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Billyonaire – one of the most famous games market leader in sweepstakes software company AMATIC. And the best machines on the classic game! Fans of this slot game all over the world were very happy going online version, as now have the opportunity to play without leaving home. 40 line, 5 reel bonus game, 75 coins, 10,000 jackpot, free spins, unmatched gaming atmosphere and big winnings – billionaire, one of the best slot games the world!


Billy loves to start his day with a cup of one of the world’s finest teas, and for bringing him a spot of Earl Grey you can win you up to 500 coins. He also likes to have a newspaper to read with his tea and he’ll happily pay you up to 750 coins for bringing him one. Billy doesn’t care what time of the day it is when he feels like having some whiskey or a cigar – he just has them – but they’re two more items that he’ll pay you for bringing him them. After he’s had all of his early morning vices he’s keen to hit the casino, and he’ll pay you a cool 1,000 coins for getting him a seat at the card or dice table. You’ll also have to drive him there in his fancy car, well he has been drinking, and he’s pay you up to a whopping 5,000 coins for your chauffeur services.

Playing Billyonaire

Have you ever thought about what you would do if you became a billionaire? If you aren’t sure, then sit at the learning tree of Billy the Billyonaire in the fresh new Amatic release, Billyonaire. You’ll get to see for yourself how Billy spends his time and money, and you’ll also have the chance to make some money of your own with the themed symbols, including flashy cars and smoking cigars. When it comes down to it, players of every skill level and budget can enjoy Billyonaire thanks to its expansive betting range.

40 Coins to Try the Life of a Billyonaire

Billy begins his day with a cup of the finest tea in the world, and he’s willing to offer you up to 500 coins if you can grab his Earl Grey for him. He enjoys reading through the newspaper as he takes his tea too, and is willing to reward players up to 750 coins if they bring him one. Billy also enjoys having a cigar and enjoying a drink and is willing to pay you in return for these items as well, no matter what time of day it is. After getting through his morning he’s ready to go out and hit the casino, offering up a smooth 1,000 coins for securing him a seat on the dice or card tables. Of course, you’ll need to drive him there given that he’s been drinking. The good news is that your chauffeur services see you net 5,000 coins, which isn’t bad at all for a hard day’s work. Prize-wise, while the game is obviously gimmicky, it does have a fair amount of weight under the hood. Gamblers can choose from a range of line and line-bet combinations for each spin of the reels in the Billyonaire video slot. Choose 10, 20, 30, or 40 lines, applying your line-bet of between 1 and 25. This means your minimum bet for every line is 40 coins, while the max bet is a massive 1,000 coins per spin of the reels.

Rack up 50,000 Coins at the Casino

As you’d expect from a Billyonaire, there’s nothing Billy loves more than going wild. For him, this means going to the Grand X Casino. The special Grand X Casino Wild symbol can replace other base symbols in the game to unlock even more prizes. He could also start using his scattered aces that offer the chance of winning up to 7 free spins and a massive 50,000 coins. You might also be lucky enough to get some extra wilds before each free spin, which will only work to sweeten the pot.