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777 Slot Machine for Your Online Casino Business

by Isabella Mason

Posted on August 10th, 2019

777 Slot Machine for Your Online Casino Business

Technological advancement of the 21st century inspires people to replace their traditional habits of professional and daily lives with new ones. For instance, we do not use communication mediums such as letters or telegrams, because of innovative electronic gadgets. At the same time, there is no traditional banking system anymore because online banking yields us more advantages.  As just land-based casinos, most of the players prefer to play various slot games such as Mega Fortune, 777 Slot Machine, Starburst, etc. 

Another inevitable result of technological innovation is the online casino business. The growing popularity of the games eventuates in the higher interest of entrepreneurs for this sector. Meanwhile, these virtual-based casinos satisfy gamers without going anywhere, the online casino business holders making a considerable amount of profit.

When players pick up slot games, they mainly focus on the main features of the games such as security, bonuses, prizes. Therefore, casino owners should take care of the requirements and expectations of players to attract more clients and make more money.

1. Online Casino Business 

Gamers like the online casinos because of the opportunities that it provides players to earn more benefit and increase this gain by one click. Even gamers who have enjoyed visiting real land-based casinos, now prefer online casinos more. As a result, the number of businesses which deliver the slot games is increasing rapidly. This steep growth rises the level of rivalry in the sector.

Thus, online casino holders establish their business more meticulously and research new features that can grab the attention of customers. They try to cooperate with the best casino software developers, casino game developers who can deliver high-quality and reliable services to their customers. Besides reliability and quality, holders try to select the most favorite and popular slot games which can comply with expectations of the gamers.

2. History of Vegas X 777 Slot Machines

777 slot machine

Although slot machines are the youngest game of casino history, they always have been the most popular form of the gambling industry. The first form of slot machines emerged in New York City, the U.S in 1981 by Sittman and Pitt Company. However, Charles Fey designed the most similar slot machine with the modern ones – Liberty Bell in 1896. Even though some differences with current slot games such as Vegas Downtown, 777 Slot Machine, Starburst, his machine had some same features such as prizes, scope, popularity, etc.

People used these slot machines in cigar stores and bars as an entertainment tool in the beginning. The structure of them was simple, which based three spinning reels and ten items. There were 1000 combinations which would bring 750 overall awards. It means that gamers could get 250 units when they hit about 1000 spins each time. Therefore, players can gain benefit more easily when we compare with modern games.

Although 25% of the gamers leave the sector, slot machines became more famous during the years. The first legal land-based casino of the history was Nevada’s casinos in the U.S which could make an enormous amount of revenue in those years. On the other hand, other popular small casinos such as Harold’s Club tried to survive in the shadow of it.

Over the years, the structure of slot machines has also advanced with extra higher jackpots which consist of a fourth reel or two slots. These additional benefits increased their popularity, although 15% of the gamers left the market. At the same time, online casino business began to yield 85% return through slot machines. 

3. Growing Popularity and Random Number Generator

Random number generator started opening of the new era for the gambling industry in 1980. It was the beginning of the computer age for slot machines. A random number generator is an electronic tool which developed to produce a range of numbers or symbols randomly. Initially, Inge Telnaes could obtain legal registration of this type of machine in 1984.

Later, the famous slot machine producer of that time, IGT can purchase this patent from them. International Game Technology developed new video games with considerable jackpots based on the random number generator. Besides remarkable prizes, gamers could experience a high number of symbols on each reel.

At the same time, these symbols gave a chance of 100 million jackpots for the players through new video slot games. In today’s gambling industry, all online slot games like 777 Slot Machine, Gonzo’s Quest consist of the random number generator device.

4. Main Kinds of Slot Machines

777 slot machine


There are various kinds of slot machines; however, two of them are more prevalent in the gambling industry. One of them is Progressive Machines, which provide gamers enormous jackpot. The jackpot increases continually when a spin does not pay in Progressive Machines. This growth is continuing until a player strikes it. Only one machine can follow this structure, or jackpot can joint several slot machines. Although progressive machines give a low chance of winning, the amount of prize can compensate for it.

The second most famous kind of slot machines is Flat Top Machine. On the contrary to progressive machines, these slot machines offer a certain amount of jackpot regardless of the number of play. However, you would also gain more profit from flat tops because of the higher chance of hitting. Although these machines usually incline to yield more revenue, the number of jackpots is often smaller.You can play such games in platforms like AdmiralBet

5. Structure of Vegas777.net Slot Games

As mentioned above, growing rivalry in the gambling industry strains casino holders to establish their online casino business more meticulously. Thus, they try to select the best of everything for their businesses. Online slot games play an engine role in the online casino business for attracting clients and making a profit. Therefore, the online gambling business owners should know all the features of the online slot games to select the best of them, such as Wild Starts, 777 Slot Machine, Merry Fruits.

The first thing that the business owners need to know is the structure of the games. There are a lot of slot games with a diverse structure in the gambling industry. If your clients want only to enjoy the slots, you would prefer 3-reel slot games. These slot games remind typical slot machines with the fruit-based theme with three reels and instinctively experience.

However, if the expectations of your clients are more than amusement, you will need to select 5-reel slot games like 777 Slot Machine, Jack Hammer, and the others. Moreover, you can pick up slot games with an exclusive reel set like hexagonal structure. As you have already noticed, the game industry provides you with a wide variety of slot games for satisfying your clients.

6. Theme and Bonuses in 777 Slot Machine Games

777 Slot Machine


Moreover, you should consider the theme of the slot games. It is a fact that the themes of slot games are the main feature which can attract players. On the other hand, online casino business owners should not forget about the importance of bonuses in slot games. It is one of the main factors which encourage gamers to play more and more.

