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    Vegas-X Online Casino Software Provider

    Vegas-X is an online casino software provider that offers a complete set top quality casino style games and powerful management tools. Our solution allows business owners to create network of computers installed in sweepstakes cafe or internet shop where customers buy Internet access, then get credits to play casino style games and a chance to win cash prizes. Sweepstakes software is easy to install and it takes 20 minutes to setup the entire cafe and offer players promotional sweepstakes slot games

    Key Features

    Do not need to purchase
    expensive computers.
    Our online casino software reaches with a fully detailed documentation file, which will guide the casino owner to install the platform, configure it and easily manage it.
    The casino software what we have for sale is also a very secure tool, passing all the security tests that have been made.
    Emulates 100% copy of a real slot machine.
    Works even on low-speed GPRS internet connection.
    The online casino software that we have created was built to ensure all the required tools for everyone that wants to develop and manage an online casino.


    Internet cafe software allows you to control and secure your cyber café, WiFi, public computers, your gaming center and more. Vegas-x sweepstakes cafe system is a client-server software allows you to control your internet cafe from one single computer. Vegas-X could help a lot of internet cafe owners because it allows you to control every single computer inside your cafe, monitor the clients’ activities in real-time, calculate the payments, and much more.

    Vegas-X Online Casino Software

    The first thing we had in mind while developing our product was security and scalability. We are developing our online casino software ever since Vegas X sweepstakes cafe system was launched. We have made many improvements to the platform by periodically optimizing its source code, implementing new features and making sure its functionality and security are flawless so that today we can call it a complete casino software solution. Even so, the platform is still improved and monitored daily, to compete with the best casinos. Our sweepstakes cafe system reaches with a fully detailed documentation file, which will guide the online casino owner to install the platform, configure it and easily manage it.

    Vegas-X Sweepstakes Software

    We’re enthusiastic to announce that the sweepstakes gaming business has been increasing tremendously fast in the past few years all over the world, convincing us to pay more attention to this area of online gaming and create a competitive online casino software for our customers.

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