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Interesting Online Slots by Vegas-X

by Jeffrey Black

Posted on July 2nd, 2019

Interesting Online Slots by Vegas-X

Online slots are the favorite games in online casinos. Slot games are not famous only on the Internet but also in ordinary casinos. You will find hundreds of different slots games, as opposed to a smaller number of table gambling.

Online slots are distinguished by their simplicity – you absolutely do not need to know some complicated rules or invent complex strategies. Just decide on the possible amount of money you want to spend on the game, and you can start playing. In automata, there are usually several reels on which symbols fall out. There are also winning lines, if you drop on certain characters, you will receive a fairly large amount.

Slot machines began their lives from the very first slots. At first, they were in the form of machines that stood in bars and gave out tickets for beer. Later, Charles Frey in 1895 created the first coin machine, in which a certain amount could be won. Then dealers from American casinos decided to use these devices more coolly.

In the middle of the 20th century, separate casinos began to appear in the USA, in which there were only slot machines. This trend has become known as the “slotosphere”. With the development of the scientific and technical revolution, slots became more complicated and interesting, bonus games and functional symbols appeared.

In the Internet era, slots migrated to online casinos, where they still continue to be popular. There are many companies with top slot games, but today we will talk about the most interesting one – Vegas-X software.

1. History of online slots

online slots

The history of the slots is quite interesting and goes back to the 1800s. As a rule, many believe that the first slots had fruit symbols, but this is not the case. It turns out that the first slots were made in Los Angeles, and had a card base. Instead of fruit, there were cards in them, so as not to scare the players with something new.

Soon, a certain Charles Fey led the slots to the form in which we have them today. The number of drums decreased to 3x. There were new symbols, the main of which was the bell of independence. That is why the slots and became known as The Liberty Bell. Also, the main innovation was that the slot can accept money for payment, and can give out winnings. Charles Fey started with just one slot, placing it in the saloon, but after a month he was forced to quit his job in order to get to the slots closely!

The next milestone in the history of slots was marked in 1964 when slots began to be made using microprocessors. They could calculate the outcome of the change, and were also better protected from hacking and counterfeiting. As a result of protection, the credibility of the machines increased significantly! In 1974 the first video slot and video poker were introduced. Some time passed before the players got used to the idea of ​​a new type of game.

And finally, in 1994, with the advent of the world’s first online casino, online slots began to appear, such as we see them today. They differ significantly because allow you to play even on mobile devices while providing greater image quality than past machines.

2. Betting types and rules & Types of Online Slots

Players like playing slots because they have simple rules. They are often spelled out in the information section, or on the online slot itself. Always next to the reels is the paytable, which shows how much you can win at what combination and bet.

Most often, the player puts one or more coins on one or more lines. The cost of a coin, the number of coins per line and the number of lines a player can choose. If this choice, of course, is provided by the functionality of a particular slot. Then you just have to turn the reels to knock out the most advantageous combination on one or another line.

A standard slot machine slot is a reel with three reels and one or several payment lines. Therefore, slots make up a separate look. Names, scenery, winnings and so on may change, but the essence of the three reels remains. Among these slots, you can only select those that offer to win a progressive jackpot. In such slots, a part of each bet always goes to fill the common pool. It is usually won when three characters fall on one line.

The theoretical percentage return (RTP) in online slots is almost always above 90%. This figure is much higher than in slots in offline casinos, where the RTP often starts from 75%. This means that over a long distance, a quarter of your bets will not return.

3. Vegas X slots

Vegas-X is a company which provides online slots games and sweepstakes software to various firms. Company’s gaming platform helps Internet Cafe software and online casino software to operate with all their games and services. Quality of vegas x slots is very high and is suitable for any device.

You can partner with us to acquire variety of vegas x slots and help players to establish their bankroll instantly by using the vegas x free credits. Vegas x free credits are great way to generate additional income without actually making a deposit. Keep in mind that you can withdraw the vegfas x free credits as well through vegas-x cash out methods. The main vegas-x cash out methods include eWallets, wire transfers as well as cryptocurrencies. 

With the help of Vegas-X software, any firm can start their own business easily. Vegas-x platforms are very secure and always are in line to help with questions and solve problems. Besides, Vegas-X company offers software, so people can use them to open Riversweeps software business.

4. Admiral Nelson

admiral nelson

Admiral Nelson is an online slot with five reels and ten rows. In slot games, there is a minimal bet. Bet in Admiral Nelson varies from minimum( one credit) up to one hundred on each line. As mentioned previously in most online slots, three same symbols are enough to win and sometimes two.

For Admiral Nelson, players also need two or three symbols to win. And the most attractive thing is the huge coefficient, which is x5000. Players are always searching for games with high coefficients and Admiral Nelson is one of them.

Another pleasant thing is the risk game which can make the win twice more. It depends on players, to play this risk game or not. If players lose the game, then they do not get the prize. In case of winning the risk game, prize doubles. Also, Admiral Nelson is popular due to its free spins and other bonuses.

