Online Casino For Money: Play The Favorite Casino Games

by Matt Wright

Posted on September 7th, 2019

Online Casino For Money: Play The Favorite Casino Games

It is impossible to imagine the modern world without online games. They differ for their genres, which makes them unique for the gamers playing them. And if we talk about online games, it would be unfair not to mention online casino for money. Although the first online gambling site opened ten years ago, now it has become a significant industry with millions of players. Everyday people from all around the globe play with their real money and enjoy their favorite casino games just sitting at home. But first, what is an online casino? If you are a gambling lover, there are some questions you should think about before starting to play.

Which online casino games are the best in terms of entertainment and quality? Which games worth your time? In this article, we will look at some of the most favorite games of one of the best online gambling sites. But first, we will give some necessary information about online casinos and make some facts clear about them.

What is an online casino for money?

A lot of people have at least necessary information about gambling. It can give us an impression about online gambling and casino too, but there are some main differences. In online casinos, there is little to no interaction between the dealer and the players. There is no need for a dealer; the computer takes control of everything. People who have experienced both kinds of gaming often say that online games go faster than their real-life competitors. Because there is no distraction or slowing down the tempo of the game by other players or other factors. And obviously, there is no conversation between players, which makes the process even faster. When we are talking about online casino for money, first we should look at what kind of games are available in online casinos.

They can offer dozens of different games. For example, Vegas-X, the site we will be talking about during the entire article, offers many slot machine games. Based on comic book characters, they are favorites of millions of people. Meanwhile, others have computerized different versions of well-known, traditional casino games. Designers often try to dress up most games with sound effects and fancy graphics, much like real slot machines. 

Instant Play Games

Many online casinos now offer “instant play” versions of their games, which makes them even more comfortable to play. Players can also download the software of the casino which can allow them to perform the games with a separate application. When you are in the online casino for money, safety is one of the most vital factors you should take into account. While playing in licensed online casinos, there is no need for concern about security. All the licensed casinos are legal, but still, there are restrictions in most countries. There are about 70 countries that allow online casino sites to set up shop. 


Online Casino For Money

Vegas-X is probably one of the most effective and creative online casino sites in the world. The site has low system requirements, an excellent installation service, easy management, and fantastic graphics and sounds. You can play your favorite casino games with a weak internet connection, which makes playing available in even remote areas. The casino software that they have for sale is also a very secure tool, which has passed all the security tests. With these high-standard qualities, it is no wonder the site attracts more and more people every day. There are some favorite games you should try if you are in online casino for money. The list is not from the top to bottom or vice versa. That is why each of them can be a favorite of yours, depending on your taste. There are also some honorable mentions which could be not famous but enjoyable ones.

Billy’s Game

One of the first names that come to mind is Billy’s Game when you are in Vegas-X. It drives a hard bargain, but the prices are so tempting the game attracts a lot of people. In terms of customization, Billy’s Game offers relatively few options to the gamers. It is also well-known for sticking to a classic gameplay pattern. Game matrix, which has only three reels, is relatively small. The combinations you see on the screen will pay from left to right, instead of paylines.

The small reel set also allows for only 27 different ways to win at each turn. In an online casino for money, these are not relatively significant numbers. Before spinning the reels, you have to choose a wager to place. You should also remember that the type of symbols that line up will determine the number of your cash rewards. It is possible to double or even quadruple your prize after a win after a win on the reels.

Symbols of Billy

The paytable of the game is a classic pattern of well-known symbols. The bar signs, being double and triple, red sevens and bells close the primary menu. Across the reels, you can win up to 100 credits, which is in comparison with other slot games quite modest. The most common symbols are oranges, lemons, plums, and cherries. 

Being on the lookout for the Billy symbol is something that can trigger real big wins and can turn the game around. The wild card of this gambling game is the cigar-smoking character, which can replace any other symbol at will. You have a chance to win big prizes by filling up the entire game screen with one logo.

With unique features, simple design, and new rules, Billy’s Game is one of the most favorite casino games. This slot machine is a low-key game which requires pure luck to pay off. 

Bells On Fire

online casino for money

This game will probably bring you a sense of nostalgia. It is an online slot machine version of an old, popular fruit machine. Characterizing this game as a replica of a nostalgic fruit machine would be quite unfair. Everything about this slot machine game seems just too real: the three-dimensional fruit symbols, bells, sevens, significant sound effects, and many more. There is a generous free spin round which will make free spin lovers fall in love with this game. It is not the only factor that puts Bells On Fire among the most favorite casino games. As soon as a spin starts the motion, Start button immediately becomes Stop button. It means you can stop the spin at any time you want, which is a quality that most modern casino games are missing. 

Like Billy’s Game, there too the main symbols are cherries, lemons, plums, and oranges. Grapes and melons at the beginning of the left side of the machine generate higher online casino software winnings. The sevens and BAR symbol makes the highest winnings.

There are more reels and paylines: 5 and 40, respectively. The great variety of casino game lovers can enjoy this video slot. You can bet from 1 coin per payline up to 80.000 coins a spin. If you are in the online casino for money and hunting always for more, this game will meet your expectations. It is also important to mention that the game runs smoothly on the tablet, computer, or iPad.


