Best Online Sweepstakes That You Can Enjoy in 2021

There are a lot of online casino games that you can try on gambling platforms. The variety of casino games, as1 well as their high quality, makes them irresistible from the player standpoint. One of the best features that those games offer to the casino audience is the realistic chances of earning real money. If you are a slot junkie that is continuously looking to find new and exciting online casino slots, you came to the right place. This article will list out the best online sweepstakes that you can try on online gambling platforms. Without further ado, let’s get right back to discuss the best online slots. 

When Pigs Fly

When Pigs Fly is the first online casino game that we will discuss in this article. The game is considered to be among the best online sweepstakes because of various reasons. First of all, it is the product of Net Entertainment. That is one thing that gives us an idea of the quality of the game. For roughly over twenty years, Net Entertainment has been building its reputation as one of the innovative and prestigious online casino slot developers. It is not surprising that the When Pigs Fly is also a very creatively designed and exciting sweepstakes slot machine game to play. 

Details about When Pigs Fly

best online sweepstakes

There are five reels and four rows in this online slot. In addition to that, players will have as many as twenty paylines to bet on. It is better to remind you that all of those paylines are fixed. That means you would not be able to change the number of active lines in the game. However, that does not necessarily mean that the game is not flexible. You can always use your betting strategy because When Pigs Fly allows players to deposit 25 cents up to 20 dollars on every active line. The casino title came into the industry back in 2015. During its first five years in the industry, it gained the respect and demand from players. That is not a coincidence because the most attractive features about this casino slot are the high Return to Player Rate that it offers to the gambling audience. 

The RTP of the slot is 97 percent. The house edge is only three percent, which makes your winning chances even higher. If we consider the high RTP and low volatility that the game offers, it is hard not to get caught up in the moment and tune in to When Pigs Fly. There are 3125 different ways through which you can win the ultimate prize in the game. It is a unique online slot machine game that offers realistic chances for players to win it all. You will get a shot at efficiently earning great rewards through bonuses and promotions such as 

  • free spins
  • re-spins
  • and random multipliers. 

Best Online Sweepstakes – Tarzan

Tarzan is another game on the list of best online sweepstakes. The familiar storyline and excellent interface of the game made us include this one on this top list. Microgaming developed the game in 2016. If you are in the online gambling industry for an extended period of time, you should know that this brand is a mastermind for the branded slots. They met our expectations with this title too. The story of Tarzan is inspired by the movie and cartoon that has the same name. 

The thrilling story of a boy raised in the jungle and becomes a family member of Gorillas is exciting, and Microgaming managed to translate that excitement into this slot machine. On the main screen, you will see the jungle’s natural habitat while also hearing the wildest animals’ voices living there. The ambiance that this game creates is second to none. There are five reels and four rows in this online casino video slot machine game. In addition to that, players will have as many as 40 paylines to deposit on. All of those paylines are flexible, which means that you can pick and choose whichever line will be active when you press the spin button and start the game. 

Best Features in the Tarzan Slot Machine

The game is packed with innovative features. There are many surprises that you will get after tuning in to the Tarzan sweepstakes slot. Some of those surprises include random cash prizes, free spins, bonus wheel, growing wilds, and so on. On the reels, you will see some of the familiar characters from the movie. The professor, lion, Jane are just a few of them. In addition to them, there are secondary symbols such as fruits. The Progressive round of the game is the thing of beauty for the high rollers. As an online casino fan, our main goal is to produce great results while getting the minimum risk possible. You will be able to do that through the local progressiveness of the game. 

While considering the Return to Player Rate and minimum variance that Tarzan offers, it would not be that hard for you to adjust. The highest jackpot that you can earn through this slot machine game is worth 40.000 dollars. Through interactive features such as the bonus wheel, it will be easier for you to stay motivated. The bonus wheel is an interesting feature that can help you to score wins through free spins, multiplier, and other rewards that it can trigger. Overall, Tarzan is a fascinating and high paying real money casino slot machine game you can try at home. 

Best Online Sweepstakes – Motorhead

best online sweepstakes

Motorhead is among the best online sweepstakes that you can play for real money prizes. The game was launched by Net Entertainment back in 2016. With the initial success that they got from Guns N’ Roses video slot machine game, they decided to work on another branded slot and take the slot game industry to another level. As you might guess from the title, Motorhead is based on the popular rock n’ roll band. The legendary band and their most popular songs are portrayed greatly in the game’s storyline and sound effects. There are five reels and a flexible number of paylines in the game. By saying so, we mean that it can change from three up to six during the gameplay. In addition to that, you will have a chance to bet on as many as 76 fixed paylines. 

