Best Sweepstakes Games To Play At Home

by Jeffrey Black

Posted on November 17th, 2020

Best Sweepstakes Games To Play At Home

Online gambling games are fascinating, especially in today’s technological age, where we can enjoy the best quality slots without even leaving our houses. There are thousands of casino platforms where you can find these games and get the best online gambling experience that is out there. This article aims to list out the best sweepstakes slot machines that we have in the industry. Without further ado, let’s start from the first game, which is Eagle’s Wings. 

Eagle’s Wings

Eagle’s Wings is among the best sweepstakes slots that you can find on the internet. It is the very unique and visually appealing slot that you need to try. The game will remind you of some video game scenes because of the narrative that casino software developers took to start the game. In the beginning, you will see a clip that The storyline of the game starts with a bald eagle which is flying over the natural landscape. 

You will observe the high mountains, deep forests, and a snowy day somewhere around America during the clip. Besides them, you will be left with a close-up view of the eagle for quite some time during the clip. There are a lot of aspects regarding the game that are associated with the native Indians who were living in those places. 

Symbols in the Eagle’s Wings 

Many symbols will remind you of Indian culture. For instance, by looking at the higher-level symbols in the game, such as Ace or Jack, you can see the eagle wing feathers around them, referring to the headdress that native Indians were using at that time. Eagle Wing is the wild symbol of the game. By utilizing at least three of them on the reels, you can achieve multipliers and enter bonus rounds by triggering it. The scatter symbol of the game is described as the Lucky Eagle Coin. 

You will notice that some crafted salmon and eagle images are also associated with the native Indian culture on that coin. As soon as the introductory clip ends, you will go directly into the game that starts with an interactive story. You will see the eagle that flies down and grabs a salmon from the river. As soon as he takes the fish, he soars again to the sky. The background music in the best sweepstakes slot machine game is very inspiring for players. You will; feel the touches of native Indians in those music effects too. 

Gameplay and Bonuses of the Best Sweepstakes Slot

There are five reels and four rows in this best sweepstakes slot game. In addition to that, you will have 25 different paylines to wager. Players can use a variety of denominations while wagering the amount. The lowest bet you can make is 0.5 dollars, while the highest is 5 dollars for each payline. So, for each section, if you decided to go max bet all the time, you will need to have at least 125 dollars on your account. As we already mentioned, Eagle’s Wings is the wild in the game. 

Besides the effective multiplier feature, it can also be used as a substitution for others. If you manage to match at least three of them on the first or second reel, it will pay out double the initial amount. The Scatter symbol of the game is Lucky Eagle coins, which can help you with the bonus offers. You can use it to earn a free spin chance seamlessly. The game does not offer any progressive round, and it does not appeal to the high rollers either. 

However, more great features undermine those lacking aspects. Microgaming developed an expert mode for this gambling slot machine game. 

By utilizing it, you can access great features like Auto Play, Quick Spin, and so on. Overall it is a very entertaining and visually appealing game that has a deep storyline. If you are accustomed to these kinds of games and like video slots with a lot of action going on, this is one of the best sweepstakes games that you can try online. 

Party Island

Party Island is another slot game on the best sweepstakes list that is developed by Microgaming. Every one of us dreams of an island resort where you can party all night with your friends and enjoy the experience. Fortunately, you can do it from your house by tuning in to this amazing online slot game. You will enjoy the party on the secret island where you will be amused by slot symbols such as Dance and Record, as well as sunrise and whisky shots. 

The party Island offers exciting entertainment in the night time and allows you to rest during the day on the beach while sipping your favorite cocktails. Besides these interactive features, you will see many similar symbols from other slot machines such as lucky seven, nine, card values, and so on. All the symbols are colorful and have a very catchy feel to it. The wild symbol of the game is the Logo of our Party Island resort, while the Glitter Ball will work as the scatter during the game. 

Generally, we are used to seeing only a few special value symbols to be portrayed with special graphics, etc. However, Microgaming worked on every symbol and winning combination effects specifically in this slot. For instance, whenever you get the Dance symbol, you will see that the lights are starting to come out as more and more people will be invited into the dance floor. On the other hand, the record symbol will show you the Disco Jokey while trying to keep up with the dancers through his energetic vibe and music. 

Rules and Gameplay in the Party Island

The game offers five reels and three rows. While considering the game’s entertainment value, the payline number is a little bit off, but it is enough for you to enjoy the ride. There are nine pay-lines on which you can bet from 0.01 up to 5 dollars per each. Not only is Party Island a wild symbol of the game, but also it works as a multiplier. Whenever a player manages to take control of the game by lining up at least three Party Island Logos, he or she would have a chance to double the initial bet and earn the highest jackpot. 

Potential Rewards in the Game

The highest fixed jackpot amount you can win in this best sweepstakes slot machine game is 10.0000 coins. If you are using the max bet option, this will help you increase the volatility of the slot game and have a chance to compete for 50.000 coins in the grand contest. Besides these amazing features, there is a Party Island Gamble round too. After every major win you conducted in this slot, you would get a notification about entering the gamble round.