Played in private facilities, this is a classic gambling game. Both young and older people can easily enjoy this brilliant game. If you have never played Bingo, there are some features, rules, and instructions for you. After looking at the basics, you will clearly understand that this is an online casino for money. Besides this, you may have heard about bingo game that there is a song about a dog with an identical name – Bingo.

By marking off different patterns of numbers, you can win additional prizes in this slot game. It is one of the primary unique characteristics of this game. For example, if you make an “X” on the card, which means getting all corners, the game may award additional prizes. The same may happen if you do a “blackout,” which means marking off the entire card. Multiple patterns can be winning designs, which makes this slot game attractive to more. You can get various winners with different models, or you can win a big prize if you have different winning patterns on your card.

If you want to change things a little bit, there are different versions of Bingo for you. You may find 30-ball, 80-ball and 90-ball versions of this entertaining, classic online casino game. Again, the most common symbols are lemons, oranges, cherries, and plums.

There is no need for restrictions on noise level or body language. From platform to platform, the rules will change accordingly. But that will not change the fact that Bingo is among the most favorite casino games online. After all, the casino encourages players to read the regulations and rules before starting. 

Deuces Wild

online casino games for real money

It is a well-known variant of video poker, and the objective is to get the best possible poker hand. We can surely say that it is a new trend for poker lovers. Before playing you should insert credits into the game. The next thing you should follow is to choose the number of credits you try to bet on your hand. After pressing the “deal” button, the slot machine will show you the first five cards, and you have an option to “hold.” You can hold as many cards as you want. It means after you press deal to go to the next betting round these cards will remain the same. 

It would be better if you have any deuces on the board, to be sure that they will not change the cards. Once you have chosen the cards you want, you press deal again the other cards will change. It is a fun game to play and significant change for players who love regular video poker. Professional players who value flexibility and who are in online casino for money will appreciate it immediately. Because of the wild deuces, it provides more good hands for the players. 

This slot game uses one regular 52 card deck at a time. It prevents you from getting multiple cards of the same suit and denomination in the game. It also provides a higher chance of winning by using one deck of cards. There are two rounds of each game, and the first one is about holding the cards you want. The second one is a showdown round that will show either you won or not.


One thing is for sure: this will be an unforgettable experience for online gambling lovers. If you play in an online casino for money, this is one of the games to check first. Fruit style is one of the most popular and standard themes or online casinos. Symbols with fruit design, warm colors, sense of being in casino heaven- all of these make you want to return to old times. Back then slot machines were only available in land-based casinos.

It is a classic 5-reel slot with simple but beautiful graphics and absence of musical accompaniment. This slot machine generally does not count some parameters. These parameters include multi-leveled mini-games, free spins, and many more. It is a good thing, which can bring additional coefficients and bonus prizes for winning. An opportunity to get the highest win- the jackpot is also not available, which makes players play without pressure and addiction. 

But if you want to play with extra features of the gameplay, then you have plenty of other options out there. The button “Autoplay” activates automatic mode. It is a specific feature, and the mechanism works until the user push the same button again. 

There is also a little twist, one element that makes this game one of the most favorite casino games. The site can form winning combinations both from left to right and vice versa. It is a small change in the convention but brings more differences when it comes to winning.

Wild Stars

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There are a lot of games from Wild series. Like the other games in this range, the feeling and the look to the Wild Stars game is retro. If you enjoy the interactive video clips or complex bonus games, this will be one of your favorite casino games

This online video slot consists of three rows and five reels, and you may play from 1 to 10 paylines. One of the most appealing features of the game is that there is a great winning potential. Theoretical return rate (RTP) stands at about 98 percent, which is an astonishing number. Including oranges, grapes, lemons, watermelons, you can win with seven different symbols. There is also an additional special symbol which is a star-shaped wild symbol.

This slot game does not have a separate bonus feature. However, the Wild Stars symbol is the most exciting. It can substitute itself into any other symbol of the game, which makes it unique and universal. Additionally, just by pressing the gamble button after each spin, you may choose to gamble the win. Although it is exciting to seek for the big win, it is also challenging to take the risk of winning nothing at all. But of course, it is all parts of great fun and excitement of Wild Stars.

Magic Idol 

When it comes to a visually stunning game, Magic Idol should be your pick. This game is quite underrated and sometimes out of the attention of a lot of gambling lovers. But still, if you love colorful, cute symbols, fun and entertaining characters, this will be one of your favorite casino games. 

In terms of bonuses and spins, Magic Idol has a lot to offer. The object of the game is to spin yourself a winning line of three symbols, and the excitement gets only better. Of course, like any other slot games in 2019, you need a bit of solid luck to win a fantastic bonus feature.

The game starts with the button “Start.” And after the reel run, you will see the winning combination among the others. After the addition of the achieved wins to the credit, you can start all over again. You are in online casino for money, so it is vital to activate gamble mode before each game. By this mode, you can double or triple your wins too. In this mode if you win, there is also extra fun: you should guess the color of the next card. Total gain is placed for bet at the beginning, but the gamer has the chance to bet only half the stake.