With its banging soundtrack and fantastic visual effects, this game deserves to be on the list of the best online sweepstakes. Besides those great characteristics, the game is also among the top casino slots with a high Return to Player rate. In fact, the RTP of the game is 96.99 percent. The house edge is slightly higher than three percent, making this game a unique opportunity for high rollers. They can score great wins by playing Motorhead. Even though you are a rock fan or not, you can still enjoy the best qualities of this online casino slot game. 

Choose Sweepstakes Websites with These Precious Tips

The gambling industry is attracting more and more people as time passes. One of the reasons is obviously the current situation due to the pandemic. Yet, it is mainly the enticing nature of casino games that makes them attractive to people. But a crucial question arises here: how to choose the correct sweepstakes websites? Well, to be able to choose them correctly, you should be aware of several nuances. Otherwise, your gaming experience will simply make you regret playing it. But you should not get discouraged so early. Actually, after reading this article, you will master choosing the best sweepstakes websites to play your favorite games. So, let‚Äôs get into business and know what tips you should be aware of. 

Bread and Butter of Sweepstakes Websites – Games

The first and foremost thing you should pay attention to when choosing sweepstakes websites is the games they have. The logic behind it is quite simple. You visit those websites to play games and get some enjoyment. In case the games offered on a certain website are not fine enough, it is not worth bothering yourself to visit that site. Also, while choosing sweepstakes games, I would recommend you to take into account some other nuances. For instance, certain games have higher RTP than others. RTP basically stands for return-to-player. And the higher it is, the higher probability the player has to win the game. So, I advise you to check out the RTP of games on various sweepstakes websites. 

If you wonder what type of games are distinguished in terms of higher RTP, I will help you with that, as well. If your main goal in playing sweepstakes games is to earn money, then choose classic slot games. Note that they are available on all websites. So make sure you make the correct choice when looking for the website. 

Another aspect in terms of games is its graphics and sound effects. In fact, these are the factors that will make you feel and enjoy the true environment of the game. Do not forget the fact that you will not only visit casino sites to win money. On top of that, what you are trying to get is real enjoyment. And it is something that you can obtain by selecting the website with the best games in terms of sound effects and graphics. 

Bulletproof Security is a Must

In the online world, wherever there is the involvement of money, there is a high risk of theft. It is no exception in the case of sweepstakes websites. Do not forget that you play those games with money. And money is something that you do not earn easily. So, you have to ensure you know how and where to spend it. In that regard, I urge you to go for sweepstakes websites that will provide bulletproof security to you. 

An adequate level of security will not only protect your money. It will likewise help you remain at peace while playing. In other words, by playing on a website with a reliable security system, you will not have to think or worry about any possible threats to your money. 

Diversity in Payment Systems

sweepstakes websites

Payment systems also hold a crucial part in sweepstakes websites. It is basically one of the most important aspects that make a website user-friendly. Think of it this way. You usually utilize one payment system to make and receive payments. Then, suddenly you find out that there is a more comfortable payment system that suits you. But you, unfortunately, do not see it on the website that you play. Note that a decent casino website will surely offer multiple payment systems. It is because they know different players will prefer different payment systems. In a nutshell, having several payment systems on the sweepstake site you choose will make your experience even more flexible and comfortable. 

Withdrawals as Speedy as Usain Bolt

Although you already have a good idea of how to choose sweepstakes websites, there are still some more points to perfect it. And the next one is fast withdrawals. As a player, it is vital for you to withdraw your money as soon as you win it. You will see sites that will try to deceive you. Others will be very late to credit your winning amount. So you must be very careful in this regard, too. Websites that use the software of VegasX are best to react to such issues immediately. Thus, I recommend you to play your favorite sweepstakes games on websites that have adopted the system of VegasX. You can be sure that in such a case, your money will be credited to your account at a light speed. 

Enticing Bonuses

The next aspect of sweepstakes websites that I advise you to check out is regarding bonuses. This is indeed one of the overlooked features of many players. Nevertheless, anyone with exposure to this industry, knows that bonuses are one of the most imperative parts of gambling sites. It is from where you will be able to double your winnings. At the same time, it will make the entire gaming experience of yours much more enjoyable. 

