ABC of Slot Machine Programming: How Do Slot Machines Work?

by Jack Morgan

Posted on February 10th, 2020

ABC of Slot Machine Programming: How Do Slot Machines Work?

Slot games, pokers, blackjacks, and other casino games have seen a massive transformation over the years. Notably, the most simple and popular ones among them-slot games are becoming more and more complex. That is why understanding slot machine programming should be a necessity for any gambler geeks. In this article, we will look at the basics of slot programming. We will analyze how slot machines work and if it is possible to trick them. 

How Do Slot Machine Games Work?

If we talk generally, most people have the necessary information about how slot machines work. All you have to do is guess and push the button. There are some symbols on the screen. If their final combination matches your guess, you win. Depending on your bet, you may earn thousands of dollars at once. According to some people, some slots are easy to win.

On the other hand, others are hard to play, manipulate, and win. That is why people have tried to develop some tactics to guarantee to win all the time. You may see different sites providing tricks and tips to deceive slot machines. But they are myths. And the only way to get free of these myths is to understand slot machine programming deeply. Only after that, you can decide for yourself if it is possible to win at slot machine games all the time.

Basics Of Slot Machine Programming

Now we will look at the different aspects of slot games. They may give you brief information about the structure of slot games. From the screen and symbols of the games, to the gameplay principles, here we go. 


In the early years of the invention of slot games, they were monotone. You could only see cards on the screen of slot machines. But that feature went through massive development in the following years. After some regulations by governments, it was possible to see fruits on the screen. And in those years, there were no monetary wins, only small prizes like candies or gums were available. 

However, the fruits were like a revolution for symbols. They were so popular that even now, you can see fruits on the screen of some slot machines. At the moment, casino software gives so much importance to symbols in slot games. They make slot games brilliantly entertaining. Now you can see movie characters, football players, or even political leaders as the symbols of slot games. So symbolizing is vital in slot machine programming, and it takes time to develop an innovative approach in that. 


slot machine programming

Most people do not know what the things that spin on the screen while they bet are. They are the reels. And they are another essential feature of slot games. In classic slots, you could only see three reels spinning. After the invention of RNG (Random Number Generator), it started to matter less. It does not matter how many reels they are; your chances of winning remain almost the same. They were metal hoops in land-based casinos. But now they are also digital. So the casino software gives significance to reels in slot machine programming. Now five-reel slot games are more common and attract more players.


It is the most critical feature for the ones who play slot games. Because in casino slots, all they want is to see three same symbols in a row. That means that they have won something. But in modern slots, it is more complicated. Because there are more reels and more paylines accordingly. Sometimes a slot machine may have 30 paylines at the same time. The number of paylines determines how frequently you can win at a slot machine. 

Play Buttons

They are also significant, as they are not as simple as they seem. It is not only about pushing the button and waiting. It also includes how many lines you want to wager on. Other than that, you also have to indicate your bets. 

The Combination of All These

As all of them come together, there appears a complicated mechanism. Classic slot machines were mechanical, completely. But now slot machine programming has a lot to do to bring all these together and function well. They may look like the traditional ones, but there are significant differences. As we have mentioned, the invention of RNG had been revolutionary in slot machine programming. It changed the definition of how slot machine games work. 

Random Number Generator

For internet casino games, it is significant to have stable programming. Primarily to develop an algorithm that will give the players no excuse is vital. And that is what RNG is for. RNG means that all the complaints by the players about cheating or being biased are meaningless. They were right in the era of classic slots. However, at the moment, everything happens by luck. RNG provides numbers in no order. Randomly, there will be symbols on your screen. And they may or may not repeat in your next tries. So all the tips and tricks you see to beat a slot machine may be useless with RNG. Everything happens by luck, so why not try? Because you have the same chance as every other player, it is worth trying your luck. And if wins or losses happen in a row, you still should not go to conclusions about that slot machine. Because in randomness, everything may seem like a pattern to players. And from that, myths like hot slots appear.

Weighted Slots

slot machine programming

In internet casino games, you may have heard about weighted slots. It is the likelihood of seeing each symbol on the screen. Casino game developers work on weighted slots carefully. And as a result, they determine the payout. If the likelihood of seeing a particular symbol is small, the payout will be huge. The symbol must be at least three lines in a row to create a winning line. And statistically, that is almost impossible to happen. So the payout, according to these, maybe shockingly high. 

In most cases, people think that they may win by betting on these chances. Of course, sometimes, some people may win big prizes. But the likelihood of being this person is also too small. That is why betting little would be a smart move. And not to forget that even the best online casino games you know want players to lose. That is how they should work.

How Do Casinos Win?

We should mention that all the casinos make profits. That may seem a one-sided approach, but it is a fact because they offer payouts that are smaller than the hitting odds. And slot machine programming contains all the statistical information, including the chances of players’ winnings. Maybe some individuals are lucky on particular days. But that does not change the fact that the casino earns more than the combination of all players playing in it.