Smartphone Casinos: Everything You Need To Know

by Isabella Mason

Posted on April 12th, 2020

Smartphone Casinos: Everything You Need To Know

Years ago, the only way you could experience the best casino games was to travel to the cities that thrived because of the casino. That is Monte Carlo and Las Vegas. Of course, that was before technology made it possible for people to play the casino in their living room. Today, you don’t need to be in your room, thanks to smartphone casinos. You can play the best online casino games anywhere you want without any restrictions. Due to smartphone casinos, online gambling is up to 60%, and it’s only going to increase in the future. The reason is quite obvious. 

Even though there are still land-based casinos, internet cafes, and the option to play on desktop and tablets, most people have less time nowadays to do those things. You’ll agree that online casinos are cool, but you have to think about work, family, and bills. In that instance, mobile casinos seem the best alternative since you can play anywhere and everywhere. 

That’s why the majority of¬†online gambling¬†sites have mobile versions of their massive numerous casino games. But before you proceed with¬†smartphone casinos, here are essential details you need to know.¬†

Smartphone Casinos: What Are They? 

There Are two scenarios for you to imagine. First, imagine going to a land-based casino and spending from three to seven hours, and heading back home. Sometimes, most people can spend 10-15 hours if they are on a winning streak. Secondly, imagine waiting to get home before you can play your best casino game on your desktop. Now, if you have a smartphone, you can eliminate all the scenarios explained above. You don’t have to use a desktop PC to play an¬†online casino game for real money¬†or go to a casino internet cafe to play your favorite game.¬†

Smartphone casinos refer to the platforms where you can play casino games on your mobile device to earn real money regardless of where you are in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. Most mobile casinos are compatible with iOS and Android devices. Some also use Windows phones and other similar platforms. 

Why you need to go with the mobile platform when it comes to online gambling

Most smartphone casinos offer the same general preferences of online casino games, which allows you to choose and play at your convenience. Here are some of the reasons why playing a casino on a smartphone device is beneficial:

  • You can play the casino games on your mobile device at a go without any restrictions
  • The¬†casino software providers¬†designed the mobile version of casino games to have the same quality and visual graphics as playing online. So you get to have the same gaming experience as you would when you play on land-based casinos or online casino games
  • Most casinos on mobile devices feature numerous games such as roulette, slots,¬†sweepstakes online, poker, blackjack, etc.
  • The risk of getting viruses on your mobile device is less compared to other ways of playing online casinos
  • Playing casinos on the smartphone offer better bonuses than playing on desktops.¬†

Smartphone Casinos Approved Devices 

smartphone casinos

The devices which support smartphone casinos rely solely on the online casino you choose. But, generally, most of the casino games on mobile devices are optimized for different devices. Examples are iPad, iPhones, Android tablets, iPad, Blackberry, and Windows phones. So there’s a high probability that the phone you’re using now is capable of supporting mobile casino games. 

Playing casino games on mobile devices allows you to decide how, when, and where to place bets on your preferred casino game. For iPad and iPhone users, you have different options to select regarding gambling for earning real money. You probably know this, considering the iOS-based devices are part of the popular gaming devices out there. 

Most¬†online casino software¬†designers have gone beyond the boundaries to develop casino games that meet Apple user’s requirements. You can download a casino app and play on your smart device, if only the online casino offers you that opportunity, or play instantly on the website. Usually, you can download the game directly from the Apple Store.¬†

What About Android Devices? 

Android devices also give you the chance to enjoy your favorite casino game, but you can usually do so by playing in instant mode. For you to play, visit the casino website of your choice, using a browser that integrates well with the casino site. So even if you’re using Samsung, LG, HTC, or Sony, you can play and earn money while waiting in traffic to catch the next bus. 

However, you should remember that earning money through applications downloaded through an online market on Android devices is strictly prohibited. Let’s dive deeper, shall we? 

