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Try The Best Online Casino Games for Real Money in 2023

by Jack Morgan

Posted on August 25th, 2019

Try The Best Online Casino Games for Real Money in 2023

If you had not visited Disneyland when you were a child, do not be upset. Little did you know that online casino is the Disneyland of adult people. These casinos take you to the far and bright worlds where you enjoy the catchy symbols, attractive visuals, and fun sounds. You detach from the chaos of real word and spend an engaging pastime. However, casinos supersede childish activities as you can also play online casino games for real money.

We ensure that the jingles of the coins will be a piece of music to your ears. Every minute spent while betting will be thrilling and rewarding. You will not only have an exciting gaming experience but also gain real money in massive amounts.

Online casino games offer you a great chance to gain real money. However, you need to be careful. Playing without prior knowledge or bankroll management can put you in an uncomfortable situation. Therefore, in this article, we are sharing with you some tips to play safely and enjoy every second of online casino gambling.

Besides, we also advise you our top 3 casino game which our players praise. We ensure that after reading this article, any inexperienced player will turn into a high-roller player.

1. Tips to Win Online Casino Games for Real Money

Casino games are mostly based on a chance. If you are lucky that you will leave the game with a fortune. Therefore, some people claim that there is no way of tricking the game and winning. We totally agree with them, as you cannot cheat in these casino games for sale. However, there are several factors to ensure your smooth online casino gaming experience in the online casino. In the below list, you will find those elements that you need to pay much attention to play the game safely and win.

1.1 Bankroll management while Playing Online Casino Games for Real Money

Before passing to the tips about playing the game, let’s start from the very beginning. The moment you decide to bet and enjoy playing casino games for real money, you need to plan your budget. Real money games are fun, but you should also consider losing. The idea is that bet the amount that you can risk losing.

The simple way to do is set your own limits. One limit will indicate when you will leave the game if you win. We all know that odds are not always on our side. You may win several times. However, you can lose all your money in the next round. Therefore, after winning, for instance, double your initial bet, it is better to leave that game.

Likewise, you should set your losing limit, too. Sometimes punters falsely believe that their chance will turn, and they will win after losing many times. This belief does not hold always. Odds are not still working for you in online casino games for real money. As a result, if you start losing, stop playing when you hit the loss limit. Besides, it will be a fresh start for another type of casino games. In Vegas-X, we want you to have a thrilling online gambling experience. Therefore, we advise you about setting your limits as we care about our players.

1.2 Picking the right Online Casino

online casino games for real money


Another element that you need to be picky is the online casino itself. As online gambling became a billion worth industry, many online casino platforms emerged. As much as they create convenience for betting, they lead to problems, too. First, you need to ensure that they have an online gambling license.

The existence of this license guarantees that the provider is reliable. in a more detailed way, this document indicates that the casino is not cheating or engaging in unfair treatment to players. Besides, you will also get your earnings instantly when you win. A professional casino will be compatible with many devices and offer various types of payment methods. In general, they will try to make your gambling experience error-free and convenient.

To be able to choose a reliable casino, you need to do extensive research. Check the reviews and ratings of different casinos on forums. Read the comments of actual players of the casino. An audited casino which publishes payouts is a trustworthy platform. They will not trick you into losing or taking your money even if you win. If you want to make your odds better when you play online casino games for real money, it is necessary to play in a professional casino.

1.3 Payment Options

In casino games for real money, your payment options matter a lot. In a land-based casino, your payment methods are limited. People usually use cash and sometimes use their cards to make bets in brick casinos. However, an online casino should be able to proceed with various ways of payment. After all, the main goal of mobile casinos is making your playing as comfortable as possible. Therefore, not being able to pay with your preferred method is against the framework of online casinos.

An online casino that you choose should be able to support many payment options. Nowadays, people use electronic wallets, Click2Pay, EcoCard, etc. The casino should ensure that your payment details will be safe to avoid any fraud. On the other hand, the gambling platform can also support cash payments. In many countries, cash is still a superseding method of payment.

Some casinos even offer you a chance to get a voucher with cash. Then you can use this voucher to bet in an online environment. Of course, not all casinos offer this option. The main idea of this factor is that the online casino games for real money should support the payment option that you are confident with. Search about the benefits of using a particular method and enjoy safe gambling.

1.4 Use Bonuses

When you choose a casino, you will come across different gifts. Usually, casinos use these gifts as a motivational tool to attract more players. For instance, in slot games, you can get a free spin chance. If you use it, you will receive several benefits. First, you will be more familiar with the gaming experience of that online casino.

Second, you may get familiar with the online casino games. You can understand its rules, return to pay ratio, or volatility rate before risking your money. Third, you can earn a prize without paying anything. As you see the advantages of using gifts, such as welcome bonuses or free spins, are abundant.

One thing to consider before getting the gifts of online casino games for real money is the terms of acceptance. Before using the bonus, there will appear some conditions for accepting the welcoming gift. It is essential to go through this information in casino games. The reason is that in unreliable casinos, there can exist terms that are against your interest. Therefore, do not hurry to enjoy the gift. Thoroughly analyze its conditions, and then you can enjoy playing with bonuses.

1.5 Your type of Online Casino Games for Real Money

online casino games that pay real money


To make your odds better, it is always good to choose the game type that you are familiar with. In some cases, players lose time to figure out the rules of the game. Hence, they start the game by losing money and get demotivated. Therefore, either choose the game you know or do research beforehand. Top online casinos offer a wide variety of the games, namely classic or Inferno slots, poker, roulette, the wheel of fortune, blackjack, etc.

