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Top Rated Slot Machine Software Providers

by Isabella Mason

Posted on August 28th, 2019

Top Rated Slot Machine Software Providers

Once upon a time while the Internet did not exist, gamblers were using slot machines in brick and mortar based casinos. They did not care about the reputation or reliability of slot machine software provider. Frankly, the number of providers was less than today’s statistics at that time. Additionally, they did not provide casinos enough video slot.

Nevertheless, everything has changed with the establishment of the first online casino. It was one of the results of Internet progression over the world.

It was the beginning of an era for slot machine software companies. This expansion has brought overwhelming demand for new and innovative slot games. The gamblers continuously require attractive game themes and contents. The situation has empowered a lot of organizations to rise and run successfully in a short-term.  However, it does not mean that all of them could preserve this performance for a long -run.

Just as other sectors, some of the slot machine software providers can survive with high-quality solutions until today. While technology evolved, the requirements of users from the gambling industry increased. Once upon a time, gamblers just needed simple casino games for profit and entertainment.

It was enough to get a high amount of reward from existed machines. But, these features could satisfy them anymore during technological advancement. These growing requests trigger the progress of the casino sector. Both standard and sophisticated demands issued to software providers have caused fundamental changes. Some of these companies could develop themselves through the digital age.

However, other software development companies dissolved into thin air while the revolution process. Thus, you will be able to find the main features of the top-rated slot machine software providers. We strongly advise you to review the factors before selecting your software provider.

1. Slot Machine Software in Online Casinos

Most people accept online slot machines as magical creatures. But, they did not come from the vacuum.  There is a high number of people behind the creation and launching of these games. We could not play online slots on our mobile devices or computers without their support. Thus, people who called game developer provide us with dozens of online games.

All of the online casinos cooperate with these software providers. Even, there are some casinos which have more than one casino slot machine software partner. They apply this strategy for delivering the best services to their customers. You should not forget that casino slot machine software plays an engine role in the gambling industry. Therefore, the reputation and success of the business highly depend on it. 

2. History of Online Casino Game Providers

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Approximately in the middle of 1990s, online casinos have started to emerge. Microgaming was the initial game provider company which designed a functional online casino. Besides Microgaming, Playtech and Net Entertainment have spent remarkable labor on the evolvement of the gaming business. As you have already known, the most popular slot games like Starburst or Gonzo’s Quest was products of NetEnt company. These games can preserve their places in the gambling world.

On the other hand, Playtech has brought the online live dealer casino rooms to feature to the sector. These old and rooted companies deliver considerable benefits to the industry. However, new slot machine software providers have begun to challenge these seniors with innovative and efficient services. Thus, this rivalry does not let advancement cease in the gaming industry. 

3. Main Function of Slot Machine Software

It is a fact that the primary responsibility of the software development company is to provide a game gallery for online casinos. If you have visited any online casino website, you have already encountered the phrase Random Number Generator or RNG. This term stands for one of the significant elements of x rated slot machines.

It can deliver a continuous sequence of numbers in a constant way. It makes unfeasible to guess the next number which will appear on the screen of the machine. As a result, all symbols have the same chance to emerge as a next character during the game.  In this process, slot machine software modifies these numbers into various symbols. The type of symbols depends on the theme and content of slot games. It can be the roulette wheel, dices, casino cards, etc.

As you have already known, online slot games do not develop in isolation. It is software development companies which provide them with other services. These software solutions include the whole platform of the online video slots. The game platform consists of bonuses or awards, payment methods, money transactions, technical assistance, customer satisfaction, etc.

There are sovereign professional organizations which check the main features of the games. It can be the fairness level, bonuses, safety and reliability, payment methods, etc. Although there are standard requirements from all slot machine software developers, each of them has unique ways and style in the gambling market.

4. X Rated Slot Machines

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The most famous ingredient of the casino industry is slot games. In other words, online slots are the most requested type of gambling. There are many reasons for this popularity. One of them is fast and resilient gaming process delivered by x Rated slot machines. On the other hand, bonuses and jackpots are quite attractive for all gamers.

Additionally, almost all people have a strong faith toward luck and fortune through casino games. Although technology has already advanced remarkably, the main features of slot games remained the same. Indeed, these machines came to the stages a long time ago. Experts manufactured the first slot in 1891 in New York City, US. A gambler could get the reward if s/he hit the winning combination though these games.

In today’s world, online slot games play an essential role in the IGaming slot machine software sector. It was one of the leading financial sources of the online casino business. Both the growing demand and supply of these casino games result in more profit for two sides. According to Technavio experts, universal slot machine market is going to expand and to approach over $60 billion in the upcoming five years.

One of the leading causes of this increment is legalization and liberation of the gambling industry in multiple states. Are you also interested in to play slot games now? Then, go to the Games section of our website. You will encounter the most famous online slots with full and clear descriptions. Moreover, the video guides prepared by Vegas-x team will assist you in living the unforgettable gaming experience. 

5. Types of Slot Machines

It is a fact that there are a plethora of slots games through the gaming industry. Experts classified them based on various factors, contents, and standards. Some of them categorize them through denominations. A gambler will be able to use multiple denominations while playing. It is evident that most people categorize online slots based on their types.

However, it is a more complicated process than you have imagined. There are a lot of x rated slot machines in online casinos. Thus, some people can have fed up during the classification process. The simple way for concluding this task is to use the most popular types: Classic and 3D system.