5. Billy’s Game

billy's game

Another online slot by Vegas-X is Billy’s Game. This slot is not the easy one, but for professional players, it is an enjoyable game. Bill’s Game is a classic online slot game so it is not open to changes and can have only a few changes. It is a classic game with three reels. The maximum payout is 100 credits from seven combinations. On our website, users can view the videos of each game. In Billy’s Game’s video players can understand more about the game and see its structure. 

6. Work principle of online slots

The playing field is divided into reel cells, which are driven and stopped to form a sequence. For each move, a player pays money – makes a bet. If the sequence is winning, the player gets some winnings, which may be more or even less than the bet.

Additionally, slots may offer to play bonus games, risk winning and so on. All this is also embedded in the algorithm of any slots, igrosoft and other manufacturers. And all this is also aimed at giving the player hope to win.

Of course, the mechanism of the online slots is different from the classic one-armed gangsters in the real world, who were driven by a mechanism. They work in accordance with the prescribed online algorithm, and the actions of the player, in fact, have no effect on them. Playing slots, only the illusion of control is created, but everything goes according to the program scheme.

7. Where to play slot games with the instant output?

online slots

Drums are the main component of any gaming machine. Coils – this is in its main wheels with the symbols painted on them. When you press the “Spin” button, the reels spin around and eventually stop at a certain position.

The characters can be very different. They are often associated with the plot theme. For example, Dolphin’s Pearl has an underwater theme; Characters include dolphins, fish, shellfish, crabs, shrimp, and octopus. Well-known characters – playing cards, number 7 and Bar.

The payline can be horizontal, diagonal or zigzag. When you bet on a certain payline, you win when the winning symbols appear on it.

In the presence of a large deposit, it is quite justified to turn the reels with all the activated lines and with the maximum number of coins installed on each of them. Also in many progressive slot games, the jackpot will be “taken by storm” only if all the lines are active and the bet is maximum. But most often it is simply made fixed, without the impossibility of adjustment.

8. Can you always win in online slots?

All slots from different companies are configured for a certain percentage of returns. This means that part of the money that they lose, they give as a profit to casino owners. Part of the money goes to the formation of other players win.

As a rule, the percentage of returns of slots in real casinos does not exceed 95%. If the institution promises that return on online slots is close to 100% or even exceeds this figure, then you can be deceived. As a rule, the rate of 99% or more percent is used for dishonest advertising. Not a single casino will agree to work with such low profitability of slot machines. In fact, the percentage of return can be much less than 50-90%.

Any good casino should provide certificates of integrity issued by third-party independent organizations that confirm the percentage of returns on slots. Percentages may also change over time.

9. What to choose while looking for online slots?

When a Finnish player won 17.8 million euros after pressing Spin, he changed his life in an instant. Moreover, he invested a little, twisted half a dollar on Spin, but confidently went to his luck. Everyone knows that even won 5-10 thousand euros

is very pleasing, but when such winnings, it is probably difficult not to go crazy with joy. Just a moment ago, you were the simplest and even most needy person, and suddenly in one instant, you become a millionaire!

Therefore, only people who are far from the topic say that online slots with withdrawals of money and bonuses are definitely nonsense since they are a big risk. And those who are lucky in online casinos always say that slots are great games. And to whom it is better to listen: to the lucky ones and the winners or to those who are not at all in this topic?

Of course, only the first option. Therefore, you become the first, the best player with the best win. If a player wants to sell their business and plan to stay at home playing slots for eight hours a day to support their family, they need to stay away from slot machines. Also, planning, in this case, is very crucial, as you need to know your budget.

The primary reason for gambling is playing slots and winning. If the slot machine is not your thing, you can choose something different. 

10. Full safety when playing for money in a casino

All visitors know how convenient to play online slots with instant payouts of real money. Although the gambling industry is improving, fraudsters are not uncommon, so reputation is very important. The largest casino sites receive such a huge profit that deception or refusal to pay simply will not have any business sense, but only a risk for their license under which they operate.

Online casinos use a wide range of banking methods. The main methods of payment are credit cards, common web wallets, bank transfers. Each of these methods has its own security protocols, ensuring a secure, confidential, and secure transaction;

Deposits are usually instant, but withdrawals require from hours to several days to verify the casino itself. The verification process is the longest at the first removal. New players provide proof of their identity and postal address. The service checks them every time a payment is made. The best establishments use SSL certificates to digitally bind the cryptographic key on their site to secure transactions.

Use only the specified casinos, which are provided with the latest technology, to keep your personal information safe and encrypt, because fraudsters also keep up with the latest technological trends. Reliable sites take steps to make sure that the players are the very people they represent when they register.

New players must be prepared to transfer personal documentation before withdrawing funds at the very first request. Sometimes this may seem frustrating, but security measures have been put in place to protect themselves from scammers. In addition to this, players of online slots also need to make sure that they are familiar with the terms of the casino.

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