If you are a beginner and have no clue about the casino games, start with slot games. The rules of slots are pretty simple. All you need to do is choosing the bet and pressing the spin button. The slot machine does the rest. Wait and collect your gain. In general, no matter of your skills or experience, you can find a game to your taste. However, it is always advisable to do research beforehand about the rules of the game and tips to win. Besides, you should also look at the return to player and volatility rates.

Return to player indicates the percentage of your bet that you can return if you keep playing. The higher the rate, the more you can earn. Usually, popular slot games have around 95% RTP. Besides, you need to check the volatility of the game before deciding. Highly volatile games will land winning combinations rarely, but you might a fortune.

Otherwise, the low-variance game will reward you with little amounts but more frequently. It all depends on you to choose which game you prefer. You will have a high probability of winning in online casino games for real money if you select the right game.

2. Top 3 Casino Games for Real Money

In this section, we created a list of our top online casino games for real money. Vegas-X has a rich gaming library. You can find any casino game with different features and themes. Therefore, we chose five top casino games to ease the process of selection for you. Choose one now and enjoy gambling instantly.

2.1 Bling-tastic Casino Game- Hot Diamonds

One of our most preferred games is Hot Diamonds. The shine of the gems and gold bars of this game will blind your eyes. The bling-tastic game includes precious stones like

  • Emerald
  • Ruby
  • Sapphires

as its symbols. All you need to do to hunt for bling and earn money for collecting those stones. However, you do not need to spend a fortune on this bling. Betting only ten coins will be enough to enjoy the game.  Like many other online casino games for real money, the game also includes scatter or wild symbols and free spins. To sprinkle more excitement to the game, you can use the gamble feature.

Most online casino games of today have five reels. Hot Diamonds is also one of those games. Regular symbols can reward you up to 250 000 coins. Also, the scatter symbol will earn you 50 000 coins instantly. However, if you land 3 or more of them, you will get ten free spins. These free spins are not your usual ones.

During the free spin game, scatter symbol goes wild and substitutes all other symbols. As a result, your winning amount gets bigger and bigger. If you need to undergo more risk, play the risk game. Guess the color or suit of the card to multiply your winning.

2.2 Find Magic in Reels- Magic Owl

online casino games for real money


Magic is everywhere. To notice it you need to open your eyes wide. If not, spin the reels of Magic Owl. Almost all top online casinos have a category of games with magic-theme. Thus, it is not surprising that Vegas-X also offers you unique‌ ‌magical‌ ‌online‌ ‌casino games for real money.

The five-reel game has 50 paylines which ensure winnings in almost all spins. The game allows betting 50 coins per spin. If we consider that each coin can be valued up to 3$, then each turn can be 150$ worth. Therefore, the vegas x online casino real money game is suitable both for high-rollers and newbies.

Not surprisingly, the Magic Owl is the highest paying symbol. If you land five of them, you will earn 250 coins. The amount might seem considerable for newbies, but for an experienced player, it will not be enough. Therefore, the game activates wild symbol- the enchantress of the forest- for you.

Landing five of them will reward you with 500 coins. Gambling software developers also did not forget about the scatter symbol of casino games for real money. Having three or more of them on the reels can earn you five free spins.

For this reason, the slot game is rewarding and entertaining. Designers put considerable effort into the Vegas X online casino real money game to make it attractive. Visuals and sounds all fit the magic-theme. While earning monetary awards, you sure will visit the fantasy world with Magic Owl.

2.3 Tasty Online Casino Games for Real Money – Fruitilicious

Talking about casino games that pay real money requires mentioning fruity slots. If we consider that first slot machines had symbols in the form of fruits, it is not surprising to notice their popularity in today’s online casinos. The game is more suitable for players who prefer classic online slots. Simple rules and no interrupting bonuses.

The game offers you the plain vegas x online casino real money gaming experience. It has only five paylines. However, the reward of the game is mind-blowing. You have a chance of winning 10 million credits. Though the game is more like classic online casino games, it still has excellent visuals with bright colors and bold symbols. We ensure you will gain your appetite back while watching the juicy lemons, oranges, and tasty cherries, plums, watermelons spinning.

Fruitilicious is a very rewarding member of vegas x online casino real money games for real money.  If you land a low-paying winning combination, your bet will be multiplied with ten. If this multiplier does not satisfy you, landing grapes will give you 100 of it. You also have a chance of multiplying by 1000 if you have five lucky 7s. Besides, both newbies and high rollers can enjoy the game as betting amount changes between 10 credits and

2000 credits. The higher you bet, the more you gain. Besides, if you have a gut for more risk, you can play the gamble game. There, you will have a chance to increase your bet amount by x500.

3. Vegas-X

As mentioned before, an essential factor of having a safe and engaging online gambling experience is a reliable platform. A professional online casino will offer you all the conveniences you need. Likewise, Vegas-X promises you a great mobile casino experience. You can play wherever and whenever you want.

It is worth mentioning that our online casino games that pay real money are compatible with many different devices and operating systems. We ensure that you will have the same gambling practice no matter of your device. You will not face any errors, bugs, or slow speed.

Vegas-X developer team puts emphasis to the variety of its game collection. You can find any online casino games that pay real money like poker, roulette, slots, or blackjack in our platform.

The games have high return rates, which are desirable in choosing online casino games for real money. Whether you play for fun or for gaining money, you will find your type of online casino games that pay real money in Vegas-X. Besides, we ensure the reliability and safety of your payment methods. For us, the confidence of the player in our platform is the number one goal. Therefore, we do our best to encrypt your account details. You should not worry about any aspect of online gambling. Sit comfortably, lean back, and play casino games for real money. 


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