Bonuses themselves can be various depending on the sites. I would divide them into two parts. The first group comprises bonuses that websites offer for the sake of offering. In other words, such bonuses do not really intend to benefit you. On the other hand, there are websites that truly target to benefit you through such bonuses. I would like to again bring websites that use the software of VegasX to your attention. You can be sure that such websites will truly benefit you in terms of bonuses.  

VegasX – The Best Sweepstakes Software

Last but not least, I would like to talk about one of the best gambling software, namely, VegasX. The reason why I want you to be familiar with this gambling system is simple. By having an understanding of this software, you will start searching for sweepstakes websites that use this software. And you will have a strong reason to do this. If you wonder why, well, basically all the features and aspects of great gambling will be found in this software. 

Apart from that, what I like most about this software is the diversity of games in this system. Without exaggeration, I would confidently say that games in this software are pretty much comparable to those of NetEnt and Microgaming. Long story short, by using this software, you will certainly have the best deals as a player. 


The Sweepstakes industry is surely an amazing industry for self-indulging. That said, if you do not know the correct slot machine tips to find the correct gambling sites, you can be sure that you will be unable to enjoy this experience. That is why I strongly urge you to use these extremely useful tips to be able to make the correct choice. 

I hope you found this article helpful. To be aware of more useful content, you can check out our blogs page.

Play Internet Sweepstakes at Home in 2021

One of the best qualities of modern gambling games is accessibility. Nowadays, we can play internet sweepstakes at home without leaving the comfort and sitting on the couch. It was not like that for decades. We had to leave the town to access gambling games if there was no casino parlor in the neighborhood. The mobile optimization of the best casino games and the availability of those games in almost every electronic gadget makes it easier for players to enjoy the best sweepstakes from their houses. This article will analyze some of the best sweepstakes slots that you can play at home. Without further ado, let’s start with the first gambling title. 

Play Internet Sweepstakes at Home-1429 Uncharted

1429 Uncharted is among the casino slots that you can play at home. It is accessible through mobile and desktop platforms, so you can easily play internet sweepstakes at home without any complications. The slot machine game comes from Thunderkick Games. Recently the company is making big moves, and you can see it from a mile away. They are working on innovative and exciting slot machine games like this one. 

Once you try 1429 Uncharted on the online casino websites, you will understand what we are trying to express in the earlier sentences. If you like the fast-paced action in online casino slot games, then this one will attract you from the first try. The game is packed with innovative casino solutions. There are interesting and catchy visuals alongside with creative approach to the storyline. 

Interface and Exciting Features of 1429 Uncharted

The design of the game will remind you of old maps in history books. You see the big ocean in the middle and different continents around that ocean. The game is ready to entertain you through its interactive features. One of the key reasons why 1429 Uncharted became very popular among online casino players is its high payout rate. The Return to The Player Rate for this online casino slot machine game is 98.2 percent. Imagine a slot game that has less than two percent of the house edge. What would be the possible opportunities for high rollers? If you do not want to guess those numbers, it is fine because you can check them directly. And also, get the best casino sweepstakes experience in this slot machine game. 

As we mention the lower house edge percentage, most players want to know the variance level to see whether this casino slot machine is really good. It is a medium to high volatility slot. This means, 1429 Uncharted is ready for big payouts, and you should be able to take risks when the rewards are that high. By creating a great deposit strategy in the game, you can get better results over time and leave the casino with a huge profit margin. So, it is an effective casino slot game with lots of entertaining features. What about the gameplay? 

Gameplay and Symbols in 1429 Uncharted

The gameplay of 1429 Uncharted is very similar to other slot machine games. You will have three rows and five reels in this casino game. Alongside that, you will get a 30 pay line table on which you can bet from 10 cents up to 50 dollars per each line. As you can see, there are many opportunities out there. You should be proactive in taking your chances at them. The blue sun is the scatter symbol in the game. By lining up at least three of them on the same reel or under the same pay line, you can trigger bonus rounds. In those bonus rounds, players will have a chance to earn great rewards. Those rewards include cash, free spin, and free coin prizes. 

