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Grand X

The Grand X Online Casino is one of the most popular casinos in the world, a place where high-society mix with high-rollers in a cauldron of casino excitement that includes Cards, Roulette and Dice. The great news is that “Grand X” the online slot from Amatic is bringing you the best of the Grand X Casino – and more! You can win prizes for playing all sorts of casino games, but it’s the bonuses that give it that “and more” quality with bonus games including Grand X Wilds, a Bonus Wheel, and a Double Prize Feature. Like any good contemporary casino you can also play via your favourite latest and greatest mobile gadgets, whilst with stakes starting at just 10 coins a spin it’s cheaper than a seat at the real Casino X casino.

Grand X For You!

Grand X is the very thrilling online slot game Amatic Industries, when it comes to the bonus feature in this slot game you will find that it is a lot different to the other games that we have seen from the slots at Amatic Casinos. I think that the best part about this slot is the look of it, with style and a great theme Grand X will really give you that real casino experience from a slot game. So you will play this slot as you would any other game, you will be hoping to match symbols in an active bet line and this is what will pay you your win.


After the desired stakes have been chosen the game is started with START. After the reel run the achieved winning combination is displayed among others by illuminated win lines and the win isadded to the credit. After the achieved wins have been added to the credit, bets can be placed anew. The win plan respectively the onscreen help can be displayed at anytime by pressing the HELP button (or in this case win plan). By a click on the symbols on the reels the player can get information regarding possible wins with a sufficiently great amount of the respective symbols.

Bonusspin Bonus

Wild substitutes all symbols except Bonus-Symbol. 3 Bonus-symbols on any position win Bonuswheel. Spin the wheel and win the shown value multiplied by bet. Double respins the wheel and doubles next win


The player has the option to activate the gamble mode on Grand X before each game. With active gamble mode the player has the chance to multiply his/her win. If the gamble mode is active, a screen opens when achieving a win, here the player has to guess whether the next card is black or red. At the beginning the total win is placed for bet, but the player has the option to bet only half the stake, resulting in having half of the win added onto the credit account. The bet is here called risk. The player can also see the displayed card colors of the seven previous gambles. When the player chooses black or red, he/she has the chance to double the win. The win can also be multiplied by choosing the suit, meaning hearts, diamonds, spades or clubs. When the player has made a decision, the card is uncovered. If the guess is correct, the player wins. If it was wrong, the stake is lost. The player can multiply the win with further gambles as long as he/she chooses the correct color. The player can quit the gamble at any time by pressing the COLLECT button, the win will then be credited onto his account. If the player loses, the game continues. Due to permanent attempts for improvement of our programs deviations in this manual and the supplied software can occur at anytime.