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A Complete Guide To Play Slot Games in 2023

by Jack Morgan

Posted on June 24th, 2019

A Complete Guide To Play Slot Games in 2023

If you ask any player what their favorite casino games are they will tell you about slot games. Sweepstakes slots are the most popular product of the casino industry, and they keep attracting customers every day. Not only that these games are easy to play, but they hold impressive jackpots, sometimes reaching 1$ million dollars.

Slot games are commonly known as casino classics, given their long-time history. Nowadays, you can find them everywhere, online or in land-based casinos.  This article is all about slot games. If you are a slots newbie, take it as a complete slot games guide and use it on your way to big payouts.

1. Slot games history

The first slot machine originates from California, United States. The first slot game appeared in 1895, and it operated on coins. The mechanical system behind slot games ‘didn’t change that much in the last decades. Therefore, ‘let’s proceed and explain this mechanism.

2. Slots Mechanism

As we all know, a slot game starts quite quickly. You just insert some coins and then pull the handle and wish for the best. The handle triggers a series of gear movements and rotations. From a ‘gambler’s point of view, this means that the reels start spinning. After a few seconds, the reels stop one at a time, building suspense. The symbols combinations determine the payout. If you get three right symbols, ‘you’ve won the jackpot.

3. Electrical Slots

slot games

Electronic slot games work on the same principle. Motors and solenoids represent the only new features, but they do the exact work like the old ones. However, we know that the gambling industry develops itself regularly.

Therefore, new slots machines are more complex, and they offer better gaming experiences. For example, new terminals have new, flashy designs meant to catch the players eye. Also, the currency device is more sophisticated, and the sound effects are closer to real-life.

4. Payout systems

You might wonder how this simple machine detects how much ‘you’ve won. Each slot game has a pre-set winning combination. This algorithm associated with a series of discs and notches within the device. The jackpot-assigned groove is slightly more profound than the others. Therefore, the machine will stop at the right combination.

The notch activates a money dispenser, holding all the “unlucky” coins. However, this system advances over time, paying out on different occasions.  All gamblers know that casino games for sale can payout smaller prizes or the heavily-hunted jackpot. So, developers added different types of notches and stops for this matter.

Photoelectrical cells are the essentials of another payout system. This method uses light detectors when analyzing the symbol combinations.  In this kind of machines, the discs we mentioned earlier, have holes through them. The light shines through these holes and creates a pattern. Based on the outcome, the photodiode generates a similar pattern, indicating the payout.

Last but not least, we will talk about present slot payout systems. Computers or specific sweepstakes software controls this type of policy, altering the old principle. A central computer controls the outcome of every handle pull.

This device tells reels where and when to stop. However, this ‘doesn’t mean it decides how much money the game will pay out. This is where a vital slot games factor steps in. It is called RNG, and we will talk about it on our next topic.

5. The RNG

The random number generator is the brain of all slot games available on ‘today’s gambling market. This generator is the general form of “lucky chances.” After every handle pull or press of a button, the RNG starts working. This device generates whole numbers, from one to a few billion.

When the player pulls his or her hand back or stops pushing the button, the computer receives the last RNG numbers. Through another technical process based on these values, the reels will stop. If we are talking about a three-reel slot game, each reel gets an assigned random-generated number. To determine the reels positions, the computer divides the number by a specific value.

Most slot games divide by 32, 64, 128, 256 or 512.  For example, our machine divides the numbers by 32, meaning 32 different winning possibilities. These possible values are taken on a large virtual reel and act as stops. We must remind you that every slot game has 22 reels. Therefore, some stops link to the same virtual reel.

5.1 RNG Benefits

slot games

The random number generator is a lucky ace in disguise for any player. The following sweepstakes games trick helps even the most notorious gamblers pick a lucky slot game. If you play sweepstakes slots long enough, you can track the RNG pattern of the game. Players refer to this pattern as loose or tight. Loose slot machines pay out less money, but ‘it’s easier to win them.

On the other hand, tight slot games hold impressive amounts of money, but ‘it’s quite hard to reach them. In casino terms, this pattern is called volatility. Slot games software developers usually state volatility values, especially on the online casino software. If a game has a payout ratio lower than x5000, it has low volatility. Medium to high volatility slots reaches around x10.000 payout ratios. This comes in very handy for players because they ‘won’t lose time testing out different slot games.

Nevertheless, this aspect makes sweepstakes slots more fun. If you are in it for the gaming experience, choose a loose machine. You will have fun without causing too much damage to your bank account. On the other hand, if you are in it to win it, go with high volatility games. You will spend more time in front of the screen, getting closer to the big vegas x jackpot.

6. The RTP

Although it sounds like RNG, this value is nothing like the last one. You might have seen it all over internet cafes and online gambling platforms. The return to player percentage is significant in every slot game out there. This value decides how much money a player can get back from his or her initial bet. Be careful, though, because it ‘doesn’t belong to you only.

This value takes in all bets from a specific slots game during a certain time frame. Explained in a more flexible approach, the higher the RTP percentage gets, the more winning chances you have. However, the RTP value can vary from casino to casino. Software developers advertise this setting as customizable, creating a more competitive market for investors.

6.1 RTP 101

The RTP percentage is another slot games algorithm, and it is only theoretical. Therefore, you ‘can’t take it as a given in every gaming situation. This value relies on how many people play the slot game in question. The vegas x wagers placed by people are the ones determining the average RTP of a casino game. For example, if the slots have a 97% percent RTP, it means you get 97% percent shots at winning.