Besides the scatter, there is a wild symbol that is consisting of different parts. The Head, body, and the tale of the sea dragon are considered as those parts. You need to vertically create a combination out of those parts so that dragon can come to life and fight the enemies. If you can complete that task, there would be huge prizes, including a ten times multiplier that will payout great rewards. Overall, it is a very effective and interesting casino slot that you need to try in online casinos. If you want to play internet sweepstakes at home but looking for game suggestions, 1429 Uncharted can be one of the best choices that you can make. 


Motorhead is among the top sweepstakes games that you can play at home. The visual effects and the interesting storyline of the game created a spot for them on this list of top casino slots. As you probably know, Net Entertainment likes to capture the legendary rock bands in their casino slot games. This game is no exception for that subject. With the great success that Net Ent found with their Guns N’ Roses slot machine, they decided to capture another rock band from the 1990s, the Motorhead. In 2016, Net Ent released this slot machine game, and fans absolutely loved it. 

Details about the Game

The interesting part about the game was that the band’s fans loved to play the Motorhead slot machine, and general casino players tried it and attracted at first sight. The reason for that is the higher number of paylines and great payout percentage that this game has. There are five reels, a changing number of rows, and 76 pay lines in this online casino slot machine game. Banging soundtracks of the popular songs by Motorhead adds more entertainment value for players.

The ones who have never had a chance to listen to this band now can enjoy both music and interactive gameplay simultaneously. There are many interesting symbols that you will encounter in this casino slot machine game. For instance, the metallic horseshoe, the golden skull, the band’s logo, lucky seven, metallic cherries are among the most favorable ones. It is considered as a medium to low volatility casino slot machine game. 

Payout Rate of the Motorhead

The Return to Player percentage for this video slot game is 96.99 percent. It is quite a high percentage when we consider the average point for sweepstakes slots that have a higher number of pay lines. You can ensure that there will be timely and modest rewards while you are playing. For those of you who are not a huge heavy metal fan, do not worry because the game is flexible, and you can adjust the sound effects from volume settings to enjoy the game without any sound. 

Some players are distracted by the background music, while others add more intensity and excitement to the overall casino gaming experience. It is one of the popular video slots that you can play in online casinos. For those of you who are searching to play internet sweepstakes at home, there are various possibilities. You can check the gaming portfolio of online casinos and decide which sweepstakes slot machine game is a great fit for your playing style. 

Best Sweepstakes Games To Play At Home

Online gambling games are fascinating, especially in today’s technological age, where we can enjoy the best quality slots without even leaving our houses. There are thousands of casino platforms where you can find these games and get the best online gambling experience that is out there. This article aims to list out the best sweepstakes slot machines that we have in the industry. Without further ado, let’s start from the first game, which is Eagle’s Wings. 

Eagle’s Wings

Eagle’s Wings is among the best sweepstakes slots that you can find on the internet. It is the very unique and visually appealing slot that you need to try. The game will remind you of some video game scenes because of the narrative that casino software developers took to start the game. In the beginning, you will see a clip that The storyline of the game starts with a bald eagle which is flying over the natural landscape. 

You will observe the high mountains, deep forests, and a snowy day somewhere around America during the clip. Besides them, you will be left with a close-up view of the eagle for quite some time during the clip. There are a lot of aspects regarding the game that are associated with the native Indians who were living in those places. 

Symbols in the Eagle’s Wings 

Many symbols will remind you of Indian culture. For instance, by looking at the higher-level symbols in the game, such as Ace or Jack, you can see the eagle wing feathers around them, referring to the headdress that native Indians were using at that time. Eagle Wing is the wild symbol of the game. By utilizing at least three of them on the reels, you can achieve multipliers and enter bonus rounds by triggering it. The scatter symbol of the game is described as the Lucky Eagle Coin. 

You will notice that some crafted salmon and eagle images are also associated with the native Indian culture on that coin. As soon as the introductory clip ends, you will go directly into the game that starts with an interactive story. You will see the eagle that flies down and grabs a salmon from the river. As soon as he takes the fish, he soars again to the sky. The background music in the best sweepstakes slot machine game is very inspiring for players. You will; feel the touches of native Indians in those music effects too. 

Gameplay and Bonuses of the Best Sweepstakes Slot

There are five reels and four rows in this best sweepstakes slot game. In addition to that, you will have 25 different paylines to wager. Players can use a variety of denominations while wagering the amount. The lowest bet you can make is 0.5 dollars, while the highest is 5 dollars for each payline. So, for each section, if you decided to go max bet all the time, you will need to have at least 125 dollars on your account. As we already mentioned, Eagle’s Wings is the wild in the game. 

