Bingo slot is a classic gambling game, played in private facilities, at Church functions and charity events, to villages and town squares and now is being played by many online. Young people and old can enjoy this game. If you’ve never had time to learn how to play this game, or the only thing you know about bingo game is that there is a song with a dog called b-i-n-g-o, we have outlined everything you need to know to play in casino, in a hall, with your friends or online.

Bingo For You!

Bingo games may award additional prizes when you manage to mark off different patterns of numbers, for example, making an “X” on the card, getting all four corners, or “blackout,” marking off the entire card. If these are in play, the caller continues to announce numbers until the player achieves additional patterns. Multiple patterns can be available as a winning pattern within the one sitting meaning you can get multiple winners for the different patterns, or you can win big by having different winning patterns on your cards. However when there are winning patterns, check with the casino whether or not that pattern is a ‘hard way’ pattern meaning the free space on your bingo-card will not be able to be used for the pattern, making it a bit harder for you, but gives the game a bit more of an exciting edge.

Playing Bingo

There are different versions of this game which you will find in online casinos if you want to change things up a bit. You will find 90-ball, 80-ball and 30-ball bingo-games. 90-ball bingo in particular is like the European/Australian equivalent of 75-ball in the US in terms of its popularity and widespread usage.

90-ball: This variation is widely played throughout Europe and Australia. The bingo-card has 9 columns and 3 rows, with numbers than range from 1-90 on the bingo-card.

80-ball: Popular in online casinos, the bingo-card for this variation is a 4×4 square with numbers that can range from 1-80 marked on it.

30-ball: Also known as ‘speed-bingo’, this variation is played on a tiny 3×3 bingo-card. As it’s so small and quick to play, you can only win the blackout pattern.

The most common symbols of the game are the plums, cherries, lemons and oranges. You will be able to score many combinations with these symbols throughout the game, but their rewards will only amount to a handful of credits every time.


While different Bingo venues and halls have different rules, the same general guidelines are applied everywhere; however, we’ve listed the general guidelines for both land-based and online based casinos below:

Land Based-Bingo:

Technicalities often differ between halls, but there are common rules that you’ll need to follow, regardless of your venue:

  • Get in (the game), or get out (of the hall): audience members who aren’t in play, are not permitted in the bingo-hall
  • Players are expected to remain quiet so that all other players can hear, and the caller doesn’t need to repeat numbers
  • The only time the caller should be addressed during the game is if a player is requesting for the numbers to be called slower or at a louder volume

In the case of online Bingo games, there isn’t a need for restrictions on body language or noise level. The rules players are required to follow will vary from platform to platform. Before a game, especially your first experience, players are encouraged to read the rules and regulations that the website presents. Doing so will ensure a smooth game.