Review of Cops and Donuts Slots Online

by Jeffrey Black

Posted on November 12th, 2020

Review of Cops and Donuts Slots Online

There are many casino games that we love to play daily. To access them, we enter online casinos and make bets to earn the best prices available. There are several different genres in casino games. Some players like to enjoy chance-based games while others stick to the skill-based gambling titles. This article will mainly focus on one of the best gambling genres, which are the online slots. More specifically, we will discover the cops and donuts slots online and elaborate on the best features and the history of that game. Without further ado, let’s jump right into the game. 

History of the Cops and Donuts Slots Online

The concept is fascinating, and many readers would want to know the story behind this association. Cops and Donuts are two different elements that cannot be associated, and it would not make sense to do that for many people who are unaware of that relationship. Before even these types of slot machines were created, cops and donuts’ concept was a thing in New York. There have been jokes about this concept, and regular people mocked police officers by saying that the national donut day is a national holiday for them. During the 1950s in the United States, the police officers’ situations and conditions were not like it today. 

They were working on nightshifts and could not find any open restaurant or beverage store to eat. Nowadays, it is very easy to access food at night, but it was not like that 60 years ago. So, the only open shops and food that they could find in the streets were donuts. From there, the association of policemen and donuts came out. They were grabbing some coffee and donuts along the way to eat them while they are working till early morning. Besides that, the police officers’ wage was lower at that time, and they would be able to afford donuts as they were so cheap. To this day, this concept sticks around because of the regular use of people and the games such as Cops and Donuts Slots online. 

Cops and Donuts Slots Online

There have been numerous stereotypes and jokes about police officers and their love for donuts. In the previous passage, we explained the relationship between the two concepts. So now, we can go on and cover the amazing details and features of this casino slot. This storyline can be found on TV shows, movies, and many other entertainment platforms. The slot game is developed by one of the best casino software developers, International Gaming Technology. 

Cops and Donuts casino game have been among the most entertaining and funny casino games to play throughout the years. Even though the jokes about this concept might not make police officers happy, playing this game will definitely bring joy to you. There are many reasons why you need to try this slot machine and below we will cover them all one by one. 

Cops and Donuts Slots Online Basics

Cops and Donuts Slots Online is a classic slot machine game that features five reels and three rows. On each of those reels, you will see vibrant symbols that will add up to the game’s entertainment value. In addition to them, there are 20 fixed paylines that you can utilize in this slot machine game online. A fixed pay line means that players cannot change the number of active lines during or prior to the game’s start. Once you make your deposits and push the spin button, you will start this amazing online casino slot machine. The game features a very attractive and funny storyline. 

Alongside that, you will have a chance to see familiar symbols such as cartoon-style police officers, calorific snacks in the donut shop, cuffs, coffee, and so on. The police badge is the wild symbol of the game. By utilizing this badge, you will manage to earn great cash prizes through multipliers. While riding on the road, you would be pulled over by police officers. By lining up your best excuses for driving so fast, you will try to earn instant prizes in this game. If you can buy and offer donuts to those officers, you will reach some big payouts that cops and donuts slots online offers. I hope that the cop who pulled you over likes snacks. Otherwise, you can lose your money while playing this entertaining online casino slot machine. 

Details about the Cops And Donuts Casino Game

For those of you who like playing classic style slot machines, this game will definitely help you enjoy your time in online casinos. Otherwise, it is hard to impress customers with this type of graphics because it is older than almost any of the popular casino slots that we have in the industry. The original feel and classic interface of the game make it special in the eyes of true online casino slot machine fans. If you are looking for amazing graphics created by using state of the art technology, this game will not appeal to you. 

The game offers great visuals but for classic casino games. It cannot match or compete with the modern multi-reel IGT slots that offer enormously high-quality visual effects like a video game. You need to be aware of these aspects before you get into the real gambling experience in this online casino slot machine game. If we settle this issue down, we can discuss the advantages of playing the Cops and Donuts slot machine. 

How Much can you Earn By Playing Cops and Donuts Online Slot Game? 

Although this game does not visually appeal to today’s standards, it is still a pretty cool game that you can enjoy in online casinos. The profitability and entertainment that this game can bring are very special. Depending on the betting strategy that you are using, you can earn 10.000 times of the initial bet while playing cops and donuts slots online. When you utilize the game’s max bet feature, that amount can go as high as 25.000 times of your initial wager. It can be 50.000 times of your initial bet if you are playing the progressive version of this slot machine game. Let’s briefly explain this online gambling slot game setup process for those who are not familiar with it. 

Setup Process of the Cops and Donuts Slot Machine Game

As International Gaming Technology develops it, you would expect to see some flashy design patterns, all the characters out there dancing, and that kind of stuff. However, the Cops and Donuts Slot machine app features a very simplistic approach to the game and its initial controls. There is an old school vibe in this slot machine that we can reminisce from the late nineties land-based slot machines in Atlantic City or Vegas. 

The setup process of the game is very easy and straightforward. All you need to do is install the system and wait for the game to start. Online casino players can access this game throughout the mobile and traditional gambling platforms. Below, we will cover some of the platforms where you can find this slot machine.