Here’s what we mean. When you download a casino game from Google Play Store, you’ll not get the opportunity to earn real cash. You can only play casino games for fun. If fun is the reason why you play casino games on your mobile devices, then it shouldn’t be a problem. But if you’re looking to earn real money, there’s another way, that is, by downloading the app right from the casino site. 

Casino Games Available On Mobile Devices

Some of the mobile device platforms provide casino games, just like the ones on their website. Typically, they let you choose from different categories – video poker, slots, table games, and sometimes arcade games. Thanks to smartphone casinos, you can play online slots, roulette, blackjack, and many others everywhere you go. Convenience is vital when it comes to playing games on mobile devices. 

Better yet, some software providers give you access to their exclusive games, which is uniquely designed for certain tablets and smartphones. In all, the mobile versions are as fun as playing the same games on the website. Sometimes, the mobile versions are better. Aside from the usual casino classics, you get the opportunity to play different popular casino game variations exclusively. That way, your casino gaming experience hugely diversifies, and you get to enjoy the game in a whole different way. 

Also, there are exceptional promotions and bonuses which can improve your experience of the casino game while you earn high profits. It’s worth noting that the different smart devices have live dealer online casino games. Due to that, you have a quality¬†mobile gambling¬†live experience when you play live roulette, blackjack, etc. on your Android smartphone or tablet. You can also experience the same quality on your iPad or iPhone when you play live dealer casino games.¬†

When playing the live dealer casino games, you can interact with the live professional dealers, if you want. These live mobile casinos can give you a real feeling like when you play at land-based casinos. 

Advantages Of Smartphone Casinos

The increasing benefits of smartphone casinos are making casino games on mobile devices more accessible. Here are some of the advantages of playing casino games on mobile devices:

You Have The Choice To Select What You Want

There are no restrictions when it comes to the place, time, and the smart device through which you’ll use to play the different casino games. The convenience and comfortability that comes with mobile casinos are nowhere near the traditional online casinos. It’s incredibly convenient when compared to brick and mortar casinos. Besides, you can play¬†slot games for Android¬†in your free time, at home, walk in a park, basically anywhere. But online casinos and land-based casinos don’t offer you that choice.¬†

You Can Play Anywhere Anytime

In an era where almost everyone spends most of their time online, it’s not a surprise that mobile casinos have become popular in a short time. Now, you can play casinos on your mobile device while on the move, helping you to manage your time, no matter where you are. Even if you don’t prefer commuting while playing the casino game on your smartphone, you can play the game at your home. 

You can relax in the comfort of your home after a long day and play your favorite game on your smart device. There are no distractions like the other brick and mortar casinos.

Downloading The Casino Game Is Not Mandatory

Playing casino games on your mobile devices allows you to download. That means, you can play in instant mode. It’s a big deal for most players because even though you might have massive memory space on your phone, you might not want to download the game. Some players prefer playing the game without downloading. 

Most software developers optimize their casino games for browsers so that players can have the same experience as the downloaded version. Sometimes, it affects the stability and speed for players, but most of the time, they perform with the same quality as the downloaded version. 

Regardless of your preference, playing casinos on smartphones gives you a choice to decide either to download or not. In the end, they both provide you with a quality casino gaming experience. 

Mobile-Friendly Interface 

When the casino developers were designing the game, they had the players in mind. They know that if they don’t offer an easy-to-use interface, players will move to another casino app that provides the qualities the player needs. That’s why the casinos played on the mobile devices have the same, if not higher, qualities as web-based casinos. 

The idea is to help the players to play their best games without any difficulties or complex navigation problems. That said, every casino played on the mobile device has a mobile-friendly interface. It helps you play your favorite game either by downloading the app or playing through your browser. If you find a mobile casino platform with a lousy interface, we suggest you look elsewhere. But you’ll rarely found such platforms. 