Besides the effective multiplier feature, it can also be used as a substitution for others. If you manage to match at least three of them on the first or second reel, it will pay out double the initial amount. The Scatter symbol of the game is Lucky Eagle coins, which can help you with the bonus offers. You can use it to earn a free spin chance seamlessly. The game does not offer any progressive round, and it does not appeal to the high rollers either. 

However, more great features undermine those lacking aspects. Microgaming developed an expert mode for this gambling slot machine game. 

By utilizing it, you can access great features like Auto Play, Quick Spin, and so on. Overall it is a very entertaining and visually appealing game that has a deep storyline. If you are accustomed to these kinds of games and like video slots with a lot of action going on, this is one of the best sweepstakes games that you can try online. 

Party Island

Party Island is another slot game on the best sweepstakes list that is developed by Microgaming. Every one of us dreams of an island resort where you can party all night with your friends and enjoy the experience. Fortunately, you can do it from your house by tuning in to this amazing online slot game. You will enjoy the party on the secret island where you will be amused by slot symbols such as Dance and Record, as well as sunrise and whisky shots. 

The party Island offers exciting entertainment in the night time and allows you to rest during the day on the beach while sipping your favorite cocktails. Besides these interactive features, you will see many similar symbols from other slot machines such as lucky seven, nine, card values, and so on. All the symbols are colorful and have a very catchy feel to it. The wild symbol of the game is the Logo of our Party Island resort, while the Glitter Ball will work as the scatter during the game. 

Generally, we are used to seeing only a few special value symbols to be portrayed with special graphics, etc. However, Microgaming worked on every symbol and winning combination effects specifically in this slot. For instance, whenever you get the Dance symbol, you will see that the lights are starting to come out as more and more people will be invited into the dance floor. On the other hand, the record symbol will show you the Disco Jokey while trying to keep up with the dancers through his energetic vibe and music. 

Rules and Gameplay in the Party Island

The game offers five reels and three rows. While considering the game’s entertainment value, the payline number is a little bit off, but it is enough for you to enjoy the ride. There are nine pay-lines on which you can bet from 0.01 up to 5 dollars per each. Not only is Party Island a wild symbol of the game, but also it works as a multiplier. Whenever a player manages to take control of the game by lining up at least three Party Island Logos, he or she would have a chance to double the initial bet and earn the highest jackpot. 

Potential Rewards in the Game

The highest fixed jackpot amount you can win in this best sweepstakes slot machine game is 10.0000 coins. If you are using the max bet option, this will help you increase the volatility of the slot game and have a chance to compete for 50.000 coins in the grand contest. Besides these amazing features, there is a Party Island Gamble round too. After every major win you conducted in this slot, you would get a notification about entering the gamble round.

If you press yes, you would be asked to guess the color of the two anonymous cards. If you can guess them right, you would earn double the amount you have earned. Those high rollers who like to take risks can continue the game even after guessing two cards in a row correctly. If they can find the third card’s color, they will have a chance to quadruple the payout. It is an optional round, and you can reject it anytime it appears on the screen after your initial win. 

Asian Beauty

It is another one on the best sweepstakes games list that has a unique sense to it. The Asian Beauty is among the oriental themed slot machine games. The Japanese culture is portrayed during the game, and you can feel it from the theme itself very easily. The game starts with a unique short clip that shows you creating Japanese art by using black and white ink. In addition to them, you will see the short story of four Asian beauties that inspired developers to take on the challenge of creating this amazing video slot machine game.

With the winter scene in the background, you will be amazed by the beauty of the landscape. Many Japanese thematic symbols are used on the reels. In addition to the four Asian Beuty queens, you will notice some silver and gold powder boxes, pink lotus, and so on. The game has very interactive features, and it offers you 243 different ways to win. There are five reels and five rows in this Asian slot machine game. There are a variety of different coin denominations that you can use in the game. The highest bet in the game is 10 dollars for every pay line. 

Bonuses in The Game

You can use the higher-level symbols to reach the bonus rounds. For instance, by lining up at least three scatter symbols on any of the reels, the player can get ten free spin chances. If you manage to get four or five of the scatter on the same reel, the number of free spins will increase to 15. The amazing side of those free spins is the double payout feature. While playing with free spins, all the reads that you can win would be doubled. The initial bet on every pay line would be according to your previous deposits. Besides that, there is a mirror bonus round that you can find in this slot machine. It is a unique feature that Asian Beauty offers to players. 

