Meet the World’s Best Casino Games Software Providers

by Jack Morgan

Posted on June 3rd, 2019

Meet the World’s Best Casino Games Software Providers

Nowadays, if you are searching for an online casino, you will most likely stumble upon hundreds of them produced by as many casino games software providers. Technology keeps advancing, and the trends keep changing, so each software company is battling for supremacy, bringing their most polished games and innovations in front of the public, hoping for success. In the same time, players develop more and more needs that have to be fulfilled by the companies.  Features like 3D graphics and realistic sound effects together with payment privacy and security, cannot miss from any casino games software developer’s portfolio. In our article below, we will go through the online games software top list and identify what takes them out of the ordinary.



This casino games software company is one of the best in the business. The company founded in Estonia offers both downloadable and non-downloadable casino games software and places quality in the first place when speaking about their beliefs.  In 2005, six years after starting the company, Playtech decided to make its endeavors public on the London stock market. This was a smart move to make because it raised the companies credibility, resources, and overall value. In 2006, Playtech announced that they would no longer be available in the United States, for American residents or any other person that resides in America. This happened because of the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act issued in the country at that time. The casino games software provider is now active in the European and Asian gambling markets.

This company provides casino games software only for the online spectrum, and most of their customers are entrepreneurs making their debut in the online casino business. This fact happens because of the strong management solutions and information they give to such clients. They produce over 500 casino games and live poker, sportsbook games, sweepstakes, and bingo. PlayTech’s graphics are remarkable, and their interface is user-friendly, they also offer separate accounts for real money and tokens within the games.  

Notable features

Most casinos that partner with this casino games software developer have high-quality design and excellent sound effects, relatable and comic themed slots and also some of the best bonuses available online. So, as far as we can see, Playtech focuses on high-quality graphics, cutting-edge technology software, TV live gaming, and other innovative features. This company is in the game for 20 years already, so they know what the players want and need. Therefore, they are adding at least 50 casino games per year, most of them with features like progressive jackpots, bonus stages, and so on. A good casino games software producer is one that develops and updates its features as often as possible, and Playtech is one of them.



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NetEnt is a huge presence on the casino games software scene.  They are very experienced, developing everything from slots, table games, and live casino software. This company emphasizes the designs and graphics of the games and also, their backstories.  NetEnt uses characters from popular movie and entertainment brands like 20th Central Fox and Universal Studios. The NetEnt casino games software provides for 200 of the best online casinos in the world, and they offer access to every single game they created so far. The key features of this casino games software developer are super high-quality graphics and audios, no-deposit bonuses and free spins and a large selection of live table games.

Besides, they earned their name through their innovations as well. For example, the NetEnt Common Draw Live Blackjack allows players from all around the globe to play at the same time in the same game. On top of this, all NetEnt casino games software are government checked and approved, meaning the players will get the safest gaming experience out there. This company has one of the most respected names in the casino games software industry, so everything that’s sealed with their logo is going to be amazing.  The NetEnt Live and Live Roulette platforms astonish gamblers with their graphics, live dealers, real-time interaction, and players history. Besides, these two platforms and every other NetEnt product are smartphone-friendly and compatible with any device.



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A pioneer of the casino games software industry, Microgaming never left the charts since 1994 when they first started. This company is the first company ever to specialize in online casino software, and it shows, due to their constant updates and large game selection. Microgaming’s portfolio has around 600 different games and plenty of other platforms. The mobile casino platform, live casino games platform, the Quickfire online gaming platform are just a few of them.  The casino games software developer is known for their award-winning innovations and graphics, user-friendly interface with multiple language choices and the largest selection of online casino games up to date.

It is crucial to mention that Microgaming offers huge progressive jackpots and lots of other bonuses, making the company one of the gamblers favorite. Another essential part of their way to success is the security Microgaming provides. To make sure their players are feeling comfortable and their partners risk-free, the company established several credibility technologies like payout reports, based auditing and player account activity reviews. Also, they are a founding member of the e-Commerce and Online Gambling Regulations and Assurance, a leading organization in auditing and regulating online casino games software.

Mobile casino

For this company, a secure environment on any of their online casino platforms comes first, and given their experience; they changed the game forever. Microgaming leads in the mobile casino software industry as well. They came up with the GameWire platform that features progressive jackpots, unique games,  a large scale network coverage, and incredible graphics. To show that they didn’t earn their name for anything, they released a smartwatch friendly casino platform. This happened five years ago, in 2014, and since then, no other competitor released a similar update. All in all, Microgaming has the complete package, and they showed that they deserve their spot on the world’s best casino games software providers.


Real Time Gaming

Another veteran makes it to the world’s best casino games software list, and we can easily say that experience in this field is vital. Real Time Gaming had their first release in 1998, and until now, it is America’s favorite online games software provider. In over 20 years of experience, Real Time Gaming developed around 100 games, mostly slots and table games. This company offers a lot of bonuses within their casino games, but players enjoy their games because of their sharp graphics and easy-to-use interface. Real Time Gaming knows what players like, and you can never go wrong with slots games.