5.1 Classic Slots

Everyone has already known that classic slot games have one pay line and three reels design. These games recall the initial design of slots which appeared in the gaming industry. Game developers mainly use fruit symbols for the themes of these games.

5.2 3D Slots

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Just as its name, the design of the 3D games is so modern and innovative. You have already assumed that these games follow the most sophisticated design and system. They mainly consist of more pay lines and reels structure. Moreover, game developers use unique graphics, sound effects, excellent background, and customized music for these games.

These slot machine software elements enable users to feel like in real-life adventures. Unlike classic slots, the symbols of 3D games vary through diverse themes. They mainly based on popular characters which can grab the attention of players. However, 3D slots still preserve features of first online games which have emerged in 1994 by Microgaming company.

5.3 The Number of Reels and Pay lines


On the other hand, some experts prefer to categorize games based on the number of pay lines and reels. A typical online slot consists of mainly three or five reels. But, this number can change depending on the design. You have already assumed that when a slot has higher reels, it will be more challenging to succeed. Nevertheless, maximum reels mean maximum rewards.  Pay lines stand for winning combinations of the game design. When their number rise, the chance of winning more also increase.

5.4 The Type of Slot Machine Software

Finally, the last way to categorize slot games is to diversify them based on software providers. There are a lot of machine software providers around the world. While each of them delivers different and unique services, all of them have the same purpose. Despite the high number of slot machine software providers, only some of them can provide the customers and gamblers with high-quality solutions.

In other words, not all companies can develop professional and effective software solutions. Therefore, most online casino business holders prefer the same provider company as a partner. As a result, categorizing online slots based on software type do not take as much as effort, you have imagined.

6. Main Features of Slot Machine Software Provider

As mentioned above, there are standard requirements that all software development companies should fulfill to be successful in the gambling business. Any users should take care of these elements when they select either the online casino or slot game. At the same time, online casino owners should take into consideration these features while choosing slot machine software partner. We want to remind you that software plays an engine role in the slot games. Therefore, it can affect the whole reputation and success of the business. 

6.1 High Payouts Rate

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It is a fact that many players use online casinos to gain some amount of profit through slot games. Therefore, high payouts and return- to – player rate is one of the significant factors in this process.  A remarkable payout rate guarantees that gamblers will take back the most amount of the deposit they have invested.

Even they can get more than they have spent. On the other hand, some users play games for entertainment. Regardless of the purpose, any users should have a certain sum of money for enjoying casino games. 

6.2 Return-to-Player Rate

Depending on the person, playing casino games can be both very dear and be so profitable activity. At the same time, this profitability depends on RTP rate. The term RTP stands for Return to Player ratio. For instance, a game can offer 97 percent RTP. It means players can get 97% of their deposit after their gain or loss.

It somehow ensures the high percent of the player’s deposit. Therefore, you should check the RTP rate of slot games before playing them. Because none can guarantee that you will win or lose at the end of the day. We want to remind you that casino slots are luck games which can change anytime.

6.3 Multiple Device Support

Another significant issue is related to multi-device support of the slot machine software. It is a fact that people played slot games on their Personal Computer ten years ago. However, both the computer and mobile sector have evolved too much since then. In the modern world, there are numerous computer and mobile phone firms.

Each of them produces various devices with distinct features. At the same time, they have a different operating system which performs all functions through these devices. This diversification has hugely affected the gaming industry. While casino game developers need to design only one type of slot for all devices, they should change all habits now. 

Firstly, they need to design games separately for computers and smartphones.  As you have already assumed, mobile games will have a different coding system from computer games. On the other hand, the growing popularity of mobile phones, accelerate this process sharply. Moreover, mobile devices increase the productivity of the online gambling sector. Thus, people do not need to sit at the computer for playing online casino games anymore. They can enjoy mobile casinos while waiting in a queue or on the bus.

Secondly, game developers should develop games based on the operating system. It is almost impossible to manufacture solutions which support all operating systems. However, there should be for the most famous ones.

Most of the computer players around the world, use either IOS or Windows operating system. On the other hand, the operating systems of most mobile devices rely on IOS or Android. Thus, designers should deliver the games suitable for these systems for achieving successful results.

6.4 Payment Methods by Slot Machine Software

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As mentioned before, one of the crucial elements of the software package is payment methods. You should always prefer slot machine software which can deliver multiple payment methods. It has to include both traditional ways such as credit cards or online transactions. Also, it should support modern methods like bitcoin or cryptocurrency transfers.

Moreover, you need to be sure that the payment methods of the software company belong to the regions you live in. In other words, your district should support available payment methods by slot software providers.

Another essential issue that you need to focus on is the reliability and security of the transaction process. The capability of online casino to make financial transactions is the heart of the whole casino system. This function includes both sending awards and receiving deposits of the online casino business. There, the professional expert team usually monitors and regulate this process lawfully.

In other words, financial transactions by online casino carry legal importance. Just as other elements of the slot machine software, payment methods also become subject to testing, evaluating, and reviewing process. Besides, it should get a license from reputable authorities for operating legally binding.

6.5 Experience and Background

One of the significant features for slot machine software providers is the experience. Just as other industries, experience, and background carry extreme importance in the gaming sector. Clients can define the knowledge of the company in multiple ways. However, the most common way to evaluate the experience of the software company is researching its past.

It includes previous projects, portfolio of the company, feedback, and reviews of other customers, etc.  Moreover, there can be professional and objective professional slot machine software developers who produce multiple evaluations about the providers. You need to be sure that these evaluations are the result of objective and elaborate researching methods.

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