Top Slot Machines for Sale to Boost Your Customer Base

by Isabella Mason

Posted on April 10th, 2020

Top Slot Machines for Sale to Boost Your Customer Base

The profitability of online casinos has been proven many times in the 21st century. As a player, you have some chance of winning massive amounts. But that does not happen frequently. You need to have the best luck to win the jackpot. That said, there is another way to earn some serious amount of money from online casinos, and that is to be a casino owner. Not all casino owners indeed earn some cosmic amounts. There is one simple reason behind it. They underrate the importance of choosing the correct slot machines to offer their clients. But you will not make the same mistake. I will make you familiar with the top slot machines for sale that you should use to boost your customer base. 

Does the Selection of Games Matter?

It is one of the common questions that new entrepreneurs in the gambling sector ask themselves. The thing is there are, in fact, quite a few factors that should be taken into account when establishing a business in the casino industry. And the most vital one among them is the casino games. So, the answer to the above question is a huge “YES.” 

Overall, I want you to keep one nuance in mind. People will come to play in your casino, mainly for one reason. That reason is the choice of games you provide for them. I do not want to look like underrating other features, such as security, various payment systems, etc. But without the best games, you are unlikely to succeed in this business. I will make you familiar with how to choose the slot machines for sale that will help you entice clients. 

The Game Categories That is Most Liked by Players

Tastes differ. This is one saying you should never forget when deciding on the games to offer to your players. Nevertheless, by approaching the issue in a bit smarter way, we can notice that most of the favorite games preferred by the majority of players belong to some groups. That is why, when choosing the slot machine games for sale, referring to those groups can make you better off. 

Classic Slot Machines

For me, classic slot machines are the crown of all casino games. You will see hundreds of thousands of people who are in love with these games. And those people will range from youngsters to elderly ones. The more experienced people have a special bond with these games. During the 70s and 80s, classic slot games were the only option they had. Therefore, playing them, it is impossible for senior individuals not to feel nostalgia. 

For the younger generation, classic slot machines for sale are still worthy. It is because they have heard a lot from their seniors about these games. And this fact impacted the younger generation a lot in terms of forming an opinion regarding casinos. 

On top of the nuances mentioned above, there is one point about classic slots that makes them truly special. It is about the return to player (RTP) rate. Note that the higher the RTP is, the higher the winning chances the players have. Viewed from this angle, a lot of people become willing to play classic slot games. Some of the popular classic casino games are Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, and others. They are also distinct for their simple gameplay, graphics, and sound effects. That derives from being the pioneers in the industry.

As it is crystal clear, by offering classic casino games, you will cover a large customer segment. That is why keep in mind to look for classic slot machines for sale when opening your casino. 

Sports-Themed Slot Machines

Another demanding internet cafe casino games category among the gambling lovers is the sports-themed category. No doubt, sports hold an important place in our lives. For instance, as a football fan, I like watching it on the TV, playing it in real life, as well as, on Fifa on a Playstation game console, etc. And I would instead choose to play a football-themed casino game than any random one. 

Just like me, there are millions of sports fans all around the world. Some live with basketball; some live with hockey, and so on. Considering that, slot machine creators did not want to waste this chance. Hence, they started to create slots with sports themes. 

One of the more popular games in this regard is the Lucky Bowl. It is an American Football themed slot game that will leave your customers amazed. You can consider it when looking for slot machines for sale

Nature-Themed Slot Machines

Nature-themed slot machines create another category that a lot of casino fans genuinely enjoy. You may think that there is nothing special with nature-themed casino games. Well, you are kind of right. But why do these games receive so many positive reviews? Do not forget that people love animals. And such games are usually based on some specific animal. For instance, Wolf Moon, which is one of the most exciting games in its category, brings the wolf forward. Some other games base their concept on Tiger, and so on. The love of animals literally urges people to change their preferences towards this category. Adding up the fact that in the games, players observe the real environment of the animal world, can make up their decision. For example, a wolf lover hearing the wolf howling in the game will not want to go to another slot. 

In a nutshell, nature-themed slot machines for sale should be one of your options to include in your gambling site. 

Movie-Themed Slot Games

Slot machines for sale

When you look for slot machine games for sale, I suggest you check out movie-themed games, as well. This category is gaining prominence gradually in the casino world. But they have already been able to attract the attention of a lot of players.

I do not want to discuss the place of movies in our lives. It is already clear as spring water. But it would be unfair to discourage you from going in this direction. Popular movies and series, such as Game of Thrones has already found a place for itself in this field. As you may know, it has hundreds of millions of fans from many countries around the world. It means, you target tons of players by just offering this slot game in your online gambling business. 

Do not forget that Game of Thrones is not the only series with so many fans. You can use the slots games of other popular movies in your casino to entice a lot of clients. 

Now you are aware of the categories you should consider when looking for slot machines for sale. But there are still some more brass tacks you must know to boost your customer base. 

Attractive Graphics Is a Must Have

Now you have a fair idea of what type of games you should go for. Still, it does not mean that all slot games in the categories mentioned above will be decent. In other words, not all casino games will be adored by people. For your games to be liked, you should ensure they have high-quality graphics. 