The mirror bonus takes place on the second screen of the game. On each side, you will see two Asian beauties and six different mirrors. You do not need to create specific combinations out of regular symbols to achieve this bonus. The bonus round starts with multiplying the bets according to the power of the Beauty assigned to that part of the screen. Whenever it is empty, it would mean that you earned all the rewards through Mirrors. The mirror bonus is awarded during the free spin rounds. Overall this is among the best sweepstakes games that give you enormous opportunities regarding the cash prizes. 

Gold Factory

The name of the game is intimidating itself for us as a player, imagine plating it. Gold Factory is among the top slot machines that you can find on the internet. Gold miners who are desperately playing casino slots for earning cash prizes should try this game out. The game would start with an introductory video clip. In that video clip, you will see the different gold mining stages and look at the various parts of the factory. 

The gold factory has many potentials, and you need to explore this game to see that. All the symbols are related to the subject matter. For instance, the boy who comes to the factory to learn the gold emulation process or the factory’s logo is just a few examples. You will see the gold factory and have a chance to observe how the specialist is working with the valuable metals in this game. The animated effects and coin fall sound effects add more entertainment value to the actual game. 

Details about the Best Sweepstakes Slot Game -Gold Factory

There are five reels and four rows in the best sweepstakes games. In addition to them, you will have as many as fifty different pay lines to bet on. You can use 20 dollars on each pay line and spin 100 dollars worth of reels each time you want in the Gold Factory slot machine. This feature is great for high rollers ready to take that risk and earn the greatest rewards in the market. There is a variety of bonus offers that you can use to increase your chances at the wins. For instance, while you play the game, you will see that the gold is being shifted from hoopers to the mini trains. Whenever you see this scene, it means that it is one of your luckiest days in online casinos. 

You will have the freedom of choosing four out of 12 hoopers, and if you guess them right, the gold that was inside those hoopers will be added to your account in the form of free credits. Besides that pick, the right cup is another bonus offer by this game. It is like a gamble feature that we already mentioned in the previous game descriptions. In this bonus round, you will have a 50/50 chance of getting the answer right. If you find the right bowl, you will get free spin chances ranging from 15 to 40. Overall this is a very interactive and high paying casino game that keeps players motivated and captures their attention through interesting graphic effects. 

Sonic 7s 

Sonic 7s is another interactive slot machine game that we included in the list. Power spins is a special feature that Playtech introduced to the online gambling industry with this game. It is one of the best sweepstakes that you can take advantage of online casino platforms. You will get a chance to enjoy a classic layout with modern touches all over it. As you might get from the title, the game’s main symbols are numbers 7s that are colored in red, blue, and grey. Sonic 7 Symbol is the main one, which has a metal color that goes absolutely finesse with the game’s initial design. The special animations used in the game to create the sonic boom feel to it. 

You can see them as soon as you manage to line up at least three scatter or wild symbols on the same reel. There are five reels and three rows in the best sweepstakes slots- Sonic 7s. In addition to them, you will have nine active pay lines on which you will be able to bet from 0.10 up to 10 coins per line. The payout table in the game is flexible, and it will automatically adjust and show your potential wins in the particular coin range you are playing at that time. The wild symbols, which are the blue 7s on the reels, can act as two-time multipliers. By lining up at least three of them on the same reel, you will automatically earn six times more than the initial deposit. 

Best Sweepstakes Games To Play on the Web

Online casino games are among the top adult entertainment activities on the web. We love casino games because they offer intensity and great prizes for us. There are several alternatives to traditional casino games. For players who cannot access those games from the area where they live, they can pretty much use those alternatives to their advantages. Sweepstakes games are the top alternative for casino games because of their strong similarities. Both games have a similar design, rules, and most importantly, they are both exciting to play. 

The only significant difference between sweepstakes and regular gambling games are about the payments. Instead of real money, you need to use sweeps cash to deposit on those games. Those sweeps cash prizes can be converted into the traditional currency that you are using daily. 

Poltava – Flames of War

Poltava РFlames of war are among the top sweepstakes games that you can try on online platforms. ELK Studios developed this amazing slot back in 2016. The company deserves all the major credit for this masterpiece. It is one of the most exciting slots that can play. The best features of the game are the high payout rate and increased volatility. This slot machine allows you to go big and take risks. As a result, you can be a part of a winning team that earns thousands of dollars. There are a variety of bonus packages that you can earn throughout this slot game. Some of them are flames of Ware free spin opportunities and Marching Reels Respin chances. 

