Everything You Need to Know to Play Bingo for Money

by Jeffrey Black

Posted on September 9th, 2021

Everything You Need to Know to Play Bingo for Money

Bingo for money is popular entertainment that has attracted millions of sweepstakes players around the world. There are different types of this game, differing in the number of balls. In the American version of the game, there are 75 balls, while in the British version, there are 90. The game is distinguished by the ease of rules and many winnings, which allows everyone to enjoy the game, regardless of the level of experience that they have. 

This game has become so popular that today it can be found in every online casino, especially with a live dealer. Every day thousands of people try their luck at online casinos by playing bingo for money. Let’s figure out how to play this game correctly.

How to Play Bingo for Money?

The initial rules of the game are very simple to understand. At the start of the game, all bingo players receive from one to several cards. Each card contains random numbers without repetitions. At the initial stage, the player has the right to change the bet size or change his cards on display. After the player presses the start button, the system randomly selects the numbers on the card. 

Most often, 30 balls are drawn in online bingo, and the numbers are marked automatically. However, in some online bingo variations, participants have to mark the numbers themselves within a certain amount of time. To win the game, a player must fill in a column, line, or diagonal. The payoff increases depending on the size of the exact matches. The maximum winning in bingo for real money falls out if the player fills in all the numbers on the card.

Popular Bingo Variations

In order to play bingo for money, you have to familiarize yourself with some types of this game, which in the future might help you to find the most suitable variation for yourself. 

Mayan Bingo 

That is a game where users can play through 1-4 cards. Prize numbers are indicated in specific graphic schemes. For extra credits, players can turn on the option of the additional ball. Players get the casino jackpot if they fill in all the card numbers before the first 27 balls hit.

Bruno Bingo 

This type of bingo for money includes up to 4 cards and 30 balls. If the potential winnings are 40 times higher than the original bet during the game, the player can open additional balls. If a ball with the image of a bear falls out, then it replaces the missing numbers, and some lucky player earns the jackpot. 

Pop Bingo

bingo for money

This type of bingo is played with one card with three lines. Each line contains five numbers. Seventy-five balls will be drawn in one round. The goal of each player is to close all the numbers on the card as quickly as possible. The players would get the jackpot if they marked all the numbers up until the first 40 balls fell.

Bingo Bonuses

One of the most important aspects of internet cafe gaming is the bonus system. And bingo is no exception. Many game developers include specific bonuses in bingo for real money. For example, players can get additional balls through those bonus opportunities.  

Usually, their number is limited, and the price depends on the bet amount and subsequent moves. This bonus is often activated when the player has almost finished a combination. The player can also get an additional ball for free. As in other inter cafe games, wild balls can come across in bingo for money, replacing any number on the player’s card.

There is also a particular jackpot system in bingo. For example, the lucky player who can collect the pattern gets the jackpot. That is a drawing of numbers on a card, collecting which the user gains the maximum win.

Tips for beginners

 1. To get started, you can try the free demo versions of the game. That will help you determine if this game is suitable for you and are ready to play bingo for real money.

 2. Carefully read the rules of the game. Most of the rules are the same on every site, but there may be some different details. Read especially those points regarding winnings, deposits, bonuses, and payouts.

 3. Do not get carried away by the game. Keep track of how much money you have already spent and how much money you won. Pause if you see your budget shrinking.

 4. Carefully examine the credibility of the site. That is important if you play bingo for real money. It’s effortless to do. Just look at the feedback from the players. It is also essential to set a strong password and ensure that your bank credentials and personal data are protected well.

Best Online Bingo 

We learned how to play bingo for money correctly, which bonuses exist, and tips for beginners. Now let’s look at options for online bingo sites that will help you maximize your winnings and make the game process fun and interesting.

The Sun Bingo

This game offers some of the best bonuses for those looking to play bingo for real money. Players are offered a 300% welcome bonus. That means that with a $ 10 deposit, you can spend $ 40! In addition, there are loyalty points for regular players with special discounts. You will also be provided with a free version of the game, where you can learn the game’s basic rules before you start playing for money. In addition to all of the above, 30 chat rooms are available where you can easily communicate with other users.

Play Ojo Bingo 

One of the most trusted online casino stargames sites brings you bingo from NETENT, Microgaming, and PlayN’Go. The biggest advantage on this platform is an excellent percentage of payouts, quick deposits/withdrawals, as well as a wide range of bonuses. For example, if you play bingo for real money on this platform, you will be given a welcome bonus that is worth up to 50%. 

888 Ladies 

This platform is distinguished by the broadest selection of bingo for money, high-quality design, a high level of support system, as well as a live chat where players can communicate with each other. It is worth highlighting a substantial welcome bonus of 300%, 150% slots bonus, and a deposit bonus of 40%. 

Robinhood Bingo

bingo for money

That platform attracts attention not only by the wide variety of bingo for money but also by the colorfulness and originality of game themes. Moreover, most riversweeps games can be played not only on websites but also on mobile applications.

Mecca Bingo

This UK-based platform is one of the most successful online bingo gambling sites. Players are offered options for games with 90, 80, and 75 balls. The site accepts bitcoin as payment and also has a large variety of bonuses. Also, players can use chat rooms and the services of support operators working around the clock.

Another distinguishing feature of the platform is its mobile compatibility.


To play online bingo for money, you do not need to have a lot of experience as a sweepstakes player. The rules of the game are straightforward and accessible to all types of people. The main thing in this game is to have luck and be careful, and then the winnings will be in your hands. So learn the game’s rules, choose which online casino suits you the best, communicate with other players in online chats, and most importantly, test your fortune to get a chance at the biggest jackpots.