How to Choose Gambling Slot Machines to Maximize Customer Base?

by Isabella Mason

Posted on June 23rd, 2020

How to Choose Gambling Slot Machines to Maximize Customer Base?

When you open an online casino business, the most critical factor is the selection of gambling slot machines. If you make the correct selection, the odds are you will achieve a boost in the number of clients. But how to choose those slot machines? Well, get familiar with those valuable tips below.

The online casino business has become one of the most popular businesses in 2020. The breakout of the COVID-19 pandemic was another reason why this industry started to see a rise. Millions of people began to stay home, and in this case, online casinos were one of the best ways to spend their leisure time. That said, no matter how big the demand is, without proper supply, you will be unable to succeed in this business. To put it simply, you need to know what is the main driving factor in online gambling business. And that is what this article will discuss.

Do Gambling Slot Machines Really Matter?

Although this question needs no proof, I will still go through it as many people who yearn to start casinos ask this question. Well, the answer to this question is a huge yes. And if you wonder why, just note that players will come to your casino for your fantastic gambling slot machines before all. I do not want to underrate the significance of payment systems. Surely, without proper systems, you would struggle to attract customers. Nor do I want to underestimate the criticality of other aspects, such as security. Still, you have to keep in mind that players will mainly pay attention to the slot games that you offer them. If you satisfy this criterion, then they will keep coming to your casino. To understand the situation better, I will provide another example. 

Imagine that you have the best security, payment systems, bonus systems, etc. in your casino. But the slots you offer are very few and are not loved by people. Is it possible to succeed in such a case? Surely, it is not. So, you should ensure you buy the correct slots games machines. 

Do Players Admire Specific Slot Game Categories?

It is the first question you should ask yourself when trying to choose games for your online casino. And the answer to this question is not very concrete. To understand the case better, remember that tastes are different. And that means various individuals will prefer various games. So, we can say that there is not any specific game category that everyone likes. On the other hand, some groups do exist, which people truly admire to play. Being aware of these categories will help you to offer the gambling slot machines that will blow the minds of your players. 

Classic Slot Machines

gambling slot machines

Classic slot machines are still one of the most demanded slots in the world. There are some unpopular opinions about such slots. For instance, some people think that these games are already outdated. Another group of people considers them as very simple for today. Still, there is one undisputed reality about classic slot machines: They are the pioneers of every slot machine we see today.

In general, mainly older people are willing to play classic slots. It should not stun anyone as these games have been the source of entertainment for them in their youth years. That said, it does not mean only seniors demand such games. Youngsters who just start playing casino games get the opinion of their seniors regarding casino games. Hence, they also possess a love for these classics.

But it is not only due to the nostalgia feelings of older casino players. Another strong reason why classic slots are favorites of tons of people is their RTP. RTP (return to player) is the probability that defines the winning chances of players. The more it is, the higher likelihood the players have to win. So, classic gambling slot machines provide higher winning chances to players. 

Some of the trendy names in classic slots are Blackjack and Roulette. It is also worth mentioning that Blackjack has 99% RTP, and is the best game for this indicator. 

Nature-Themed Slot Games

Another very demanded category contains games that have nature themes. It is another category that many people doubt about. But in fact, this category is arguably the most favorite slot category of the majority of casino players. I believe you did not find it surprising. Nature is something that we all love and care for. And probably each one of us has something special or favorite in nature. For instance, some people love specific animals, others love waterfalls, and another group of people loves different elements from nature. For those who love wolves, Wolf Moon is an ideal game. It is because wolf lovers will hear the genuine wolf howling in this slot. So, they will somehow feel in an environment with wolves. But different from the real atmosphere, this game will pose no danger to players as there will be no real wolf. 

Just like that, different slots featuring tiger or lion are demanded by those who feel more connected with these animals. That is why, make sure you include nature-themed gambling slot machines in your casino. 

Slot Machines Based on Movies

Another favorite slot game category of many people is movie-themed slots. There can be no debate about the popularity and impact of movies on today’s culture. Considering the love of people for movies, slot machines of some movies were created. And the result was not surprising since the demand was always actual for such slots. 

Some of the more prominent gambling slot machines based on movies and series are Game of Thrones, Dark Knight, etc. As you understand, by including the slot of Game of Thrones in your casino, you automatically attract its fans who are also casino lovers. Considering the fact that Game of Thrones has hundreds of millions of fans around the world, the selection of this slot would only make you better off. 

Sports-Themed Slot Machines

The last category includes slots based on sports. It is no secret that sports hold an immense part in our lives. We play, watch, discuss football, basketball, and matches of other sports. Having a fanbase of millions from all around the world makes this category even more special. Therefore, including slot games that have football, or cricket themes, will ensure the flow of customers to your casino. Keep this nuance in mind and make sure you include such games in your online casino.


There are a lot of aspects you have to check out when establishing an online gambling business. But if you do not choose the gambling slot machines correctly, none of those aspects will matter. Taking into account the importance of this issue, I classified the most demanded categories of gambling slot machines. Rest assured, by including games in the online casino software from the categories emphasized above, you will surely achieve customer growth in no time. 

I believe this article helped you on your way to opening an online casino. To be aware of more useful content like this, do not forget to check out related articles on our blogs page.