The game categories that I mentioned above are usually superior in this regard, too. Think of a slot machine featuring a tiger. The graphics of the jungle are likely to be high-quality to entice customers. It will apply to movie-based slots, too. 

As you can see, graphics matter a lot. The more distinguishing online casino games will usually provide 3D graphics. In short, when you search slot machines for sale, ensure you check out their graphics. Otherwise, it can be late, and you would have to incur extra money to get new games. 

Never Underrate the Sound Effects

You are already aware of the significance of graphics. But what is not less crucial is the sound effects used in slot games. To understand the importance of sound effects, keep one point in mind. People will not play your games in mute mode. They will want to hear the sound of a waterfall in nature-themed games, the sound of monkeys in jungle-themed games, etc. In brief, they expect you to create a real atmosphere of the theme of the online slot they play. Once you achieve it, rest assured your customers will keep coming. That is why I strongly encourage you to pay attention to sound effects when you look for slot machines for sale. 

Exciting Storyline is the Half of Success

The last nuance you should consider when getting an online casino game is the storyline. Just like sound effects, most casino owners do not appreciate it enough. However, an interesting storyline accounts for almost half of the attractiveness of a slot. It is like a winger in football who can dribble fantastically but is not fast at all. Do you see my point here? The player should be excited when opening the game every time. He or she does not have to close it after a few times of playing. A great example of a fascinating storyline is the Billyonaire. I will talk about it below, and you will have a more vivid idea of why the storyline, when getting slot machine games for sale, matters substantially.

The Slot Machines for Sale That Will Boost Your Customer Base

Slot machines for sale

Now you have a pretty good knowledge of how to choose the right type of games for your online casino. But now I will do a favor which you cannot see anywhere else. I will line up some of the slot machines for sale, which will help you maximize your casino profits. 


As noted above, one of the best slot machines ever produced is Billyonaire. What makes it particularly great is the fact that due to increasing demand, its online version was released. So, as you understand, previously it was available only on brick and mortar casinos.

Gameplay of Billyonaire

Speaking of gameplay, it is just so exciting. Have you ever imagined what it is like to be a billionaire? Well, you will literally live a life of a billionaire thanks to this slot masterpiece.

In the game, the protagonist is Billy. He starts the morning with the best tea in the world. But you need to assist him with this. In case you get the tea for Billy, he will gift you 500 coins. Billy also likes checking out the news in the newspaper when sipping his tea. And if you take the newspaper to Billy, he will give you 750 coins. Further, one of the favorite activities of Billy is to smoke a cigar with some exotic drink. And he expects your support for this, too. The generous Billy is eager to gift you some coins for this assistance, as well. 

Billy has become a billionaire thanks to casinos. That is why he likes visiting them once he finishes breakfast. Your duty here is to get a seat for him in the casino. If you manage this, you will be given 1000 coins. Needless to say, he has drunk, so he cannot drive. If you ride him there, Billy will give you a whopping 5000 coins. Sounds fair, right?

Note that here you can bet a minimum of 40 coins for every line. And this number goes up to 1000 as the maximum per every reel spin. 

Overall, Billyonaire is one of those games that will not make your customers bored for a second. I strongly recommend you to add it to your casino when looking for slot machines for sale. 

Wolf Moon

Wolf Moon is one of the slot machines for sale that you should definitely get for your casino. It is based on wolves – one of the unique animals in the world. It is widely regarded that wolves are the only animals that are impossible to tame. That is indeed what makes them distinct.

Speaking of this mind-blowing game, there are 40 paylines available in this slot. At the same time, four rows and five reels are available. RTP is 96.97%, which makes Wolf Moon one of the best games for players in terms of winning chance. So, your players will especially fall in love with it. 

Moreover, the slot is ideal both for those who bet small amounts and experienced ones who like wagering high. More precisely, the players can bet from 0.4 euros up to 100 euros. So, everybody will feel comfortable here. 

Magic Idol

One of the slot machine games for sale that will ensure the flow of customers to your casino is Magic Idol. It is not as popular as Billyonaire. But even you as a casino owner start playing it, you will not want to stop.

The primary unique aspect of Magic Idol is its graphics and sound effects. The color effects are just incredibly premium, which makes players stare on the screen for hours. Just like Wolf Moon, this slot game is suitable for both high rollers and less risky players. So, any type of person can play and enjoy it. Long story short, Magic Idol is one of the slot machines for sale that will help you attract clients easily. 

Get VegasX Software for the Best Slots

Slot machines for sale

You will see a lot of software that will claim to offer the best deals for casino owners. I do not say that VegasX online casino software is the best one in the industry. But it is definitely among the best online casino system providers in the market. The slot games that I have presented above can be found in this software, too. They will also offer bonuses and rewards to players, which will make your casino one of the best online gambling centers for players. 


We have pretty much-covered everything regarding slot machines for sale. Now you know which game categories are the most decent ones in terms of enticing customers. You also know some specific games that are certainly in the list of favorite games of tons of people. What you have to do now is to take action. As emphasized above, you can go for the casino software of VegasX to ease your job of attracting customers. 

Hopefully, this article was useful to you. To benefit from some more helpful and informative articles, make sure you have a look at our blogs page.