The Best NetEnt Games And Types of Gamblers Who Plays Them

by Jack Morgan

Posted on April 17th, 2020

The Best NetEnt Games And Types of Gamblers Who Plays Them

When it comes to casino gaming, every gambler has their own opinion on which netent games are the best and worth their time and money. Nevertheless, all gamblers have one thing in common when it comes to the features of the slot games; it is the return to player ratio, reels, and rows. The difference in opinions arises when it comes to netent games, themes, gameplay, and soundtrack. This is no surprise when considering each slot game provides a unique experience. And that experience is not the same for everyone.

Online gambling players spend a few hours each day by discovering and enjoying their favorite games. Not all of those players go into the same category. For instance, there are four types of gamblers: gamblers that seek excitement, relaxation, utilitarianism, or multipurpose. Let’s discover each kind of player who enjoys netent games.

The Different Types of Gamblers Who Plays Netent Games

As mentioned earlier, there are four types of online casino players: gamblers that seek excitement, relaxation, utilitarianism, or multipurpose. Let’s take a look in-depth at online gambling statistics and each type of gambler in detail. 

Gamblers that seek excitement

Players who seek excitement in gambling games are the ones that are searching for stimulation. What motivates these gamblers to play is that they are looking for strong emotions, sensations, and passions in each netent casino game. And the memory they gain from each slot game they invest their time and money in. Whether they are losing or winning, is what keeps them hooked‚ÄĒand playing in their choice of a particular slot game. It is noticeable that excitement seekers groups are not gambling to win or to hit the jackpot; they are instead playing to get the adrenaline rush that they are seeking. It is the same as when someone skydives, explores the deep ocean, or jumps in a tycoon roller coaster. 

Gamblers that seek relaxation

Gamblers that seek relaxation mainly play online slot games to forget about their problems and to enjoy the colorful themes and reels of a slot game. These groups of people are the ones that play on the weekend, after work, or for psychological reasons. Psychological reasons are mainly due to the colorful and entertaining feature of the slot games. 

Slot games are by far the most entertaining and catchy kind of casino game when compared to others. No experience is needed in a slot game all the player has to do just to spin the colorful and mesmerizing reels. So, in reality, the group of people who play popular slot games are the ones that play for the experience and to pass the spare time. The primary research that has been conducted on these aspects shows that the relaxation seekers were the makeup of about 25.5% of the gamblers in general.

What should be noted in these research numbers is that these gamblers who are seeking relaxation in the slot games are not playing to win or to hit the jackpot. Rather they are playing to pass their time and to kill boredom. It is the same as the group of people who go to cinemas on the weekends. And the kind of people who read books.

Gamblers that seek utilitarian

netent games

These are the group of gamblers that are mostly extroverts; they play to socialize, to gain attention because of their achievement, and to make new friends or followers. These types of gamblers are mostly experienced and have good amounts of knowledge in the gambling business. That being said, only 20% of utilitarian gamblers who are primarily over the age of 30 make up the statistics.

Most of the time, those players don’t value the colorful themes, vibrant colors, or the soundtrack of¬†video slots.¬†They value their money. Meaning these kinds of gamblers are looking for slot machine games with the lowest amount of investment as possible.

Gamblers that seek multipurpose

The multipurpose group is the types of gamblers that play for several reasons, as the group’s name suggests. Players in this group play¬†slot games¬†not just because the games are entertaining, but they have a chance of making serious money, or they play slot games that are in their budget. When it comes to themes, color, or soundtracks of a slot machine game, it is the same story some players play because of it, and there are those that play¬†casino slots¬†games that offer the least amount of investing with massive payout lines, or there are gamblers that are searching for both of these features.

When it comes to the percentage of multipurpose gamblers, they make up about 27% of the statistics. This might not seem a lot, but considering that there are many types of players with each having their own reasons to play slot games, these numbers are pretty average.

How statistics affect genders and the percentages

The most exciting part of the topic is the difference between genders and how it affected the groups. Female gamblers tend to be excitement seekers or utilitarian seekers. The experts think this is due to the female anatomy and their hormones. The male players were mostly relaxation seekers or multipurpose seekers. The experts believe this because males are more into gaming and games in general when compared to females. The estimations should not be taken as 100% real and trustworthy rather;, it is there to show the difference of opinion and gamblers motive when they choose a particular slot game is a netent casino. 

The Best Netent Games One Can Find Online

netent games

Magic Idol

(95% RTP with ten reels and five payout lines)

Those who are interested in the idea of having a magical idol who can solve your money issues will be fond of this game. The game has a tropical scene and many attractive idols that will mesmerize polytheists and atheists alike. It will also entertain others who appreciate colorful decorations as well. 

Magic Owl

(96% RTP with five reels and fifty payout lines)

There is something to slot games that attract gamblers; some argue that it is a game of chance; therefore, it’s addictive, and others say that it is entertaining. Whether you are playing to entertain yourself or to make a profit from a game, you will appreciate what this magic owl can do for you. It will not only entertain, but it will also give you an excellent chance to earn prizes at the same time.

In conclusion

Gambling has been around since the ice age no not the ice age movie but the ice age itself. Gambling is here to stay, and it will grow as time progresses. It is no surprise when considering every year this type of online gambling businesses grow and flourish with so many netent games to choose from. It is also worth mentioning that recent spikes in netent games show that gamblers are spending more time in slot machines than ever before, which is, a good sign for the business.