VideoSlots: Do’s and Don’ts of Winning a Jackpot

by Jack Morgan

Posted on June 17th, 2020

VideoSlots: Do’s and Don’ts of Winning a Jackpot

It is not a surprise that both live land-based and online casino audiences love to play slots. The numbers back this argument up because videoslots are the most played online casino games in various parts of the world. The popularity of this game is increasing gradually as the new features, and updates excite players. Considering this popularity, many players think of questions like

  • How to win at videoslots?
  • Is there any way that can increase your chances?
  • Are they rigged?
  • How to beat video slot machines and so on.

In this guide, we will answer those questions by providing you with tips regarding that can increase your chances of winning video slot games.

Can you beat slot machines?

Online casino players have always questioned slot games’ validity. As a rule of thumb, you need to know that these are chance-based games. You cannot create a winning strategy that will work on every occasion. If you won the jackpot by that strategy, that does not necessarily mean that you will win every time or someone else can win with that strategy. Slots are different from blackjack, poker and that kind of gambling game in their nature. Even though luck is the crucial factor that determines the result, you can utilize some tactics in the slots. In the next few paragraphs, we will focus on those tactics and help you to better understand the process. 

Video Slot Tip #1

Playing higher denominations in hot slot games is one of the tactics that you can utilize. For instance, there is a higher chance of earning the prize if you play full dollar instead of quarters. In slots, the payback percentage for those games tends to be higher. That does not mean that every player needs to use only high denominations.

Depending on your choice of slot game, there are other factors such as entertainment value which can push you back from playing only those games that have high denominations. Keep in mind that you risk your money on the game and the higher the bet, the lost amount will be high as well. Let’s give an example for you to better understand how these slots work. Imagine that you play a video slot that has a 95 per cent payout rate. If you deposit three dollars on each three pay lines, the average loss amount will be higher than paying only 40 cents on the slot that has 40 pay lines. 

Video Slot Tip #2


While playing progressive video slot games, there are certain things that you need to pay attention to. Keep in mind that these games offer higher jackpots which accumulated from percentages of the wager by players. It is a rule of progressive videoslots that only eligible players can have a chance at winning the jackpot. For instance, imagine a five coin slot machine that is progressive. On that machine, if you continuously play two or three coins on pay lines, you would not be able to participate in the jackpot round or win it. Online video slot jackpots tend to offer multi-tiered levels that start from two and end in 12. These levels determine how much you can win in case you earn the jackpot. Typically, many videoslots come with four levels which are

  1. Mini
  2. Minor
  3. Major
  4. And Grand

Depending on your bet size for every round, your score would be considered for either one of these levels in progressive slots.

Our recommendation is to seek for games that have higher jackpots and pay enough to make sure that you are eligible for that jackpot amount. For those of you who do not have enough capacity, go with non-progressive slots and enjoy those games. 

Video Slot Tip #3

Choosing the games that fit your playing style and meets your needs is the best decision that you can make in online gambling platforms. The entertainment value of those games will be much higher. Do not settle on one game that irritates you just because you have slightly more chances of winning. For instance, if you play three-reel arcade videoslots, the progressive jackpot of those games will be higher. However, the hit frequency of the classic type of slots is lower, which can result in failure for players. You can lose a massive amount in these games while trying to win.

Not every player likes that kind of game that involves such high risk. Rather than that, they prefer playing multi-reel slots that have creative designs, great visual representation and tight hit frequency. The single jackpot win that you can accumulate from three-reel slots is exceptionally high. However, you need to think about whether or not it’s worth playing. 

Video Slot Tip #4

There is a term in the online gambling business which is called prime the pump. Some players are classified like that. It means that a player starts small and gradually increases their wagers with hopes to hit the jackpot. The primary reason for players to think that it can work is about payback percentage. If you pay high enough deposit, the payback percentage of the videslots will start to increase. It happens on almost every slot game, and players who experienced this created this method for increasing their chances. Keep in mind that, placing the same bets without increasing the money on paylines would not work for you while utilizing this method.  

Illegal VideoSlots Tactics that Worked Back Then

In every business that involves cash charges, there will be enough people that want to do illegal things. In land-based casinos, that was one of the main concerns by players who wanted to experience fairness. With online casinos, the system became harder for criminals to take advantage of. With increased security measures, the fairness of gambling games ensured. Let’s discuss some of the cheats that are regularly used by gambling players.

A String Theory

smartphone casinos

In land-based casinos where only three-reel slot machines were available, some players used string theory to take advantage of the gaming machines. The method includes a string and a coin. Players were dropping the coins into machines and slightly taking them back with the help of those strings. After several people used this method, gambling platforms took measures and built more secure coin acceptors. That was the main reason why casinos switched their system and started using tickets for playing. 

Fake Coins

Another similar method was about fake coins and slugs. During the time when metal prices were down, some players created fake coins or slugs that exactly matched the weight and size of the actual coins. Just like we mentioned before, improved coin recognition in slot machines and ticket use stopped these actions too. 

Magnetic Force of Videoslots

This is another method that cheaters used while playing slot machines. With the help of magnets, players could make the reels float slightly as soon as it started to stop on wrong symbols. In the 1960s and ’70s, this method helped many gamblers to earn great prizes. However, as the technology improved, more sensitive machines were created, which made it impossible for establishing contact with reels through magnets. 

Final Thoughts

Videoslots gained new features and became more complex and fun as time went by. Now, players have access to 3D slots, VR or even live playing slots through their device screens. There is no doubt that you will enjoy those games because of their video game type visual effects and improved functionality. However, do not try to take unfair advantage through cheating and trying to rig the games. Instead, improve your gameplay through these types of valuable tips and get the best out of your gambling experience.