If you press yes, you would be asked to guess the color of the two anonymous cards. If you can guess them right, you would earn double the amount you have earned. Those high rollers who like to take risks can continue the game even after guessing two cards in a row correctly. If they can find the third card’s color, they will have a chance to quadruple the payout. It is an optional round, and you can reject it anytime it appears on the screen after your initial win. 

Asian Beauty

It is another one on the best sweepstakes games list that has a unique sense to it. The Asian Beauty is among the oriental themed slot machine games. The Japanese culture is portrayed during the game, and you can feel it from the theme itself very easily. The game starts with a unique short clip that shows you creating Japanese art by using black and white ink. In addition to them, you will see the short story of four Asian beauties that inspired developers to take on the challenge of creating this amazing video slot machine game.

With the winter scene in the background, you will be amazed by the beauty of the landscape. Many Japanese thematic symbols are used on the reels. In addition to the four Asian Beuty queens, you will notice some silver and gold powder boxes, pink lotus, and so on. The game has very interactive features, and it offers you 243 different ways to win. There are five reels and five rows in this Asian slot machine game. There are a variety of different coin denominations that you can use in the game. The highest bet in the game is 10 dollars for every pay line. 

Bonuses in The Game

You can use the higher-level symbols to reach the bonus rounds. For instance, by lining up at least three scatter symbols on any of the reels, the player can get ten free spin chances. If you manage to get four or five of the scatter on the same reel, the number of free spins will increase to 15. The amazing side of those free spins is the double payout feature. While playing with free spins, all the reads that you can win would be doubled. The initial bet on every pay line would be according to your previous deposits. Besides that, there is a mirror bonus round that you can find in this slot machine. It is a unique feature that Asian Beauty offers to players. 

The mirror bonus takes place on the second screen of the game. On each side, you will see two Asian beauties and six different mirrors. You do not need to create specific combinations out of regular symbols to achieve this bonus. The bonus round starts with multiplying the bets according to the power of the Beauty assigned to that part of the screen. Whenever it is empty, it would mean that you earned all the rewards through Mirrors. The mirror bonus is awarded during the free spin rounds. Overall this is among the best sweepstakes games that give you enormous opportunities regarding the cash prizes. 

Gold Factory

The name of the game is intimidating itself for us as a player, imagine plating it. Gold Factory is among the top slot machines that you can find on the internet. Gold miners who are desperately playing casino slots for earning cash prizes should try this game out. The game would start with an introductory video clip. In that video clip, you will see the different gold mining stages and look at the various parts of the factory. 

The gold factory has many potentials, and you need to explore this game to see that. All the symbols are related to the subject matter. For instance, the boy who comes to the factory to learn the gold emulation process or the factory’s logo is just a few examples. You will see the gold factory and have a chance to observe how the specialist is working with the valuable metals in this game. The animated effects and coin fall sound effects add more entertainment value to the actual game. 

Details about the Best Sweepstakes Slot Game -Gold Factory

There are five reels and four rows in the best sweepstakes games. In addition to them, you will have as many as fifty different pay lines to bet on. You can use 20 dollars on each pay line and spin 100 dollars worth of reels each time you want in the Gold Factory slot machine. This feature is great for high rollers ready to take that risk and earn the greatest rewards in the market. There is a variety of bonus offers that you can use to increase your chances at the wins. For instance, while you play the game, you will see that the gold is being shifted from hoopers to the mini trains. Whenever you see this scene, it means that it is one of your luckiest days in online casinos. 

You will have the freedom of choosing four out of 12 hoopers, and if you guess them right, the gold that was inside those hoopers will be added to your account in the form of free credits. Besides that pick, the right cup is another bonus offer by this game. It is like a gamble feature that we already mentioned in the previous game descriptions. In this bonus round, you will have a 50/50 chance of getting the answer right. If you find the right bowl, you will get free spin chances ranging from 15 to 40. Overall this is a very interactive and high paying casino game that keeps players motivated and captures their attention through interesting graphic effects. 

Sonic 7s 

Sonic 7s is another interactive slot machine game that we included in the list. Power spins is a special feature that Playtech introduced to the online gambling industry with this game. It is one of the best sweepstakes that you can take advantage of online casino platforms. You will get a chance to enjoy a classic layout with modern touches all over it. As you might get from the title, the game’s main symbols are numbers 7s that are colored in red, blue, and grey. Sonic 7 Symbol is the main one, which has a metal color that goes absolutely finesse with the game’s initial design. The special animations used in the game to create the sonic boom feel to it. 

You can see them as soon as you manage to line up at least three scatter or wild symbols on the same reel. There are five reels and three rows in the best sweepstakes slots- Sonic 7s. In addition to them, you will have nine active pay lines on which you will be able to bet from 0.10 up to 10 coins per line. The payout table in the game is flexible, and it will automatically adjust and show your potential wins in the particular coin range you are playing at that time. The wild symbols, which are the blue 7s on the reels, can act as two-time multipliers. By lining up at least three of them on the same reel, you will automatically earn six times more than the initial deposit.