Video Slot Casinos – How To Play Video Slot Games Like A Pro

by Jack Morgan

Posted on October 2nd, 2019

Video Slot Casinos – How To Play Video Slot Games Like A Pro

Gambling is not easy. It may seem like a simple way of earning money, but that is not the case. You should work hard for finding tips and tricks for success. It takes determination and patience to be on the way to the big prizes. In the video slot casinos, the most important thing is your experience. After some time and some failures, you will eventually find out the tricks to win. These will depend on both the slot machines and slot games you choose to play. Since the casinos have skills of their own, you should be careful enough to know them. If you want to target constant, back-to-back wins, you should have some strategy as a player. In this article, we will look at these strategies that may help you to be successful. 

Which slot machines are the best in video slot casinos? 

The secret to winning in casinos depends on the slot machine you prefer. No one can deny the fact that some tools pay better than others. Some people claim that it is very complicated to choose the right slot machine. However, it is easier than it sounds. In video slot casinos, every game has a specific set of requirements. These requirements can be beneficial to find out about the machine. The game may tell you whether the device is going to pay or not. So, the first thing to remember is this: you should not gamble. Because, gambling, as exciting as it may sound, depends hugely on luck. There are no actual skills to mention if you want to win by betting. What you need is a set of skills that may help you to win consistently. And luck does not come around them. 

We should also mention that online casinos are better in it. When we talk about video slot games, there are fewer chances to win than online casinos. But, that does not mean that it is impossible to play like a pro in video slot machine games. 

Choosing a winning slot machine


There are some factors you should take into consideration. Experienced players know that there are differences between slot machines and slot games. And the first thing you should know about the slot machines is their RTP (Return To Player). RTP shows the percentage of money that slots pay over time. It is very crucial in every video slot casino, so you should take it into account. Usually, RTP changes from 92 to 97 percent. The more, the better for the reputation of the machine and casino. And that also means you have a higher chance of winning real money in that casino. 


video slot casinos

Another name to this term may be risk factors. Because this is the actual meaning of volatility, analyzing the risks of winning. There are two types of volatility for video slot machine games, especially for online slots. High volatility slots are the games that have higher chances. People who love to bet their whole money should be away from them. But the higher risk does not mean there is no big prize. It means there are big wins, but top volatility slots do not give them too often.

On the other hand, there are low volatility slots. They do not have much in giving big money. But they pay more often, no matter how small their prizes can be.


If you want to play like a pro in video slot casinos, you should also know about the restrictions. That gives a lot of information not only about a slot machine but also the game itself. In video slot machine games, limits describe the minimum and maximum amount of money you can bet. If you want to win in an online casino game, your bankroll and the limits of the game should match. Make sure this factor before you start betting your money. Especially in video slot games, the lack of knowledge about the limits may lead to big problems. 


It may tell a lot about your ability and experience in playing. Because a lot of people start playing without any information about the game developer. Although it will not help you to beat the slots regularly, it is still an essential factor. It has nothing to do with your chances of winning the game. It does not matter if you play online slot games, online casino games, or poker. You should always play the video slot machine games of trusted and licensed developers. Some of them are popular worldwide. NetEnt, Microgaming and the others can be the best examples for this. Their success and reliability contribute to the quality of their games. So make sure you play only the games of reliable game developers. 



You can play on different types of machines. They can be widespread, real money online slots. Or they may be loose machines offered to you. However, no matter what you play, in video slot casinos, you should always check payouts. As a player, you almost should know how much you may expect. If there is no information of such kind, you can not call yourself a professional casino player. There should be a paytable in any casino. This paytable usually describes the winning combinations. So if you are a severe player with ambitions, you should have sophisticated info about them. Otherwise, you may get lost in the casino and end up with nothing. 

Can we guess a slot machine is ready to pay?

Depending on the situation, this may be very crucial. As a professional gambler, you should have common sense first. A lot of gamers focus much on finding hacks, so they lose it. Each game in the video slot casinos has RNG (Random Number Generator), like RTP. As an answer to the question above, we should say that no, you can not guess. But, you can analyze the probabilities. If you want to recognize yourself as a pro, you should take into account all factors. They include skills, RNG, and stats. 

People often argue that low volatility slots are the best when it comes to paying soon. However, we can not say that this is whole truth. Because there are two factors, we should mention. First, every spin is a new beginning of the game. It has nothing to do with previous or next games. And second, when you take your pays, they may not even be enough to cover your losses. That is why we can not say that you may pick winning slots depending on their paying frequency. 

With an approach that includes all the details we have mentioned above, you can start playing comfortably. If you mix them with games that have higher RTP and reliable developer, nothing is impossible. But still, even as a professional player with years of experience, you should keep one thing in mind. Gambling, after all, is not something that follows a direct path. In video slot casinos, you can not keep one strategy over the years to win. Constant winning is only possible when you try to minimize your mistakes. Only then and by the help of pure luck, you can proudly say that you are a professional casino player.