What are the Best Slots to Play in 2021?

by Jack Morgan

Posted on September 18th, 2020

What are the Best Slots to Play in 2021?

One of the best types of online casino games is the slots. We like slots because they are simple and very effective in earning money while enjoying the gambling experience. Most of the players are getting bored of while the same games over and over. Therefore, we decided to make a list of the best slots to play in 2020. Let’s start with the first game, which is the Gold Records. 

Gold Records

Gold records are one of the best slots to play for online gambling players. As you might get from the name tag, the game is about the iconic popstar of the 1960’s Elvis Presley. The golden era of the music starts was long gone, but you can still enjoy casino games based on those superstars. The game is dedicated to one of the great musicians of all time, and the theme of the game is mainly praying Elvis and its fantastic guitar collection. It is a very creatively designed game that most of you would love for sure. 

If you are an online casino player who got bored because of playing the same old traditional slots, you need to check it out. Just like most of the classic slot games, Gold Records features a five-reel and three-row format. In addition to them, you will find around 15 winning paylines on which you would bet on. To get the winning in this slot game, all you need to do is to match at least three symbols on the same reels. Active paylines should capture those lines. Otherwise, you will not be able to win. 

Design of The Best Slots to Play

The main screen in the game is separated into two different parts. They are considered as the setting panel and the drums. In the setting panel, you can do various things to increase the game’s fun and effectiveness. It is up to you to change the sound effects, several paylines that you will play actively, the size of a bet that can be set as default, etc. 

There is an auto game mode in this slot that allows you to lean back and watch the game while enjoying the great wins. It is an adaptable and a customer-friendly game that will enable you to make custom changes into your gameplay and find the model that helps you to maximize the chance of winning. Most online casino slots offer only a fixed amount for paylines, which unfortunately disappoints players. If you would like to change them, you cannot do that in those casino games. However, Gold Records enables players to use whichever paylines they want and switch the numbers as they wish. 


There are a variety of great symbols in this game that will immediately grab your attention. The bar, lucky seven, and the numbers are the regular symbols. In addition to them, you will find Elvis’s microphone and the red guitar as the most valuable symbols of this slot machine game. Cadillac is the scatter of the game. You can easily use these symbols to enter the bonus round, in which the game will grant you several perks. Elvis’s sunglasses are the wild symbols of the game. It can be used in two different ways. In first, you can use it as a substitution for other symbols, and in the second, you can use them for multiplying the prizes. 


best slots to play

Cleopatra is one of the casino games that will blow your mind as soon as you enter the platform. As you might get from the casino slot’s name, the game is about and inspired by ancient Egypt. It is one of the online gambling platforms’ trends to bring the games about that theme and storyline. The beauty of the Cleopatra will catch your attention as soon as you start the game. This online slot gives you everything that you wanted from a stereotypical Egypt themed casino games.

The gambling experience would be enjoyable because you will get into an exciting place where Pharaoh’s rule. The game was developed in 2006. There are five reels and five rows in this slot. In addition to them, you will find around 20 of the winning paylines. You can bet the least deposit amount for 0.5 dollars and the highest for 10 dollars. It means that there is a chance for you to load up all the paylines for just 200 dollars and win multiple times more than that as soon as you could hit some of those paylines. 

Design and Bonuses

The design of the game is portraying old Egypt with Pharaoh’s castle and the great Sphinx. There are similar symbols, such as the Eye of the Ra, crook, and flail. Cleopatra is the wild card in the game. By using that symbol, you can replace any other one besides the scatter symbol. In addition to that, the lineup of three Cleopatra symbols can help you to advance to the bonus round.

The free spin and re-spin chances that this game provides you with are enormous. If you could match five sphinx symbols on any given realm, you will be rewarded with 180 free spin chances. Overall, it is a perfect game for low rollers and the casino players who do not want to risk it all on the line. With the smart and right budgeting strategy, you can win a considerable amount of money from this slot game. As one of the best slots to play, Cleopatra has managed to pay more than a million dollars. 

Best Slots to Play: Wolf Moon

It is another casino slot game that we will discuss in this article. Wolf Moon by Amatic is one of the best slots to play if you are seeking adventure and excitement in the online casino game. The story of the wolf will grab your attention as soon as you start the game. As you probably know, wolfs are wild animals that tend to live, hunt, and walk within the packs. This game ports the story of the white wolf that leaves the pack because of its desire to see the shining moon. The white wolf’s adventures will create a visual masterpiece for a slot machine player. The game design is unorthodox for a regular slot machine game, and it feels like a video game while you start playing. 

Rules and Gameplay

It is essential to know the rules of the slot machine game that you are going to play. Some players underestimate this factor, and that crucial mistake leads them to giant disappointments. The rules of this game are simple, just like in most of the slot games. All you need to do and know are the symbols, values, and some critical depositing strategies. With that said, it is one oft he best games that amateur casino players can enjoy freely. There are five reels and four rows in this slot game. In addition to them, you will enjoy having the ultimate forty winning pay lines, which are fixed.