There are five reels and four rows in the game. In addition to that, you will have a chance to bet on 40 active paylines at the same time. The pay lines are not fixed, and you can change the number of active paylines before pushing the start button. With its HD graphics, exciting visuals, and intense sound effects, this casino slot will impress you. The return to the Player Rate of the game is 96.7 per cent. The main symbols of the game are consisting of warriors that are fighting in the War of Poltava. You will see the guns, fighting horses, bombs, and such intriguing attributes of the battlefield on the reels. 

1429 Uncharted

Have you ever played any sweepstakes games from Thunderkick Gaming? If not, then you should try out this one. Due to the quality of their visual effects and exciting storylines, Thunderkick Gaming is becoming one of the household names that are on the rise in the online casino business. 1429 Uncharted is packed with a variety of great features that will help you to enjoy the fast-paced gameplay and multiple bonus offers. One of the best characteristics that make this game special is the high Return to Player rate. RTP of 1429 Uncharted is 98.9 per cent which is way higher than the average. Imagine a low volatility slot that has less than two per cent of the house edge. You guessed it right. It is the perfect combination that sets you up for wins. 

The theme and the initial interface of the casino game will remind you of ancient maps. The decorative design will help you to enjoy the view while the colourful symbols on the reels are spinning. It is a simple slot that consists of three rows and five reels. There are twenty-five winning pay-lines on which you can bet a minimum of 0.10 and a maximum of 10 dollars. The symbols are well thought in this game and go hand in hand with the initial design. The main symbols include a ship, green dragon, moon, half-moon, crab and the compass. Whenever you manage to get the dragon head tail and the ship on the same reel, you will form the most excellent combination which can help you to win the highest prize in the game. 


Have you ever heard of the musical band Motorhead? If you had a chance to listen to their music, this slot would grab your attention from the start. Following their exciting sweepstakes games title Guns’ N Roses, Net Entertainment decided to capture the light of another rock band and create a slot machine that inspired by them. The company launched this slot game back in 2016. It was not a surprise for many of the online casino players as they were expecting the company to pull off something like this for years. There are five reels and a changing number of rows in this slot machine. During the game, the number of rows can change from three to six, and this game offers 76 different pay lines. 

The minimum amount that you can deposit is 0.25 dollars while the highest amount is 20 dollars on each active pay line. The fantastic graphics and visual effects are backed up with great musical compositions on the background. The main symbols in the game are designed in a rock’n roll style. You will see skulls, roses, motorbikes, and some traditional choices such as lucky seven, letter A, K, J, and so on. The game is considered to be a low to medium volatility slot with 96 per cent of Return to Player Rate. It is a very effective choice if you want to have fun and earn prizes more frequently. Overall, the iconic Motorhead band is portrayed greatly, and this slot is surely on top lists of players even for years to come. 


Bloopers are among the most entertaining sweepstakes games that you can find on the web. The composition, interface and significant sound effects of the game have top-notch quality, and they go together perfectly. The ELK Studios produced this game back in 2018. With high volatility and 96 per cent of RTP, this sweepstakes slot can indeed become your go-to game as soon as you try it. You can play Bloopers on both desktop and mobile phones if you can find reliable sweepstakes platforms that are providing this game. There are five reels and four rows in this slot machine.

Alongside with that, you will have 243 ways to win by utilizing the pay lines that go all the form on the reels. The symbols are unique and exciting. The wild symbol of the game is barbie while the camera of the director is scattered. You can have fun and earn great prizes by tuning in to bloopers. By utilizing a great strategy and a little bit of luck, you can make huge prizes because of the sticky multipliers and free spin chances that this game offers. Overall, if you are a fan of sweepstakes games with amazing graphics and exciting theme, this one should be on your top internet casino games list to play. 

Final Thoughts on the Best Sweepstakes Games

If you are a fan of sweepstakes games and want to enjoy the best quality in online platforms, you need to check this list out. We outlined some of the prime examples from this genre and covered their best features. Keep in mind that, sweepstakes slots are as good as the online casino slot games and you would not feel any discomfort while playing them. The bonuses and other great features will help you to enjoy the gaming experience and earn sweeps cash prizes.