Best Online Slots Facts to Blow Your Mind

by Jeffrey Black

Posted on November 7th, 2019

Best Online Slots Facts to Blow Your Mind

Slot games are the most enjoyed games in both traditional and online casinos. Due to their fascinating sound and graphics system, themes, and winning opportunities, slots differ from other gambling games. The most distinctive feature of slot games is that they can have different themes. These themes include movies, TV shows, computer games, historical events, etc. Slot games are very easy to play and do not involve any competition. In slots, all you have to do is to spin the reels, enjoy your time, and gain money if you are lucky. As slots occupy the most crucial place in the online gambling industry, let’s get acquainted with the best online slots facts that are both informative and interesting.  

Online Slot Games are Responsible for Over 70% of the Profits in the Industry

Both online and land-based casino slots are indeed the most striking games. Online slot games generate more than 70% of the annual profit for the gambling industry. The number for traditional casinos is 85% of yearly income. The first reason for the popularity is that slots do not contain a large number of rules to remember. Slot games are quite easy to play for all gamblers. One of the best online slots features is the skills required. Slot games are purely based on luck and do not require any complex skill or expertise to play. Gamblers do not need to develop a specific strategy as in poker, blackjack, or other casino games.

Another reason that makes slot games distinctive in the online gambling business is higher payout ratios. Slot machine games generally payout 1000x the line bet, but some of them pay, even more, around 10,000x. Providing a significant amount of winnings with limited stakes is quite attractive. Another factor of rising popularity is the attractive packaging of slots. Best online slots are based on various interesting themes. Some of the popular themes include movies, sports, food, entertainment, and retro themes that appeal to different interests. Additional to symbols and graphics, audio effects also help create an unforgettable experience for the players.       

Slots Games Have Scientifically Proven Benefits

One of the best online slots facts is the contribution of these games to the improvement in the mood of players. Science does not claim that playing slot machine games get you out of depression, but there are certain benefits of playing slots. These games produce relaxing effects for the gamblers as long as they do not get addicted. If you treat playing as a way of entertainment, slot machine games can be a good source of relaxation. Obsessive players, also called problem gamblers, consider slots as a way to earn money. However, when you play slot games to spend your free time and have fun, they are quite beneficial. Slots reduce stress and help you take your thoughts off the problems in real life.

Random Number Generators (RNGs) are Not Always Random

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Many people believe that it is impossible to understand the way that slot machine reels spin. Random number generators produce random patterns and create new sets of numbers. However, random number generators are special computer chips that are located in the motherboard of slot machines. It is one of the best online slots features that attract players. People who have math and computer expertise can tell that RNGs do not produce purely random numbers. Instead of generating random numbers, RNGs generate numbers in very long sequences that ordinary people cannot guess. It means that random number generators are not truly random, but quite random to calculate. Slot game designers hide how the numbers work from gamblers.

You Can Get Back Over 90% of the Money You Bet

This quality of slot games is called Return to Player (RTP). In online gambling industry slot games, producers need to decide the amount of money gamers keep and players get. Offline casinos pay back 60-70% of the money to players. However, in the competitive online market, return to a player has reached above 90%. For the majority of games, 94% is usual, and the best online slots games give 96% of the money back to gamblers. Return to player implies theoretically calculated numbers, that’s why its accuracy is not guaranteed in all situations. People bet real money on online slot games, and RTP produces an average estimate based on this money. Best online slots such as Jack Hammer, Simsalabim, and Starmania reached over 96% in return to the player. 

Larger Bets Trigger Faster Money Loss

When you bet big amounts of money, it is expected that you get large prizes in return. In slot machine software, this case is a little bit different. The quantity of money wagered does not affect the probability of getting definite prizes. The more you bet triggers, the faster the loss of money. Let’s assume you have 500$, and you play on a slot machine that gives 5x prize every 10th spin. If you make the maximum bet of 100$ every spin, after five spins, you will have no money. However, if you bet the minimum amount of 5$ on each spin, after ten spins, you will get 1/2 of your money back. You don’t know when you will earn money in slot games, but minimum bets are always more beneficial in hypothetical terms.  

Real Money Comps are Available on Online Slots

As in traditional casinos, online slot games offer players to earn real money complimentary, also known as comps. In best online slots real money comps are common. There are even comp clubs for users. Every player automatically signs up for those clubs, and as they play the game, they earn comp points. To receive more real money comps, you need to choose slot games that give higher payout percentages. The comp rewards are different on every slot machine game. The best online slots provide free spins, high deposits, reload bonuses, and finally cashback as a comp prize.

Progressive Jackpot is Equal to the Lottery

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A progressive jackpot calculates the percentage of all the bets made by different gamblers who played that particular slot. Both online and classic casinos use this type of jackpot. When someone plays a specific slot, the jackpot for that game grows. This process repeats itself until someone wins the prize. After someone wins it, the jackpot starts from a specific minimum amount. Slot games that have progressive jackpots offer more paylines, reels, and bonus games. It means that slots with progressive jackpots tend to be more complicated than the slots with non-progressive or fixed jackpots.


In this article, you got a lot of information about online slot games. We intended to present to you the best online slots facts. Slot games are generally responsible for over 70% of profit in the online gambling industry. These amazing games also have relaxing and tension relief effects on players. Besides psychological benefits, best online slots games offer you to pay back more than 95% of the money you wagered. The chances of winning money are quite high in these fascinating games. Other than benefits, the article also gives you information about some slot game tips. If you make aggressive bets, expect to lose your money faster. Also, try to choose online slots that give comp points as rewards and offer progressive jackpots.