If the customers know that they have a chance to hit great bonuses, they will have more interest to play your slot games. Free spins or Wild increase the productivity of even classic slot games such as Starburst, 777 Slot Machine, etc.

7. Pay lines of Online Slot Games

If you are an online casino owner who tries to select the best slot games for his/her business, you should know some basic terms. One of these basic terms is Pay line, which means a sequence of symbols that hit by gamers to gain jackpots. Do you remember classic shining three dollars scene from the cartoons? It is the same event that occurs through online slot games.

Meanwhile, some slots have just one pay line; others can have multiple pay lines such as like 777 Slot Machine, GrandX. This feature makes the slot games more challenging. Therefore, the newbies of the gambling industry should start with one pay line slot games. Moreover, you can find slots which empower gamers to decide on the number of pay lines.

Customers have more freedom with this type of games instead of fixed pay lines slots.  As you have already assumed, online slot games divide into two kinds based on pay lines: fixed and adjustable. In fixed pay line games, you can change the number of bet lines. However, you do not have this opportunity in adjustable pay line slots, so you can use pay lines as many as the game allows.

8. Ways to Win in Vegas777.net slots

In some resources, you can see “ways to win” term instead of bet lines. This term is an alternative of pay lines and almost the same with it. However, there are some common differences between them. For instance, some slots do not offer bet lines. In place of them, gamers receive payment when they hit the winning combination of items.

The winning combination should usually appear from left to right. One of the standard version of these slots which based on this structure is online slot games with 243 ways to win. Additionally, despite pay lines, you can experience from right to left winning combinations with “win both ways.”

9. Profit Value/ Coins Value

777 Slot Machine

The other significant term that you need to know as online casino business owner are pay levels, coins, and stakes. Some of the slots let the gamers modify particular settings based on their interests such as profit value, profit with bet line, and so on. Profit value or coin value is the quantity of the award you hit winning combination through the slot games like Wolf Moon, 777 Slot Machine, Hot Twenty, etc. Online casinos mainly reckon this award with coins.

The setting of the slot games which stand for profit value let gamers increase or decrease the monetary worth per coin. Game developers usually establish this icon on the main page through user settings. You can face with Profit Per Line or the Coins Per Line which empowers gamers to decide on how much deposit they will bet for per line. In this way, players can raise or reduce the amount of total bet.

Although slot games which provide clients with 243 ways to win, gamers cannot adjust the amount of total bet. In other words, this type of games offers a fixed number for each winning combinations of symbols. 

10. Other Features 

Clients will also experience some other relevant features through user settings such as:

Total Balance – which stands for the amount of gamer’s actual total balance.

Max Bet – which indicates the higher amount of the deposit you can bet the next spin.

Total bet – which means the total amount of financial resources you provide as a deposit for each spin.

If your customers prefer to play for high stakes, and usually try to get big, you need to pick up slots with upper limits. On the other hand, game developers offer a wide variety of slot games which comply with most budgets.

11. Return to Player/ RTP of Online Slot Games

777 Slot Machine

Another term that online casino business owner needs to know is RTP or Return to Player. Return to Player indicates the proportion of the betted amount which you will pay to your clients on average over time. The most significant part of this definition is related to the word “average.” However, there could be a high and low level of Return to Player.

It is a fact that each online slot game has a unique structure; therefore, it is difficult to give exact numbers. From the general aspect, most of the slot games appear like the following. Meanwhile, 97 percent and above stands for high RTP, 94 percent or lower means low RTP. At the same time, the average RTP match with about 95-96 percent.

Most of the slot games such as vegas x 777 Slot, Magic Idol, 7Wild result in average RTP (about 96% or 97%). However, a few slot games bring a high Return to Player for customers. Furthermore, most of the slot games have a certain ratio for return to payment. Nevertheless, gamers have the opportunity to experience the growing proportion when they play more you play. At the same time, clients can unlock multiple features through these slot games.

12. Variance in Online Slot Games

Another term that you need to know as an online casino business owner is Variance. This phrase stands for a chance of risk gamers face when they play casino game. They can have various types of variance, such as low, average, and high. Thus, it varies from the high probability of gaining a considerable amount to the little chance of winning. 

13. 777 Slot Machine

777 Slot Machine


It is an undeniable fact that classic slot machines are the core of online slots. Therefore, most of the game developers continue to establish travels to traditional slot universe. 777 Slot Machine is one of the old and classic slot games with a usual number-based theme. If your clients prefer nostalgic slots symbols, you should pick up Slot Machine for your online casino business.

Have you ever been in land-based River sweepstakes or any entertainment center with slot machines? If your answer is positive, the theme of the game will be familiar to you. The theme and structure of the game will remind you of real-life slot machines. Your clients will certainly like this mechanic appearance on their screen.

The symbols that your client will experience through 777 Slot Machine wear a classic appearance. Various fruits such as grapes, bananas, lemons, and other symbols like bars, sevens exactly make sense of traditional slot machines

14. Structure of 777 Slot Machine

This 5-reel, 3-row structured game will offer its customers 25 pay lines setup. As you have already assumed the Seven symbols will be able to provide you with the highest jackpot opportunity. You can achieve 5,000-credit jackpot by hitting four of these symbols. Although it does not seem an enormous amount, it is not a number that can be ignored.

Moreover, gamers will get awards which worth between 7 and 1,000 by hitting five winning combinations of various fruit. At the same time, the Slot Machine will bring you free spins to its players, which will decrease their costs.

When you see the winning combination of a bell symbol on the screen, you will get bonuses through 777 Slot Machine. Finally, just like other slot games, your customer will meet with Wild symbols in this game. A bunch of Banana stands for the Wild symbol in the game. Thus, you just need to hit the winning combination of bananas to get Wild.

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