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Guide On Progressive Jackpots

by Jeffrey Black

Posted on May 31st, 2022

Guide On Progressive Jackpots

Online casinos have the edge over land-based casinos, and one of those perks is undoubtedly progressive jackpots. These are the big winnings that keep on expanding. Every online progressive slot game indicates the jackpot on the screen right in front of the player’s eyes.

1. What are progressive jackpots?

The enormous amounts offered to the players as the biggest payouts for the specific games of the casino are called progressive jackpots. They keep on rising in value until the player finally wins. Many games offer progressive jackpots widely, but online slot machines are the most commonly associated with jackpots.

There is a requirement for many wagering people to be held accountable for a large amount of progressive jackpot. They are available both online and in land-based casinos also. The values of progressive jackpots range from thousands of dollars to billions of dollars. It is considered mandatory to consider all the requirements to be fulfilled to be eligible for the jackpots. 

2. What are the chances of winning a progressive jackpot?

The winning probability of winning the progressive jackpot always depends on the type of slot game that you are playing. Although the numbers generated on a slot machine are always random, you have to calculate and consider the following things to ensure that there are high chances of activating the jackpot.

First, you have to make sure that you are playing a slot machine game with the correct number of reels needed and the number of symbols present on every slot machine’s reel.

The new top casino software providers and developers update the old machines with new and exciting features and release newly designed machines to improve the games frequently. You should be well aware of all the factors which activate the progressive jackpots.

3. Strategies to win progressive jackpots on slot machines:

Progressive jackpots

The slot machine results are unpredictable as they are generated by the RNG(random number generator). Therefore, it is unlikely to predict the chances of winning the slot machine jackpot in advance. But there are some online casino hacks that you should keep in mind while playing the slot machine game. First, you should keep tracking the results of the last rounds so that you are well aware of the prize pots. 

3.1 The player should adhere to the financial budget:

This is the first rule that any player should apply to all the games they are playing. It would be best to stick to the only mount you think you can place one bet on. You should never exceed your pre-decided budget and gamble with the money you do not have. Deciding and sticking to a budget is essential for all the games. 

3.2 The amount should be accountable for the jackpot:

The player’s amount on their bet should be high enough to be considered accountable for the progressive jackpots. Every progressive jackpot has a requirement of wagering a minimum amount of money. It would be best if you placed bets for higher amounts than the minimum required to increase your chances of winning, but it should always be within the limit you decided as your budget. 

Progressive jackpots

3.3 Decide about the kind of win that you want :

You have mainly two options available in front of you for almost all the games. You can either decide to achieve a big win or wish to make smaller wins several times. Whether a big or small one, the kind of win predicts how you will gamble. Therefore, before placing the bets, it is advised to make a firm decision about the winning pattern you desire to achieve. 

3.4 Should explore the jackpots:

You should be well aware of which slot game you want to play and the most effective way of playing it. You should also be aware of which slot machines are holding the biggest progressive jackpots to spend your cash on that machine which will increase the probability of your winning. Finally, all the playing rules on the slot machine should be well learned and practiced. 

4. How does a player receive the amounts won by progressive jackpots?

There are various modes of payments done to the players once they win the progressive jackpots. The payments can be made in several installments throughout a year or more. At the same time, some jackpot amounts are paid directly in one go in a lump sum amount. 

It depends on the amount that the player is winning. If the amount is a smaller one, the amount will be instantly paid to the player. But mostly, the jackpots yield massive amounts, which are delivered or paid to the player via the delivery system either by bank account transfers, couriers, etc. It is also widespread and exciting for the players when the casino asks them to pose a click with the cheque drawn on such prominent figures. 

5. Let’s talk about a few Pros and cons of playing progressive jackpots:

Progressive jackpots

5.1 Pros:

The most significant advantage of progressive jackpots is the probability of providing an enormous amount of winning to the player. The amounts are always in the thousands of dollars to billions of dollars.

The winnings of such enormous amounts can be made in just a few clicks. The player can choose any amount of payline to place the bets and gamble with a range of amounts.

The winnings are usually great with them. The slot machines with the jackpots are engaging for the players compared to the retro slots. There are many special offers also linked to the jackpots to draw the players’ attention. The mini-games also provide decent winning amounts to the players. 

5.2 Cons:

The outcomes of progressive jackpots are unpredictable. Therefore, it is highly impossible to track the chances of winning or losing the game. The outcomes are generated randomly and are not even known by the administration. The minimum wagering amount requirements are always high with the jackpots.

These minimum amounts can not be afforded by all the players while playing for progressive jackpots, which does not allow them to play jackpot games. If a player is not well-skilled or experienced, putting such enormous amounts at stake is tough. Therefore, jackpots contain high levels of risk also. 


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