Choose the Best Video Slots Casino

by Jack Morgan

Posted on October 8th, 2019

Choose the Best Video Slots Casino

Everyday online gambling industry comes up with new offers and new products. A player from all over the world enjoys playing online slot games. Thus, video slots casino games development companies are actively developing new games. They are adding new features and improving the mechanism of such slots. Slot machines were always the popular gambling tool of casinos. Even now in the digital age, the online casino industry is developing new online slots. The main reason is that people still did not lose their interest in online slots. Therefore, now I am going to discuss few video slots casino games which I find exciting. 

Billy’s Game

Billy’s Game is the famous representative of the video slots casino portal. Developers of the game have built the slot game which reminds the retro slot games of the twentieth century. The interface of the game is in classic style, which gives some charm to the game. Players enjoy spending their time playing this slot game. It is very convenient to play Billy’s Game on your mobile device in video slots casino mobile. If you would search with the keywords video slots near me, you will definitely get Billy’s Game. Moreover, this game gives very high gains. You can see it by analyzing the return to the player ratio of the slot. 

The interface and rules of Billy’s Game are very easy. You can see three reels with different fruit symbols on them. There are few drawbacks to the game. For example, as this game is the relatively older generation of video slots casino software, it is not flexible. In other words, players cannot customize the game based on their preferences. However, the convenience and simplicity of the game compensate for its drawbacks. You need to assign bets in the form of credits in order to start playing. Your bet will be the cost for each spin. On the other hand, that bet will be multiplied with some numbers. 

A player can determine the number by the value of the combination which you will get by spinning three reels. Particularly, fruit symbols on the reels will spin on the reels and randomly organize some combination. Different combinations will multiply your bet by different numbers. By doing this and getting difficult combinations, you will earn more money. 

Bells on Fire

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Bells on Fire is the popular slot game among video slots casino players. If you would search with the keywords video slots near me, you will get Bells on Fire. Game is a mixture of retro and new-school slots. Amatic developed Bells on Fire as one of the video slots casino games which offer the highest reward for players. Game is also one of the representatives of fruit slots. However, there are five reels on the interface, compared to the previous game. Bells on Fire offers high bonuses and rewards for the players. 

All you need to make real money is to set the bet and press the start button in the online casino software. The start button will spin the reels and fruits on the reels will organize different patterns on the interface. Lemons, plums, and cherries with several matching symbols on the interface would multiply your bet. They will increase your money. However, matching symbols of watermelons or grapes would increase your money by a higher amount. 

This game offers a wide variety of strategies that you can use to increase your money. Forty paylines of the slot game differentiates this game from other fruit video slots casino games. The player can bet from one coin to eighty thousand coins per payline. This wide range enables to gamble whenever the player wants. 

Moreover, Bells on Fire provides its players with exciting bonuses and rewards such as Scatter Star. Three, four and five matches of this symbol might bring you up to eight hundred, eight thousand and one hundred thousand credits correspondingly. In addition, you can use the online gambling features. Your all winning amount of money might be multiplied by two or by four if you could guess the color or suit of the card properly.


Billyonaire is one of the most famous slot games which even become one of the market leaders. Game development company Amatic developed this slot game which is not similar to other video slots casino games. This game offers the player forty paylines with the interface of five reels. Moreover, the largest gain of the game is ten thousand. The colorful characters on the reel will make you feel like a billionaire. The symbols are different among themselves by the value which they earn to the player. For example, the symbol of a cup of tea with several matches will yield a maximum of five hundred coins. Whereas the symbol of a newspaper would yield seven hundred fifty coins. 

The interesting part of the game is that this game provides players with large bonuses and rewards. Comparing to other video slots casino, this game offers a wide variety of bonuses. For example, if you will register the game and start playing most probably you will be given an initial bonus. The amount of initial bonus will largely depend on your first playing deposit account. If your playing deposit will be large, your initial bonus will be large as well. 

Moreover, you can start playing those bonuses and earn real money which you can withdraw at any time. To start earning you should define the bet for the paylines and click on the start button. While spending your time in online casino gaming you can win free spin rewards. You can collect that free spins and use them if your betting amount will end. The cost of each spin in Billyonaire is the amount of bet which you define. However, the amount of your gain will be defined by the number of matching symbols on the reels. 


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GrandX is one more popular slot game which is the product of the Amatic game development group. The competitive advantage of this slot over other video slots casino games is a stylish interface and unique features. You can get different kinds of rewards in this game like Reward Spin, and Double Prize Reward. If you start to play this slot game, it is guaranteed that this game will be one of your favorite slot games. The high payout ratio of the game implies large gains for players. 

Video slots casino mobile games have easy interface and user-friendly navigation panel. Sweepstakes software game GrandX is one of such games. All you need to start the game is to define your bet and press the start button. By pressing on that button reels will start to spin and you will see how symbols on the reels organize combinations. Your gain would depend on those combinations. Rare combinations would generate higher income for you. 

Moreover, this game offers your gambling feature. This gambling feature is a chance for you to multiply your money by two or four. However, it is not so easy to do that. It is very risky to use this feature because in case of losing all your money will be deducted. The rules of gambling are very simple like other river slots. The closed card on the table will be your key to gamble. Your aim is to guess the color of that card if you want your money to be multiplied by two. However, if you want your money to be multiplied by four, you should guess the suit. If you would be wrong with your guess, you will lose your money.