Attractive 3D Slots that You Need to Play

by Isabella Mason

Posted on October 20th, 2020

Attractive 3D Slots that You Need to Play

Slot games are among the top-rated casino games in the online gambling platform. For decades, thousands of people preferably played these games because of the high payout rates and entertainment value that slots bring to the table. As the technology improved, slot machines added unique features to their arsenal, including VR and 3D effects. With the enhanced visual effects and catchy sound effects, 3D slots became a new favourite type of slot games for the gambling audience. There are many games for this branch that you can find online. Preferences of the players are different as there are many aspects such as demographics play a huge role in their gaming tastes. This article will provide you with the best examples of 3D slots and try to explain their unique features attractively. So, let’s not lose more time and get right into them. 

Castle Builder 2 3D Slots

It is one of the prime examples when it comes to the 3D slot games. Everything about this game complements each other very well and creates a great feel. At first, when you see the name of this slot, it reminds you of strategy games that you play on mobile phones. As soon as you enter the game, you will feel the real excitement that 3D slots bring to the table. The company that developed this slot machine game is Bobcat. Although it is not one of the industry’s top brands, it is fair to say that they nailed it on this one. Castle Builder 2 has a unique feel because of the storyline and the elements that contribute to that storyline. Fifteen kindgoms involve in the storyline of this slot machine. Each of those kindgoms is fighting for becoming the ultimate force in the neighborhood.  

Fairy tale type of landscape and characters will blow your mind as soon as you enter this game. You will have a chance to pick your playable avatar that has a unique skill for castle building. Depending on your choice, you will be assigned a castle, and from that time, you will need to build a strong castle so that the enemy troops cannot take your land. If you think that the most fun part about this 3D slot machine game is building a castle, we have other surprising news for you. 

Best Features of the Castle Builder 2

Castle Builder 2 is one of those slot games that do not have a fixed Return to Player percentage. Instead, the RTP grows over time while you are increasing the amounts on a bet line. The original RTP for the game is listed at 95 percent, while it can go as high as 98 percent in the pick phase of the slot game. The main screen of the game is divided into two major parts. On the left side, you will have a chance to observe the natural habitat of your kingdom. The highest mountains, endless forests, and eye-catching natural environment will help you concentrate on the game. 

On the right side of the main screen, you will see the five reels and three rows showing memorable symbols. Queen’s jewelry box, King’sKing’s ring, castle building stones, and gold medals are among the top-rated symbols of this fantastic slot game. Bonus rounds of this game can be triggered through the bronze and diamond cup symbols. Each symbol has unique features that can help you to earn extra rewards easily. Overall, this fairy tale themed 3D slots are very entertaining and if you like these type of games, make sure to check this one out. 

Cazino Cosmos

Cazino Cosmos is among the top 3D slot games you can play in the online casino parlours. Yggdrasil Gaming developed this fantastic online slot game. The game, as you might guess from the title, is about the galaxy. The slot’s central theme and storyline go around the night sky, where you float around the bright stars and planets to capture the best prizes. The game features five reels and five rows. In addition to them, you will have a chance to get as high as 25 winning pay-lines on which you can wager from 0.5 cents up to 15 dollars. The highest prize of the game is 11.800 times your initial bet. To win that reward, you need to fight with the aliens and ensure that your team on board is all safe. 

Special Features and Bonuses of the Cazino Cosmos 3D Slots

These 3D slot games have various unique features that you have never seen before in other slot machines. For instance, while playing Cazino Cosmos, you will notice that each time the same one symbol sticks to the particular reel. Some of the symbols are assigned for individual reels, and they will not change their place. Those symbols are significant whenever you used the collector mechanism feature of the game. This feature can only be triggered through wild symbols. Whenever a player gets a wild symbol on the reel with a particular symbol assigned to it, that player earns 1 point. 

As soon as you managed to get the wild on five different reels with different symbols assigned to them, the collector mechanism will start to work and collect all those points to give you a custom prize. It is up to you to determine what you want to earn in that custom prize box. You can choose cash, free spins, extra 2 points for the online gambling game’s collective mechanism, and so on. The Return to Player Rate for this slot game is 97 per cent. The volatility of the slot is low. So, that means you will have a chance to earn great prizes continuously without waiting too much. If you are a fan of 3D slots with cosmic effects like in sci-fi movies, this one will grab your attention. 


Starburst is another excellent example of popular 3D slots that will help you to win more massive payouts. Unlike any other game that we mentioned so far, the slot’s storyline and background story are not captivating. However, the visual effects and bright colours that developers used in the mix is worth playing. Starburst is one of those gaming titles with both video slot version in brick and mortar and online casino platforms. The fans love the colour theme and vibrant symbols in this slot machine. Net Entertainment developed this slot game in 2014. 

Not long after that time, they updated the game to make it 3D slot games. The main symbols in the game are valuable pieces alongside with bright yellow stars. Depending on the color of the star, you will have a specific value in those symbols. The winning combination in the game is the line that is consisting of at least three matching symbols. The more matching lines that you have, the more chance you will get at the grand prizes. There are five reels and three rows in this 3D slots. In addition to them, you will have 15 winning pay-lines on which you would be able to wager from 0.2 cents up to 10 dollars.