The developer is famous for its mix of slots games, all themed with the most interesting ideas and characters, offering an excellent and captivating gaming experience. Asides slots, RTG holds an impressive selection of video poker, roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. All games came with cutting-edge sound effects and graphics and adapted to smaller devices as well. Even if this company lacks some options like multiple languages or an easy registration process, they still offer high-quality games. Real Time Gaming is still a diamond in the rough but given their experience; they earned their spot as one of the world’s best casino games software providers.



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Novomatic is one of the giants of casino games software providers. This company established 35 years ago in Austria, and now they have over 50 offices around the world. Novomatic found a way to remain reliable to their audience and capture its attention with a classic game, even now. Given its age, it is normal to learn that they started with land-based casino games. With the technology updates and the industry passing to online casino software, Novomatic released new products but also transferred their classic games to the online platforms. While some people think this was a risky move, players enjoy this “blast from the past” because it is familiar to them. Reliability is a key factor in the casino games software world and the casino business in general.

Novomatic started with slot machines, and nowadays some of their games titles are book worthy because they represent a landmark in the expansion of this industry. As years passed, the company broke the ice and released progressive jackpot slots and other online casino games as well. Their online games collection is still small compared to other competitors, but Novomatic has what it takes, development wise.  A company that stays strong for 35 years, proven its worth, and should be feared by other companies. As many casino games software reviewers expect, the next two years will be game-changers for Novomatic.


Evolution Gaming

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Evolution Gaming is one of the youngest casino games software providers in this list. They emerged on the market in 2006, and they focus on video-streamed live dealer gaming software. This feature is for sure new, and a lot of competitors are afraid about this company’s growth. Their live casino games are pre-packed with mobile device availability and outstanding network broadcasting quality. Every entrepreneur that chooses to work with Evolution Gaming benefits of customizable software options. These options include different payment methods and multiple business solutions. A lot of reviews prove their reliability and also their good price-quality ratio.

As we mentioned earlier, Evolution Gaming specializes in real-time and interactive casino games. Players benefit from a great live casino experience from comfortably sitting at home. Details like the suspense of the wheel as it slows and the ball landing on the lucky number are a must for this company. Also, because they put their customers first, they introduced the Native Speaking Roulette. In this live casino game, players can interact with professional dealers who speak in native German, Italian, British English or Swedish. Evolution Gaming also launched the worlds first live-presenter online slots game, called Mermaids Fortune.

This game represents the beginning of the next generation of interactive online casino games software and platforms. This software provider innovates but also takes care of the fundamentals of online casino gaming. They provide a safe and secure gaming experience that includes all kinds of reports that help the player keep track of his activity as well. Concluding, Evolution Gaming represents the future of casino games software developers and, through their ten-year journey, they convinced everybody that they would be successful.


Parlay Entertainment

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This Canadian casino games software provider started doing business in 1998. Parlay Entertainment is a symbol of progress and development because they first started with online bingo software. Today, they are known for their online casino games and the high-quality features that they hold. Parlay came up with slots and video poker games which actually resemble real casino games with a technological twist.  Besides, they developed table games such as blackjack or baccarat, but the one standing out is the Parlay roulette.

The roulette games divide by the gambling style- European and American, but Parlay offers their approach of this casino table game. Double Barrel Roulette uses two playing balls, making the game more exciting and competitive because it offers more winning chances and combinations. Asides the variety of its game, this company is famous for its safety and security but also for its experience. Parlay games have a high-resolution display, colorful graphics, and relatable sound effects that complete the theme behind every game. Also, the casino games software is mobile friendly and available on any device.


The Evaluation Criteria

The world of casino games software is ever-changing, and so are the best companies. Coming up with the world’s best casino games software providers, we followed a criterion that features the fundamentals of casino software.

First of all, an outstanding casino software provider needs game variety. A vast game portfolio divided into a few categories is what the players need and want. Classic games like slots, video poker, and table games are not allowed to miss from the game selection.

Second of all, good graphics are vital in the gambling world. Players want to relate with the design pattern while they are expecting to receive thrills of excitement from the sound effects or animations. Features like state-of-the-art and 3D graphics are now standard, so every famous software developer has to offer them at the highest quality possible. Following recent trends, we can see more and more virtual reality casino games, and this fact sets the bar even higher.

Newly emerged companies already specialized in this area of casino games software, so this new feature is part of the selecting criteria as well. As we all know, casino games designs are not complete without sound effects. Players are looking for high definition music related to the game theme or the events occurring in the game. The best casino games software providers know this, so they always try to exceed the gambler’s expectations with surprising music choices and real-life inspired audios.

Multiple choice of languages

Third but not last, language support is another feature that sets the tone in the casino games software industry. Most providers use English as the primary language because everyone quickly understands it. New game updates from individual developers, feature native language, live dealers, or only multiple choices when it comes to communication. Diversity is something all players are looking for, and this is what we want to see too.

Lastly, the best casino games software providers offer cross-compatibility games. Whether you want to play these games on your laptop from home, or you are on the go, and you are using your smartphone or tablet, you should be able to do it in optimal conditions. Quality mobile graphics and proper network connections are musts when talking about mobile-friendly casino games.


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