nd, 2018

Which Online Casino Software Type is Better, Download or Instant Play?

Once upon a time, it was much simpler to determine which kind of online casino software was better – instant-play or download online casino. Back then if a casino would offer both choices, there was a reason a lot of members would choose download over instant play. Is it still the same today? What makes the two kinds of online casinos several? And is one better than the other? Let’s see if we can solve these questions, shall we?

Why Download Casinos Used to Be More Popular

To start off, there isn’t a definite answer to which example of online casino software is better. Mostly because it still depends on your gaming needs and preferences. However, specific facts cannot be denied.

For example, some time ago players usually went for download casinos as they happened to be safer and more stable than the newly introduced instant-play casinos. Once you’d download the software you didn’t have to worry about your internet connection breaking or having your game freeze in the middle of a particular right hand (isn’t that right, poker players?). Same went for slot lovers.

Even today, those who go for downloads do so because the games are pre-loaded and will fire up almost instantly. No unnecessary time wasted!

Players who go for download online casino software do so because the games fire up almost instantly.

Additionally, what made online download casinos the preferred choice of many was the fact a large number of online casinos offered a much larger slot game portfolio in their download versions than on their websites. Suffice to say that isn’t the case anymore.

The Time of Instant-play Casinos Is Here

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In fact, now you’ll find that more and more online casino software will offer only the instant-play version of their casino with a full collection of online slots. What’s more, only casinos powered by a handful software providers still provide download versions today, most notably Playtech casinos, RTG, Rival and Pragmatic Play casinos.

Naturally, those that seek slots by different software providers won’t even see this as a choice; they’ll gravitate towards instant-play casinos.

Additionally, certain players pick instant-play casinos over download for the same reason the download casino lovers choose downloads – because they claim it’s faster. Specifically, some players will tell you their laptops would get impossibly slow when they’d open downloaded online casino software, which is another reason they prefer instant play.

Instant-play on Mobile Phones

On the other hand, players who still prefer online download casinos will probably continue to spin the reels of their choice slots there as long as download casinos exist (although they seem like a dying kind). Especially as they might not want all their mobile data gobbled up.

That’s right; if you’re thinking of playing casino slots at mobile casinos using your 3G or 4G network, be advised that you might end up with a bill as long as your leg at the end of the month. So, unless you’re willing to throw away your money, remember: unlimited data WiFi connection is your best friend!

Your Preference?

Ultimately, it’ll always be a matter of preference as long as both models of online casino software exist. What about you? Are you still sure to download online casino software? Have you always been the instant-play casino type? Tell us all about it at our forum – it’s a topic that never goes out of style! Or at least, it hasn’t yet…