Also, money-wise, if you placed a 1$ dollar bet, you can get 97 cents back over some time. The most popular sweepstakes games hold a 96% percent RTP value, and they can increase up to 99% percent. Slot games with high RTP usually have attractive graphics, bonuses, and background themes.

As a helping tool, the return to player percentage is the opposite of the house edge. The second value is commonly known across the casino industry because it is present in every sweepstakes or table game.

6.2 The RTP and the house edge

slot games

The house edge states how much the casino gains out of your betting. We can define the house edge as a percentage of vegas x wager or stakes placed by the players. Meanwhile, the RTP states how much of that money comes back to the gambler’s pocket.

These two values come together and form the 100% percent winnings in any online or land-based casino. For example, if a slot game has a 95% percent RTP, then the house edge has a 5% percent value. This information helps players choose the right slot game but also the right casino platform.

6.3 RTP in progressive slots

Progressive slots are a new come up on the gambling market. These games usually hold substantial vegas x jackpots and attract tons of players. However, their RTP is not always high, and we can say that they somehow break the rules. Most progressive slot games have an RTP of 80%-90% percent. We can easily explain this method by looking at the big winners.

When a player wins the vegas x jackpot, the slot software developer instantly lowers the RTP of the game. By doing this, they extend the competition, allowing other players to win as well. Let us remind you those progressive slots jackpots worth thousands if not millions of dollars. If you want to risk and win big, choose these games. If you prefer a safer lane, go with non-progressive slots with higher RTP percentages.

7. Reels

It is finally time to put ourselves in the player’s shoes and focus only on the slot games. So far, we talked about classic slots that have only three reels. However, online casino games are more updated. Therefore, reels range between three and five, in some cases, even more. Also, the winning combination ‘doesn’t always form a line. Sometimes it can go diagonally, vertically or in a zig-zag. These updates make the games more exciting, and they create more winning odds for the gamblers.

8. Paylines

Every online slot game has between nine and thirty paylines. The number of paylines determines your winning chances after each spin. For example, if a game has ten paylines, you get ten shots at winning. Most people know that you need three identical symbols to win, and they can fall anywhere on the payline.

Players should keep in mind that they gain as much as they bet. If you bet on only three lines, you can earn according to those paylines only. Also, the more lines you bet on, the more money you pay per spin. Most people like to play on multiple fronts, getting them closer to the prizes. But if you want to take your time and enjoy the game, you can bet on only one payline.

9. Wild Symbols

Winning symbols are relatively new in the slot games world. They first emerged on the online platforms, but now we can find them in sweepstakes internet cafes as well. Players love these features because they make everything much more straightforward and hold different bonuses. For example, you need only two wild symbols for a winning combination.

Besides, these symbols substitute for any other symbol, bringing you closer to substantial payouts. Wild symbols differ in every slot game out there. The elements depend on the game theme, meaning they can look like fruits, animals, or jewels. In some games, wild symbols provide different bonuses as well. We are talking about free spins or free bonus rounds.

10. Scatter Symbols

We already mentioned that sometimes, wild symbols provide bonuses as well. Meanwhile, software developers got some surprises in store for their players. We are talking about the scatter symbol, that has a central bonus function. These elements offer free spins, bonus rounds, and bonus games by default.

Usually, you need three scatter symbols on your screen to activate their bonus features. However, some slot games require only one or two symbols. They ‘don’t need to land on paylines; they just need to appear on your screen. Wild symbols or vice versa can’t replace scatter symbols, but they pop up quite often throughout the game. Maximize these bonuses and get the most out of your gaming experience.

11. Bonuses

slot games

Slot games are famous for their free spins bonuses. Also, you can get bonus rounds or free extra games. These bonuses not only provide extra lucky chances, but they can multiply your bet. For example, a free bonus round can increase your payout by even x5000 times.

Meanwhile, bonus games hold more rewards. They ‘don’t appear that often, but when they do, they are worth the wait. These extra games are usually easy to win and give out even more bonuses. For example, a bonus game can hold a few free spins. Bonuses work only in the advantage of the player. Make sure you use them wisely when you encounter these features.

12. Bet amounts

This aspect is essential in every slot game. Bet amounts indicate how much you can start with. Most slot games have minimum and maximum bets. For example, in a 1 to 100 bet coin range, you can start with a 1$ dollar bet and maximize it to 100$ dollars. Nevertheless, the amount you bet on is equally proportional with the winning amount.

13. Spin and Autoplay

Spin and Autoplay are particular sweepstakes slots features. Players need to decide if they want to take the game in their own hands or just let the gods of luck decide. The spin setting allows you to control the game at every spin manually. The autoplay feature does the work for you, while you sit back and enjoy the payouts. Most players choose the spin option, but it is all up to you.

14. Conclusion

In conclusion, slot games are not that hard to master. They work on a simple mechanism ‘that’s easy to understand. Features like the RTP and RNG activate the slots and produce the actual winnings. The mathematical algorithms can seem, but software developers put them out in the open in a user-friendly way.

While playing slot games, keep an eye on the bonuses and make the best out of them. Also, never forget that you win as much as you bet. Be careful about how many paylines you play and what combinations the game allows. Slot games offer excellent, and if you are lucky enough, you can go home with quite a profit.

15. Vegas-X

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