Sweepstakes Games Taxes: What Prize Winners Need to Know


If you reside within us, you would like to pay taxes on your sweepstakes games prizes. Each year, the government agency can expect you to declare your sweepstakes games taxes on your 1040 type. Even non-monetary sweepstakes games prizes ought to be reported on your charges as “Other financial gain.”


Estimating Taxes on Prize Winnings

If you’re trying to find a rough rule of thumb to work out what the taxes on any given prize are going to be, I typically go together with a few thirds of the prize worth.



So if you win a prize value $9,000, you’ll be able to expect your taxes to rise by regarding $3,000. However their square measure several factors that influence what proportion you’ll need to pay on your prize winnings, therefore do not take this as a strict and quick rule.


Note that you perpetually pay taxes on to the government agency, to not sweepstakes games sponsors. One in all the warning signs of sweepstakes games scams could be a request to pay taxes before you receive a prize.


How to Pay Sweepstakes Games Taxes

Here square measures the overall steps to follow to pay your sweepstakes games taxes.


Record Your Wins and Expenses

Good record keeping can create paying taxes on your sweepstakes games wins most easier. Keep a ledger or a programme wherever you record data regarding your prizes, as well as the name and sponsor of every contest you win, the date you expect to receive the award, the time the award really arrived, the ARV, and therefore the FMV, if you think that that the calculable worth of the award is wrong.

Collect 1099 Forms From Sponsors

If you had any wins with a prize worth of over $600, you might receive a 1099-MISC type from the sponsor at the top of the year. Several sponsors can send 1099-MISCs for smaller prizes furthermore. You may have to be compelled to embrace the data from these forms on your taxes, and you will need to stay copies for your records. By law, sponsors should mail these forms by January thirty first.


Check the honest market price of Your Wins

Remember that you pay sweepstakes games taxes on the reasonable market price (FMV), not the sponsor’s ARVs. If you’ve got tracked the FMVs of all of your wins, use this quantity on your taxes. You’ll have to justify why your worth differs from that on any 1099s that you have received from sweepstakes games sponsors.

Total the worth of Your Wins

There’s a current sweepstakes games story that says you merely ought to report prizes value $600 or a lot of. This can be not true — all prizes, massive and tiny, square measure wrongfully needed to be reportable on United States taxes. Therefore you’ll have to feature along the worth of all of your sweepstakes games winnings throughout the year. That is the worth you will enter on your form.

Enter the Prize Total beneath “Other Income”

Once you’ve got the whole FMV of all of your sweepstakes games wins, enter the worth online twenty-one of your 1040 type, within the section known as different financial gain.

Here square measures the IRS’ directions on filling out the “other income” section of your 1040 type. Prizes and awards square measure mentioned on page twenty-nine.

Itemize Your Expenses

If you’re going to itemize your expenses as a hobby or as a little business, you ought to roll in the hay here. This is not perpetually thought of an honest plan. Speak together with your tax authority regarding whether or not this can be a realistic plan for your circumstances.


Let a skilled Tax Review Your Work

To be sure that everything is correct, raise a tax experienced in reviewing your filing. Sweepstakes games taxes will complicate your income tax return, mainly if you’ve got won an oversized prize. You would like to make sure that you just haven’t created any errors which will cause you to pay a lot of taxes than you owe.

Submit Your Sweepstakes data together with your Regular Taxes

Finish filling out the remainder of your 1040 type and submit as was familiar together with your regular tax come back.

Are Sweepstakes Expenses Deductible?

If you are pin money on stamps, envelopes, subscriptions to online sweepstakes game sites, and so on, you may ponder whether you’ll be able to deduct those expenses on your taxes.


The associate degreaser is a definite perhaps. United States jurisprudence permits you to deduct the expenses you pay on a hobby from the financial gain that you create thereupon hobby.


So, if you’re itemizing your taxes, you will be ready to deduct expenses for postage, postcards, and sweepstakes games newsletters from any winnings that you receive.


To do this, however, you would like to stay excellent records. For one issue, hobby expenses square measure solely deductible from the financial gain that hobby generates. If you’ve got $500 value of wins, however, $600 worth of costs, you’ll be able to deduct against your $500 amount of earnings still solely. If you’ve got “other income” apart from your sweepstakes wins, you want to watch out to differentiate the various sources.


Also, you would like to stay smart track of however you employ the things you deduct. As an example, if you purchase $100 value of stamps, you want to be ready to show that you just spent all $100 on sweepstakes games entries and none on bills or letters to your Auntie Bertha.


Keeping your bills and receipts from all of your expenses is essential to have the ability to indicate the government agency that your expenditures were legitimate.


You also have to be compelled to be scrupulous in news solely expenses that square measure used for your hobby alone. As an example, a subscription to a sweepstakes service would in all probability be deductible. However, monthly bills for your web would solely qualify if you employ the internet just for sweepstakes entry.


Expenses that you deduct from your sweepstakes hobby square measure reportable as miscellaneous itemized deductions on Schedule A and square measure subject to the two p. C limit.


Hobby…or tiny Business?

If you’re frequently turning a profit together with your prize winnings, the government agency could take into account you to possess a little business instead of a hobby. If you’re payment eight hours daily at your laptop getting into sweepstakes or payment all of your spare time filling out postcards for mail-in contests, then you seemingly have to be compelled to file as if you’ve got a home-based business. This still permits you to deduct a lot of expenses. However, it should conjointly carry further responsibilities.


How are you able to tell if you’re engaged in an exceeding hobby or a business? The government agency has tips to assist you to say to the distinction, including,


  • Whether the time and energy you set into the activity indicate you plan to form it profitable
  • Whether you modify the means, you’re employed to form your hobby a lot of useful
  • Whether you created a profit doing one thing similar within the past
  • Whether the activity makes an advantage in some years, and the way a lot of benefits it makes

Many sweepers will answer these questions affirmatively.


In short, your specific circumstances have an enormous impact on whether or not you’ll be able to deduct your sweepstakes expenses. To form the proper selections for your items, consult the government agency website and competent tax authority.

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