How to Play Slot Machines: 3 Useful Tips

by Isabella Mason

Posted on October 6th, 2019

How to Play Slot Machines: 3 Useful Tips

If you are here, you must be pretty serious about how to play slot machines and win big. Slot games have gained popularity online since the inception of the online casino. The young and slot alike are captivated by the incredible features and unbelievable prizes. However, very few play the best slot games with the right strategies. Winning in any game is all about strategy. Though luck also has some part to play.

The best online slot games can jumpstart your online gaming experience and spare you a lot of trouble. The internet is replete with thousands of slot games. At best, many players find it challenging to select the best slot games. Not to talk of how to play slot machines after selection. Well, looking through the unending list of slot machines, here is a compilation of the best online slot games. We’ll discuss how to play them in a bit.

Select the best online slot games

Learning how to play slot machines begins with knowing which the best slot games to play. This handpicked list of slots are unique and come from top casino slot providers on the internet. They have been tried and tested both by experts and time. You are guaranteed hours of spinning entertainment and excitement. Plus, if you are one of the many lucky games, you could become rich beyond your wildest dreams.

So if you are looking for the best way to release stress and relax after a hard day’s work, look no further than the slots in this list. The best part, you don’t have to travel to Vegas to enjoy a great time in the casino. All you need is a smartphone, tablet, or PC. And a good internet connection. It doesn’t get better than this, all the gaming experience of a real casino right from the comfort of your home. The only problem remains the fact that many do not know how to play slot machines. But before you know how to play, you better find out what to play?

The following are the best online slot games from around the world.

Admiral Nelson

All great games have key features, and Admiral Nelson is no exception. The game doesn’t require every high-end system to play. Your regular computer and mobile device can play and win at this game. Also, you will be carried away by the superior sound and graphic designed with this slot game. It has an intuitive interface and doesn’t require a lot to learn. If you one of those who doesn’t know how to play slot machines online, Admiral Nelson is suitable for you.

Always Fruits  

Always Fruit is the best slot game for players who love the bright colors and retro style of nightclubs and discos. The game does more than pleasing to the eye. And packed with lots of fantastic prizes. All you need to do is to the many fruit character to the line-up. Also, players are rewarded continuously with different bonus games and features. You can never go wrong with Always Fruits.

Wild 7

how to play slot machines

Many wonder how developers could design a game capable of matching with the real-life experience of the casino. Wild 7 puts all these questions to rest. It packs the heat and thrill of wildfire and will carry all players to a place they can only yearn to return for more. The game is self-explanatory, and play doesn’t have to wonder how to play slot machines anymore. But brace yourselves for the explosive fun this slot game brings.

Magic Idol

What is life without a little magic? This fantastic slot game brings the magic of long-forgotten Aztec idols. It is a mixture of Aztec culture and magic colors. Master these games, and you master how to play slot machines online. In all, there are five reels with ten lines each. The game allows you to choose any stake ranging from one to play. The characters are attractive and are reminiscent of your favorite childhood cartoon characters.

Other amazing games include:

Fruiticilious from Vegas-X

Bells on Fire from Skillmine Games

Bell on Fire from Skillmine Games

Wolf Reels from Riversweeps Platinum

Reels Rider – Riversweeps Platinum

Now that you know the best online slot games to play let’s take a look at how to slot machines to win real money.

Useful tips on how to play slot machines

Before we begin, playing top rate slot machines online shouldn’t be a get rich quick scheme for anyone. Your main aim as a gambler online should be entertainment. Those with the wrong motive easily fall prey to scammers and fraudsters. These tips significantly reduce the risk and set you on the path to winning.

1.Select slots with the highest payouts

It sounds obvious that the slots machines with the highest payouts increase your chances of winning. But, many beginners ignore this fact and believe their lucky charm will work things out for them. Sadly, their approach doesn’t work. Explains why the list above is so valuable. A look at the best slot games above reveals a high payout for all. You kind this out by paying close attention to the Return to player (RTP) percentage.

In short, the RTP is the percentage of total wagered money that any given slot machine can payout to a player. Mind you; this is the same as the amount of money you’ll get paid in your session. Instead, it means your chances of winning are affected by previous plays. You can find the RTF of the slot machine by searching online. Especially on casino review sites.

2. Know the volatility of your slot games

video slot casinos

To know how to play slot machines, you need to arm yourself with the necessary information. The volatility of the game is one such information. Many gamblers are ignorant of this fact. Hence the poor performance on even the best slot games. The volatility is also called variance. It is the overall risk level of a slot machine. The risk level determines a slot machine can be played to win. Generally, slots with high volatility have less frequent wins and vice versa. The only catch, the more frequent wins are smaller amounts.

Therefore the best online slot games with frequent wins are likely to pay smaller cash prizes. Whereas, slots with rarer wins will pay a lucky winner, a very significant sum of money. Like the RTP, you cand find the variance of slots by searching casino review sites and other online sources. So you need to weigh both sides of the coin. To know how to play slot machines, you need to be able to access risk carefully. 

3. Place higher bets

Ask yourself, if you were a slot machine, would you award you a big jackpot on a 0.1 stake?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Plus, in the event of a big jackpot, the amount you wager might not enable you to cash out your winnings. The amount you get goes a long way to determine if you win at slots. The more you put into the game, the higher your chances of winning. Such is how slot machines work. Meanwhile, you need to keep your bankroll in mind.

So want to play a slot machine?

There is a world of possibilities, fun, and excitement, awaiting you both offline and online. You only need to have the right tips to push you that extra push. Hence, if you’ve ever asked yourself how to play slot machines, you now know what to do and how to do it right. Increase your chances of winning with these tips and wish you all the best.