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How to Play Craps Online and Win Real Cash in 2023

by Jeffrey Black

Posted on January 6th, 2022

How to Play Craps Online and Win Real Cash in 2023

What games are popular in casinos today? Slots, roulettes, and of course, table games. One of the most famous board games is craps, which has brought joy and money to its fans for decades. However, craps refer to games in which you need to know the types of bets and essential strategies since your game’s course depends on it. What are the rules of the game of craps you need to know? In this article, you will learn how to play craps online and also get essential tips to help you maximize your winnings.

1. Basic rules of the game

The table where you can play craps online consists of two main sectors:

1. The area where the dice are thrown;

2. The area in which the various bets of the players are marked.

The game is played by dealers who accept bets, determine the winner of the round, determine the number of winnings, and conduct the game process. Discipline and adherence to the game’s rules also depend on the dealers. If the player tries to cheat, the live dealer has the right to exclude the violator of the rules.

In land-based casinos, the players take turns becoming the “shooters.” The shooter is the player who rolls the dice.

2. What are the steps you need to know to play craps online?

Play craps online

Each round of online craps consists of several stages:

1. Come-out

That is the shooter’s first roll that determines the point.

2. Point Roll

These are all the throws that come after the come-out when you play craps online

At the first stage, the player makes two possible bets to determine whether the shooter wins or loses:

1. Pass Line is the bet that determines the shooter’s winnings;

2. Don’t Pass Line is the bet that determines the shooter’s loss.

When the shooter rolls the first die (come-out), he can get three main combinations that will determine the further development of the casino game:

1. Natural;

The shooter rolls 7 or 11. In this case, the round is won, the throw starts all over again

2. Craps;

If the arrow hits the numbers 2, 3, or 12, the round is considered lost. The shooter is another player who rolls the dice.

3. Point

If the arrow comes across other numbers, then the internet cafe sweepstakes game proceeds to the second round, in which the player rolls the dice until the desired numbers come across to him.

3. What types of bets should you know to play craps online?

play craps online

To play craps online, you need to know the essential types of bets that will help you increase your chances of winning and minimize the risks of losing your money. Utilize this craps betting strategy and learn the game to enjoy the results. We can divide the bets into three main categories, described below: 

3.1 Bets on the next throw

The odds are 15: 1 for the first pair, 30: 1 for the second. Below are the introductory rates:

1. Eleven;

2. Craps two;

3. Craps twelve;

4. Any seven;

5. Craps three.

3.2 Group bets

Group bets are the most frequent and profitable in the craps game, so most players focus on this type of bet. You should analyze them carefully if you want to play craps online accurately: 

1. Any craps – the ratio of bets is 7: 1. These bets are valid if 2, 3, 12 come across, that is, the shooter player loses the come-out stage;

2. Field – a player can make this bet if the dropped-out dice’s total is 2-4 or 9-12. If there are 2 or 12, the player gets a two-fold win. In other cases, the coefficient is 1: 1. This bet is available in both come-out and point-roll.

3. Event-driven. The loss of precise sums preceding the seven is the trigger. That is the Big Six or Eight, in which the numbers 6 and 8 must appear before the number 7. The odds of winning are 1 to 1. The Hard Way is the third type of event bet. It plays doubles in front of the number seven. Pay 9 to 1 for 3 + 3, 4 + 4, and 7 to 1 for 2 + 2 and 5 + 5.

3.3 Field bets

Play craps online

Pairing is their key feature. That means that each wager has a counter-bet. The Pass Line is a good example. A bet is only permitted during the initial stage of the sweepstakes game and has three outcomes for the gamer:

Winning – 7 or 9 people had to drop out.

Loss – any of selections 2, 3, or 12 was the amount.

When the match reaches the second round, it remains on the table.

Don’t Pass Line is the polar opposite of Don’t Pass Line. With Craps, the gambler wins, but with natural numbers, the sweepstakes online player loses.

If the round ends with a Point, the Pass Line bet remaining for the second stage will win. As a result of the seven being rolled, the counter version will play at the end of the Point Roll.

Other sorts of field bets include: Come / Don’t, Come Odds / Don’t, Pass Line Odds / Don’t, Win / Lose, and Win / Loss.

There are counter variants of Don’t Come and similar ones in the first three kinds while you play craps online.  Their characteristics are easier to grasp in practice with free play craps online options. The stated number must fall before the seven for Win to play. For the Lose bet, the winning condition is the inverse.

4. Final Thoughts on Play Craps Online

The information flow connected with craps rules is highly complex to process singly. This aspect has a detrimental impact on the game’s popularity. If you decide to play craps online, you need to be aware of the effective online craps strategy as well as the rules of the game.  With the introduction of online casinos, the situation is steadily improving. Simulators of this game are available at online casinos as “free craps tutorials.”

In addition, regular and live slot machines with only cash wagers are offered to audiences who have successfully finished the training. Make sure to utilize a great online craps strategy before you evaluate other options. 

To increase your winning and play craps online accurately, you should build up your craps betting strategy and learn the rules of craps in advance. Then, you will achieve success and fill your pockets with money if you follow our tips! 


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