For now, let’s stick to the game features and elaborate on that. In the middle of the screen, you will see the spin button. By pushing that button, you can start the game. The classic plus and minus icons are placed on each side of the spin button. By pressing on each of them, you can increase or decrease the amount of bet you will place on each of the pay lines. Control buttons are designed in a way that they look like coffee cups and plates of buttons. It creates harmony between the storyline and actual game controls. The whole slot machine will remind you of a donut shop, and the realistic takes on the different attributes will make you even more comfortable while playing. Those small details in the game add more entertainment value and a delicious look to it. 

What Are the Other Entertaining Features of the Slot Game

There are many amazing features of this slot machine game, and one of them is autoplay. For those of you who want to enjoy the view of spinning colorful donuts on the reels while you are chilling, this option can help you to do that. You can grab one pair of donuts and a coffee for yourself while enjoying this view. Make sure that you follow the bankroll and do not miss any chance at winning great prizes. Whenever you want to rest for a few minutes or go for a drink, you can activate this feature and let the slot machine play on your behalf. A winning combination in the slot game is considered a line with at least three identical symbols. The pay lines go from left to right side.  

With three to five design patterns and 20 pay lines, you can achieve great results in cops and donuts slots online. Below the main screen of the game, you will see the help button. By pressing that button, you can see a bar where all your game-related questions can be answered easily. If you have any technical issues, it is best to contact your online casino provider for more information. Through the help button, you will learn how the depositing, withdrawals, and bonus system of the game works. However, if you are too hesitant to read the whole text, do not worry because we got you on that one. Below you will find the details of the special bonus offers that cops and donuts casino game. 

Bonus offers By Cops and Donuts Slot Machine.

There are a variety of bonus packages that you can use after entering this amazing slot machine game. You can earn considerably smaller prizes by utilizing the snack symbols on the reels. Some of the bigger prizes in the slot can be acquired by lining up the combinations of male and female police officers, fingerprints, handcuffs, and crime scene tape. Besides these, you will have random chances to win greater prizes. For instance, during the storyline, you would get caught by police officers, and you would be asked to choose from excuses. 

Each excuse holds value, and that value can increase or decrease your chances of getting to the main prize sooner. One of the best bonus packages can be found in the donut shop. As soon as you get there with the police officer, the cop will ask you to choose the snack for him. If you can guess the answer right and the cop likes the snack, you would have a chance to multiply your prizes by 2. Although this game provides us with older graphics, the storyline is still funny and interesting. It is better to give it a try and see whether or not you like Cops and Donuts slots online. 

Where Can you Play Cops and Donuts Slot Machine Game Online? 

There are several online casino platforms where you can find and enjoy Cops and Donuts slots online. Below we will list some of the casinos where it is available. 

Jackie Jackpot

Jackie Jackpot is an online casino that is considered as the second, tired platform. Although it is a medium-sized casino, there are many online casino titles that you can find here. One of them is the Cops and Donuts slot machine. You can also find hundreds of other genre online casino games such as poker variations, other slots, baccarat, keno, bingo, and more. The partners of the gambling platform are 

  • Microgaming
  • Pragmatic Play
  • International Gaming Technology
  • and Net Entertainment

Aspire Global International is the company behind this gambling platform. They like to add old school games to the mix to atta t some of the older generation players. The advantages of playing casino games on this platform are about having 

  • a mobile-friendly interface
  • Many live dealer titles from both slots and poker
  • Outstanding loyalty programs’ and easily acquirable bonus packages

The disadvantages that you might face in this online gambling platform are lack of sports betting and live chat in the games. 

PlayZee Casino

PlayZee Casino is another platform where you can find the best slot machines, including cops and donuts slots online. The brand was founded in 2018. Since that, it grew immensely because of the quality products they offer to the online gambling audience. They have over a thousand different internet casino games, and that number is increasing by each month. If we subdivide the gaming title categories for this casino, the list would include Live casino bingo, slot machines, video poker, and roulette.

The leading company that is behind this platform is White Hat Gaming. They established the platform with the online gambling license of Malta. Malta Gaming Authority is regulating this platform as well. One of the best sides of this online platform is the availability of multi-language support. In fact, you can enter and enjoy the same interface and products in 

  • Spanish
  • English
  • Norwegian
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • and Swedish

The straightforward and manageable design with an interesting graphic interface makes users want to play on this platform for long periods without getting bored. Besides the cops and donuts slots online, you can find many interesting slot machine titles in this online casino platform. Some of the notable mentions are:

  • Re Spin Mania
  • Gonzo’s Quest
  • Dead or Alive
  • Dead or Alive Two
  • Medallion
  • Street Fighter
  • Reactoonz
  • Bonanza
  • And Legacy of Egypt

A combination of different casino game titles from the best online casino software developers creates a great environment for players from all around the world to join and have fun while earning lots of cash through this platform. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the Cops and Donuts slots online is a very interesting and entertaining casino slot machine game. Please check those mentioned platforms and have fun while doing so for those of you who want to play this game. If you want to learn more about the great slot games like this one, check out our other articles on similar gaming titles.