Disqualification from Sweepstakes Games: What It Is and How to Avoid It


When you try to win a prize, it is smart to use sweepstakes games methods that assist you to maximize your odds of winning. It would be tempting to undertake to tilt the percentages in your favor by fudging the foundations a touch bit. However once you do not play by the foundations, you run the chance of disqualification.


What Disqualification Is:

Merriam-Weber defines disqualification because of the state of being created “ineligible for a prize or more competition attributable to violations of the foundations.” In different words, if an organization catches you breaking or bending the foundations of a giveaway, you’ll now not be eligible to win a prize in this giveaway.



Being disqualified could be a massive waste of your time. The hassle you spent finding and coming into the giveaway is for nothing since you now not have any probability of winning?


How do sponsors decide UN agency ought to be disqualified? For every giveaway, the sponsoring company ought to provide a robust set of rules particularization UN agency will enter, how, when, and the way usually. The foundations ought to embrace different useful data just like the details of the prize and the way the winner(s) are going to be notified.


The rules function a kind of contract between the entrant and also the sponsoring company so that each side understands what to expect from the giveaway. Sponsors have the associated obligation to create sure that their winners have followed these rules. Thus they’re going to either vet all of the entries to create sure that they’re valid before drawing a winner or they’ll check every one of their winners to create sure that everything is on the up-and-up. If something is off regarding the entry, the winner’s area unit disqualified before they’re even notified.


Once the champ has been selected and published, the sponsoring company would prefer to do another spherical of eligibility verification victimization affidavits, wherever the winner verifies their entry data ahead of a witness.


So, however, does one avoid disqualification? It goes while not expression that you should not cheat.



Cheating does not pay since it is so merely caught, it’s immoral, discourages corporations from providing giveaways (and thus, reduces the number of prizes you’ll be able to win), and it will even carry legal consequences.


But you do not get to be intentionally cheating to possess your sweepstakes games entries to be disqualified. If you are not paying shut attention, it is easy to create an error and breach of the foundations.


Easy-to-Make Mistakes which will Get You Disqualified From online Sweepstakes Games:

Especially once you area unit new coming into sweepstakes games, there area unit some simple mistakes that you will build that would get you disqualified. Here area unit a number of the first common mistakes to avoid:


Entering Too Often: every giveaway has associate entry limit restriction that tells you ways usually you’ll be able to come. Some allow you to enter just the once, others a day, and still others weekly, monthly, or as usually as you wish. Ignore these entry limits at your peril, as a result of coming into too often, could get not solely your further entries disqualified all of your legitimate entries however similarly.


Not Checking the Residency Requirements: Most sweepstakes games area unit restricted to a selected geographical area, whether or not that be a rustic or countries, a state, a city, or a zipper code.



If you enter on faith whether or not your home address causes you to be ineligible, you’ll be quickly disqualified, and you’ll have wasted the time that you only may have spent coming into sweepstakes games you may win.


Not Checking the Age Requirements: equally, there area unit sweepstakes games for teenagers, for retirees, for folks higher than the age of majority, and more. Whereas most sweepstakes area unit friendly folks higher than the age of eighteen, checking before you enter can save some time and also the sponsors’.


Not Meeting different Eligibility Restrictions: Some giveaways have further restrictions regarding the UN agency will enter. For instance, sweepstakes games from tobacco corporations area unit needed to make sure that solely current tobacco users will come. Different giveaways would possibly need membership in a company just like the AARP, that entrants area unit customers of a subscription service (subject to the foundations for no purchase necessary entry methods), and so on.


Not Following the foundations enter: The safest way to enter sweepstakes games is to come for yourself solely, and to sort your entries by hand. If you wish to register for a spouse equivalent or friend, or if you want to use a time-saver sort of a form-filling program or associate automatic entry service, ensure the foundations do not disallow it initial.


You Are related to With the Sponsor: to avoid any look of favoritism; most corporations disallow their staff and business sponsors from coming into their giveaways. Immediate members of the family of staff and business partners might also be unavailable to win. If you or your families have any relationship with the corporate sponsoring the giveaway, it is a sensible plan to examine if you’re restricted from coming into.


Aside from these common pitfalls, it is a sensible plan to browse the foundations of every individual giveaway, to make sure that there are not any extra restrictions that would get your entries disqualified.


Mistakes which will Disqualify You From Skill-Based Contests:

Aside from all of the errors, you’ll be able to build coming into online sweepstakes games, skill-based contests have extra rules that may trip you up if you are not careful. Here area unit a number of the first common blunders that challenge entrants to make:


Making Your Essays Run Too Long: Most essay games have a strict number count or word limit. If you ramble and reassess the deadline, your entry may be disqualified, notwithstanding however sensible it’s.


Submitting Files That area unit Too Large: pic contests typically place a limit on the pic size, whereas video contests usually have a closing date for his or her submissions. Take care to require these limits seriously if you wish to win.


Not victimization the correct Ingredients: several formula contests have a selected list of ingredients that you just got to use or to decide on among. If you do not use the right amounts of the qualifying ingredients, your entry may be tossed.


Ignoring the Contest’s Theme: each contest includes a theme, whether or not it’s the cutest baby contest or a hunt for the right formula for burgers on the grill. Ensure that it’s bright and visible however your entry dead fits the theme to remain within the running.


Including Competitor’s Logos: you may not notice what number logos their area unit out there till you begin a photograph or video shoot that cannot embrace any. Most contests say that you cannot use any logos or any proprietary data (like unauthorized music) in your entries, thus being but meticulous will value you a prize.


Having the “Wrong” folks in Your Entry: Some contests say that you should be the sole person concerned in your pic or video entry. Others say that if you embrace others, you need to have a signed model unharness kind for every person. Either way, take care that you just aren’t getting disqualified for the different folks in your submission.


Getting Votes the incorrect Way: There area unit several legitimate ways that to induce votes for your contest entries. However, several corporations can disqualify entries if they feel that you just area unit cheating your thanks to a lot of votes. Victimization vote exchange sites, providing money or prizes for votes, and even soliciting votes on sweepstakes games forums will get your entries disqualified.


Producing the Sponsoring Company Look Bad

If you think that it’s cute or funny to create contest entries that mock the businesses are sponsoring the competition, you may be right. You may even get the votes to win. However, there is a reasonable probability that the corporate will not take it well, and can instead disqualify your entry. As Yankee attire did after they set that a contestant’s gates had been “mocking the assured and excited participants UN agency place themselves out there.”


The Most vital factor to try and do to Avoid Disqualification:

Remember that whereas this area unit a number of the first common ways that of obtaining disqualified. This can be by no means that a comprehensive list. Entrants are disqualified for dominating a minor eligibility rule and for creating a little low. However unauthorized amendment in a very epic, and for a lot of. It is essential to browse the foundations of each giveaway and perceive them completely.


Especially once it involves contest entries. Take care to travel back through the foundations before you pass through to take care that you merely have dotted each “i” and crossed each “t,” and complied dead with everything within the rules.

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