The Four Best NetEnt Casino Software Alternatives of 2021

by Isabella Mason

Posted on January 24th, 2020

The Four Best NetEnt Casino Software Alternatives of 2021

In the arena of online internet, certain companies immediately come to mind at the mention of the word – games. Those who are fans know what I am talking about. That’s how much some companies have dominated the competition. In the world of online gambling, NetEnt is one such company. Thanks to premium casino games and years of positioning efforts in the online casino industry, the NetEnt casino software is one of the most respected names out there. That’s something even competitors would admit. 

However, the online gambling industry is rapidly growing, with an estimated 1.6 billion people gambling throughout any given year. This is according to, and these figures indicate that potential for other businesses in the market. Therefore, it’s no surprise that several other companies are taking their cut of the market share. Also, personal differences and preferences make these numbers look for different things in casinos and the games they offer. As such, casino business have to look for alternatives to the big names in the gambling industry. 

Therefore, if you wish to know some of the best Netent casino software alternatives out there, then you are in the place. In today’s post, we will look at 5 of the best casino software companies that offer games to rival even the best NetEnt games. 

NetEnt Casino Software Alternatives

Skillmine Casino Software

Skillmine Games is a U.S. based casino games and software company that has adopted a customer-first approach to its casino software. The company pays close attention to the rules, random number generators, betting options, and payment rules for all the games it provides. Hence, all your customers have an excellent first impression of your casino. Therefore, guaranteeing that they will return for more fun. No wonder it takes a very enviable spot on the casino rating list

In addition, you can always rely on professional customer care and technical support in the event of any technical glitches. Though the likelihood of any such occurrences is pretty slim. At Skillmine Games, you can find the engine you need to keep your casino running smoothly all year round. Your customers remain happy. And you also make the kind of profit that’s able to keep the business going. 

It is in some of these regards that the software provided by Skillmine serves an excellent alternative for NetEnt casino software. Those who’ve been in business for a while know their top picks for games and casino software. However, several newcomers in the online gambling arena have no strong ties to any particular names. As such, you will find them choosing some less popular but equally effective names. Hence if you are looking for top online slots or want software for your casino that’s reliable, be sure to checkout Skillmine Games. 

Riversweeps Platinum

netent casino software

If you are searching for a strong backbone for your online casino, Riversweep Platinum is sure to be worth your consideration. Riversweep Platinum provides software to run your casino online. The company is all about thrilling entertainment. As such offers a wide range of games to suit the taste and preference of your customers. Their packages come with smart casino management tools and widgets to help to run a profitable casino. Whether you choose to target mobile-only audience or players that prefer the pc, you will find an offer just right for your business. 

Also, those in search of sweepstakes software can take a rest. Because Riversweep also comes bearing one of the best sweepstakes software in the market. With this, you get all the software power you need to launch your internet sweepstakes cafe. But it’s even more than that because starting a land-based sweepstakes location has never been easier. It takes just the click of a few buttons to install the Riversweeps platform and get your business up and running. 

Furthermore, experts are on call all to assist you in case you run into any difficulties while launching, using, or accessing your software. Your online gamblers will ever be grateful for the spectacular games you will offer them, and you can expect a better return on your investment too. You won’t know you are not using NetEnt casino software. 


Though QuickSpin isn’t the most popular in this list, it sure deserves its spot. This is a gaming studio with its roots from Sweden. The QuickSpin, like its name suggests, makes its mark with high-quality video slot games designed for both national and international players around the world. It is noteworthy to mention that QuickSpin has developed some award-winning games. One of the studio’s awards includes the EGR B2B Awards of 2016. Sure, some of the best NetEnt games are also award-winning games, but players always like the option of choice. 

As such, you’ll find anything the NetEnt casino software couldn’t provide you in the software QuickSpin provides. Also, the rockstar developers behind QuickSpin are diehard slot enthusiasts. As such, the passion, love, and emotional labor that goes into the game ensures you like an impression on every gambler that stumbles your casino. If you are looking for mobile games to power your casino app, QuickSpin got your back. The mobile games are just as stunning, with unbelievable graphics and the kind of audio you only find in epics. 

Hence, if you are looking to increase your revenue and increase player engagement, you should give QuickSpin a try. Sure, you will need to make an initial investment, like in the case of NetEnt casino software. However, you will also be getting all the support, technical genius, and quality play that comes with the best NetEnt games. 

Vegas-X Casino software

netent casino software

You might be wondering what makes one casino software different from the other. When someone asks what’s the difference between a BMW and Hyundai, the best person to answer is usually the driver. Hence, you will find the significance of good software in the feedback of the online gamblers. In this regard, VegasX has always risen to the occasion. Just like the best NetEnt games, you’ll find enough entertainment to ensure you never run out of excited customers. It’s all about taking the Vegas experience and bringing it online. 

Also, you can rest assured that once you find all your questions answered and requirements met, you can also trust VegaX to help implement any cafe expansion plans. The company also provides top-notch internet cafe software to brick and mortar businesses. Usually, these are businesses that are entering the online gambling industry. Mostly, they go for the Riversweeps casino solution that cafes use to present high-paying casino-style games to clients. Also, this comes with robust management tools for regulating, maintenance, and keeping everything running smoothly. 

Therefore, should you ever need an alternative to the NetEnt casino software, you can bet on VegasX casino software. You will be taking all the risk of your casino business and setting yourself up for good profit. 


It goes without saying that these five names are some of the best alternatives you can get for NetEnt casino software in the market. Depending on what you are looking for, you can either choose to check other sources online. Sure, you’ll find more than five alternatives. However, you need to bear in mind the three key criteria when choosing any given online casino software that’s for sale. And these are license and software issues, quality of games, and support service. Of these three, the listed casino companies excel. Therefore, merit a place in this list. Do you know of any names that should be in this list? We would like to know in the comments below.