Are Smartphone Casinos Safe To Play?

smartphone casinos

Yes. It’s safe to play your preferred casino game on your mobile device. But before you do that, there are precautions you must consider. Make sure the online casino and their mobile app is legal and regulated before you play a game on your smart device. They must show that their platform is secure, both in cashing out when you win and in playing the game. 

We recommend that you go over the privacy section of every casino you intend to play so that you can be sure that they are secured. Most casinos use quality security measures to ensure that your personal information is protected from third parties. That way, you can conduct safe transactions. 

It’s worth noting again that before you proceed, take considerable time to read the reviews about the casino. It’s better to be on the safe side than regret later. But in general, playing casino games on your mobile phone is safe to play, if you follow the precautions given above. 

Claiming Your Bonuses And Promotions

One of the frequently asked questions is whether you can claim promotions and bonuses when you play casino on your mobile phone. The answer is yes, you can. Most casinos base their bonuses and promotions on the amount of game you play at a specific casino. It also depends if you play on your mobile device, tablet, or your desktop. 

However, remember that if you’re a new player, you get most of the vast promotions. So if you’re new to the casino world, or just downloaded a new casino app, use every advantage they offer you. Don’t hold back! But, you may need to be good at¬†mobile gambling.¬†

Online casino operators know that gambling on mobile devices is the future. Plus, there are serious competitors they need to look out for, so they make sure that they provide you with all the promotions and bonuses they can give. When you make a first deposit and claim your bonus, you’ll get an upgrade on your game session and have a memorable mobile gambling experience. 

However, before you go ahead to deposit, read all the requirements and details. That is, everything including the minimum you can deposit, the maximum amount you can cash out, gambling conditions for restricted countries, etc. Make sure you have all the information you need to know before you deposit. You can check the Terms and Conditions just to be on the safer side. 

Finally, one thing you should know: even if you’re an experienced player or a first-time player, you can have the best time of your life if you use the deposit bonuses. You can enhance your entire gambling experience and add some thrill while playing on your smart device. 

Available Payment Methods On Smartphone Casinos 

The payment methods are the same on most of the casino games you play on your mobile devices. It’s just like the PC version of the casino games. So it doesn’t matter if you play on a tablet or a smartphone, you can use recognized payment methods to deposit and withdraw money. It provides the comfort you need to transfer your money from one casino account to another safely. 

Some of the most recognized payment solutions you can use to transfer or deposit funds are Visa, Skrill, MasterCard, Neteller, etc. You can also check from your casino platform to know which payment method they prefer. 

How To Open A Casino Account Using Your Smartphone

smartphone casinos

Opening a casino account is easy and straightforward. The process is similar to creating an online casino account. Here are the three procedures to go through for you to open an account: 

Register With Your Details 

Sign up with your email address, a secure password, and a unique username. 

Choose Your Preferred Option Of Payment 

You have to enter the payment option you want that the casino offers you. Usually, most casinos use popular payment methods, so if you use a Visa or MasterCard, you should not have any issues. 

Verification Of your Account 

With the final step, you have to verify your account through email. They do so to make sure you’re not a bot. 

And that’s it! You’re ready to play your favorite casino game on your mobile device. While playing the game, you might want to take the time to test the casino game, which provides the best payouts. Don’t start playing the real casino game on your first try. There’s an option for you to try out the game before you begin with the deposits. So check the requirements, terms, and conditions, etc. before you proceed. 

Final Thoughts 

With first-time bonuses and promotions, quality graphics and sound, and many opportunities right in your pocket, mobile casinos are the real evidence of iGambling future. Smartphone casinos are the safest and most secure way to play casino games and earn money while sitting comfortably at your home. There are no distractions, and you get to play anywhere you want. 

Maybe you wanted to play the casino game on your mobile device but didn’t know if it was safe or not. If it’s true, then you should go ahead. It’s safe to earn money and have fun. But take the time to make sure that the casino is secure. If it is, then you’re good to go.