So, that means, you need to pay on all of them to start the game or choose active/inactive pay lines before you start. You can begin to wagering from 1 dollar and go as high as 25 dollars per every pay line. There are many real money online casino slots that you find in the market today, but this classic has a special place for many gambling players because of the seamless design and high payout rate. As we already mentioned, the game has a higher payout rate than average, and it stands at 97.06 percent. The house edge for this slot is lower than 3 percent, which is great for winning more opportunities. It is short to a medium volatility slot machine that pays out quite often. The game offers max bet options to the high rollers who are ready to take this challenge and perform. 

Symbols and Bonuses

best slots to play

There are various characters in this slot machine, and as you might get from the name tag, the main character is the white wolf. It is also a wild symbol of the game. By lining up at least three white wolf figures on the reels, you can maximize your winning by multiplying them with 3. Bonuses are not only about multipliers, though. There is a gamble feature in this game, which helps many players bailout from hard losses. 

The game’s gamble feature is around in which you are offered two unanimous cards and asked to decide which one is the red color and which one is not. If you can guess the result right, you would be awarded a double reward, and if not, you will lose the progress till that time. After every significant win, you would be asked if you want to participate in a gamble game or not. So, it is a matter of choice for a player to risk it all or not. 

Best Slots to Play: Gonzo’s Quest

Whenever the conversation is about the slot machine games, this slot’s name always comes up to the mind. It is one of the most widely known slot games that we have in the online gambling business. It is one of the games that helped Net Entertainment establish itself as one of the best casino game developers. The game’s central theme and story are Gonzalo Pizarro, a historical figure and sail man conquering the lands with its great ships. 

In this game, you will get through the story of Gonzo’s adventures, who is trying to find the mysterious land Eldorado and take the gold. If you would like to continue the journey with Gonzo and reach the gold, you need to enter the platform. The game starts and continues like a video game because it has a storyline. Once you enter the game, you will get introduced to the short clip that portrays Gonzo’s story. Once the video clip stops, the most exciting part starts. The game has five reels and four rows. In addition to that, there are 20 fixed pay lines on which you can deposit from 1 dollar up to 15 dollars per every pay line.

Design of the Game 

On the main screen on the left side, you will see the Gonzo who is dancing around every time you win some money. The beauty of nature in Eldorado will blow your mind and catch your attention as soon as you get into the next rounds. The sound effects of the game go hand in hand with the overall theme of the gambling game. The sound of the waterfall will help you to feel the real jungle effect from Central America. 

While the reels are spinning, you will watch the beauty of the Inca temple. There are a lot of interesting symbols in this game. Gonzo’s Quest’s most important symbol is the wild, which is portrayed as the stone that has a golden question mark on it. Other characters are looking like wooden masks. The colorful masks can get you great prizes. The freefall symbol of the game can get you around ten free spins, which is an excellent opportunity for players. 


Starburst is another slot game that we wanted to include among the list of best slots to play. The game features vibrant colors and has a significant winning percentage for players. For most online slot games out there, this game has a higher win percentage than most of them, and as it is the low volatility slot, we should not be surprised when the winnings come seldom. The game was developed by one of the best in the industry- Net Entertainment and launched in 2012. It has a total of 10 paylines in addition to the five on five reels. One of the best features of this casino slot is that it has mobile and browser versions. So, you would not need to sit beside your computer to enjoy this great game. Instead, you can download the Starburst app from the app store and play wherever you want. 

The main symbols of the game are the colorful crystals that you can see on the reels. There are portrayed as stars, and they are shining like stars. Through the spins, if you can manage to get three consecutive symbols on any of them, you can win the game and take home the grand prize. There are two bonus rounds that this game offers to the players. First, it is a wild bonus, which means that you will see multiple the winning prize by three if you manage to line three of the wild symbols on the same reel. Another bonus of the game is won both ways on which you would win the significant reward, whether you get the scatter or the wild symbol on the reels. The key here is to get the scatter symbol in between the third and fifth symbol slots.  

Merry Fruits

best slots to play

Merry Fruits, as you might guess it from the name tag, is a viral fruit slot game. The reason for us to include this gaming title among the best slots to play is the innovativeness that this game brought to the gambling industry. While they took the classic fruit slot machine game, they did not act like the old school slot. Instead, they brought 3D effects into the gambling world while using the most archaic symbol choices. You can enjoy this game even if you are not really into the modern slot types. 

This game can appeal to multiple demographics of the gambling audience. There are five reels and three rows in this slot machine and the ten fixed pay lines. You can win the progressive jackpot at any given night while playing merry frits because the slot’s volatility is low, and the payout rate is as high as 97.6 percent. 

The main symbols in the game are fruits such as orange, banana, grape, peach, etc. The wild symbol of the game is lucky seven icons, and the scatter is the bar symbol. To boost your wins and get multipliers, you need to have at least three wild symbols on the reels, just like in any slot machine game that Amatic designs, this game is very colourful and has an excellent interface for players. You will get amusement from watching the cute little fruits while they are spinning to help you win the most significant rewards.