Video Slots Online – Famous Online Slots in Gambling Business

by Jack Morgan

Posted on October 8th, 2019

Video Slots Online – Famous Online Slots in Gambling Business

The best online casino platforms now offer amazing video slots online as well. The slots come with high-end graphics that get the player hooked to the game. For a new player of casino games, it is essential to answer the question of what are video slots online?

In a traditional casino, gamblers usually sit on slot machines, pull a lever, and wait for their luck to hit the jackpot. The online casino slots are similar to that, except for the fact that one can play the spins online. The themes are diversified into many categories because one can add videos, graphics, and images when designing an online slot game.

The mechanical slot machines had very probable rewards as well as strategies, whereas, with the video slots online, things change quite drastically. With more than a hundred pay lines, multiple bonuses in the form of symbols, and a film like a theme, the online slots are now becoming more popular.

Top 3 Popular Online Slot Games

Based on the level of entertainment, below are some online casino slots, ranked based on their popularity amongst online gamblers.

1. Admiral Nelson Video Slot Online

If you are a fan of dark sea adventures, then this is the perfect slot game for you by Amatic. Based on the famous US Admiral Nelson, this slot has any features such as the portrait of the admiral as a wild symbol. There are other winning symbols as well such as anchor, medal, etc. All these symbols and pictures represent the adventurous journey that one would experience while on the sea.

Playing the online slot: 

video slots online

a) The first step to start the game is to set up the pay lines. One can do so by adjusting the number of reels from a range of 1 to 10.

b) The next step is to initiate the size of the bet amount. One hit on a single line means a maximum of 0.05 credits and a minimum of 0.02 credits in a slot tournament.

c) After pressing the start button, if the number of identical symbols on each line is between 2 to 5, then the player receives a reward.

d) In some other features of this game, one can also choose to do a risk game. In a risk game, the player can bet the entire winning amount or just a partial percentage of the same.

e) If the player can guess the color of the hidden card in the lines, then the prize gets doubled.

f) For a bonus round, it is vital to get three ship symbols in a line.

2. Magic Idol

It is one of the slot games that are loved by people who enjoy a little mystery theme. The game has a treasure hunt theme, the video slots online game has everything ranging from an island, treasures, and tribes. The player gets rewarded in the form of hammers, drums, toucans, and even deadly piranhas. As the name suggests, the ultimate goal is to look for a magic idol that presents enormous rewards as well as bonuses, when found.

Playing the game:

The gameplay is similar to the video slots online game ‘Admiral Nelson’; however, the theme and rewards are different.

a) Fifteen thousand coins go to the person who hits a line with the tribal drums. The toucans can reward about 20000 coins, and locating the people of the tribe can let the player wins as much as 500,000 coins as well.

b) In case the player locates the magic idol, free spins and bonuses become the special deal for the online gambler.

c) The game has a gamble feature, where if you predict the correct color of the card presented to you, you can double the reward, or if you predict the right type of card even makes the reward multiplied by four times.

d) Many of the video slots for sale have such features in their slot games as well; however, magic idol excels at the graphics side of it too.

3. All Ways Fruits 

All Ways Fruits is something that every gambler has seen in a mechanical casino slot. The same has been presented in the video slot online in the form of All ways fruit. This is one of nest online casino games by Vegas X. The fruits symbols include plums, cherries as well as lemons. The plus side of this online casino slot is that the entire slot is quite attractive. Even children get attracted to this type of video slot due to the flashy colors that the fruits have. The online variation of this slot game has also featured beautiful sound effects to make the game more fascinating. 

Playing the game: 

playing the game

All the slot games have the same playing lines as well as rules, and the same goes for this game too. A video slot for sale that features ‘All Ways Fruits’ as one of their video slots online games has the following perks: 

a) The bonus symbols keep changing in this slot game and getting a bonus spin; one has to achieve the bonus fruits three times in a slow in a single line.

b) The free spins, in turn, depends on the bonus spins that one gets during the game. A high number of bonuses mean a higher number of free spins.

c) The probability of winning a high amount is higher in this video slots online game.

Get One at Your Doorstep

Many of the companies also provide these video slots for sale. The slot that enters the doors of your house has the same features as the one that you play online. The only difference is that you can enjoy the slot game all for yourself when playing it at home. You can go online and add multiple players to the same game so that the game becomes more competitive.

The best part about owning such a slot game is that you don’t have to worry about getting bored again. If you are an active online casino gambler, then the video slots online are the best option for you. The only thing that one has to keep in mind is the strategy that you apply to win the online casino game.


It does not matter if you are an ancient slot game player or a new one; all you need to know about these slots is the strategy. To hit the jackpot, the player must have enough self-control as well as patience so that they don’t lose too big. Apart from the wins, it is all about having fun. Get a video slot online and bring home an entire pack of online casino slot games along with it. Unlock a mushroom cloud of fun, adventure, theme, and games loaded with exciting graphics as well as rewards.

The above three best online casino games are just the top ones; however, there are different slots with various themes and graphics. The players can go online and choose from the desired option that suits their interests the most. Or you can even keep on changing the slots, if you want to get another video slots for sale, in exchange for the one that you already own. Yes, that is an option too.

So get set for the real money slots that you could’ve never imagined to be so much full of fun and thrill as any other mechanical slot.