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The Most Popular Slot Games in the United States

by Jack Morgan

Posted on July 26th, 2019

The Most Popular Slot Games in the United States

While there are disputes about the origin of casino games, slot machines are the youngest game and the history of slots is easily traced. Brooklyn, New York were the places where the first slot machine appeared in 1891 when Sittman and Pitt Company developed a slot machine, which, according to many, is the forerunner of the modern slot. In the modern world, people enjoy modern and popular slot games. That’s why in this article we decided to give you information about popular slot games. In this article, you will find many interesting online slots.

In the first slot machine, there were five reels with 50 cards, and a machine based on poker – combinations of poker determined the payouts. 50 symbols were divided between the five reels and the drums were spinning when the player threw a slot machine coin and pulled the lever down. At the end of the rotation was determined winning loss.

Early machines, however, did not make cash payments. Prizes were usually offered from the bar where the slot machine was located. It could be a drink from the bar, a pack of cigarettes or cigars.

These machines were extremely popular. After a short time, there was a slot machine in almost every bar in the city. To increase the chances of house, two cards were removed from the dec. A dozen of spades and the jack of hearts.

Era of slots

In the early 1980s, the computer era slot  began. Sircoma has developed a video poker slot, which became a sensation in the gambling industry. In the beginning, players were suspicious of video slots. They could not completely trust the rotation of the drums, which they had not seen. Soon, these fears dissipated when the video slot gained popularity.

The computer era also meant more choices and more features. Automatic machines accepted paper notes and players no longer needed coins. This meant that players could play more time and spend less time in queue in order to exchange money.

These popular slot games included everything possible and this meant that players did not need to roam around in search of various games. Now each player is enjoying playing popular slot games from different providers. 

Americans are gamblers

american gamblers


A study by Newzoo showed that about 73.9 million US residents are active users of online casinos. Among them, 52% play gambling for real money, and 2.6% of clients spend significant amounts of money. For comparison, the company calculated the number of casino users in the UK and Australia. For example, among British casino customers, 64% of the 8.9 million wager on money, and 3% of them prefer to leave significant amounts in a gambling establishment.Australian players are less active.

Newzoo estimates that only 2.4 million people in a given country are online casino customers. Among them, only 43% play for money, and 3.4% spend large sums. This suggests that US residents are gamblers.Analysis of the age category of American casino customers showed that:the most active users are men aged 36 to 50 years (21% of the total);the second position is occupied by women aged 36-50 years, 16%, Third place – men from 26 to 35 years.The less inactive users of online casinos were women from the age of 18 to 25 years. Only 6% of Americans in this category prefer gambling.

Online Slots

online slots


Popular in the world of casinos and even more popular in the world of online casinos. At a time when online casinos conquered the world, the world of gambling was not what it is today. Games that were previously limited to bars and casinos suddenly became available to anyone who technically had access to online games.

In the late 1990s, a casino version and an online version appeared along the path of computerizing slot machines. Online casino providers quickly developed a wide range of slot machines for hundreds of different sites. Slot machines with progressive slots and straight slots are currently offered at over 2,000 online casino sites.

Hundreds of online casino sites prefer slots and focus on the excitement and joy gained from the game. How can you become a millionaire by entering the online casino slot and with a few spins to break the jackpot? If you want to get an insight from online casinos, and especially from slots, now is the time!

The United States of America is the largest market in the world. No matter what you are going to sell, if it is of high quality, then it will be bought there. In any quantities.

With online gambling the same story: the US market is one of the biggest. The huge issue for this market is a well-developed Las Vegas gaming infrastructure. Multimillionaires of this city’s betting industry are lobbying to prohibit online betting in every manner.

In 2012, the U.S. Justice Department prohibited all types of federal-level online betting. But the reigns were published a little later. As a consequence, many countries started legalizing online gambling again. And we want to tell you about popular slot games by different providers.

All Ways Fruits

popular slot games


Vegas-X is one of the most popular slot games providers and we want to introduce you our game – All Ways Fruits. All Ways fruits is one of the best online casino games from Vegas-X. If you are fond of classic slot games, All Ways Fruits is just for you. Design of the game is very colorful, yet very plain, But do not worry, because the game’s graphics will attract you with its quality and sound effects. We promise that and you will enjoy the game a lot. Also, except prizes, players have a chance to get bonuses which they will like a lot. To take part in the bonus game, players have to spin three scatters(bonus symbols).  


WinPalace online casino was founded in 2009, but the correctly chosen bonus policy allowed this institution to become one of the most popular in the USA. In addition, this success acknowledges the enormous quantity of online betting assets. Apparently, lots of deposit-bonus payments that can be earned away and removed from the famous slot matches of WinPalace Casino also intrigue American gamers. You should not forget that this institution uses gambling software from Real Time Gaming, and that says it all. Did you know that in some RTG slots there are several progressive jackpots that only the player who started playing this slot can win? That is a personal jackpot? The intrigue is created, now everything went further.


Another institution that attracts casino gamers from America using Real Time Gaming cards is Planet 7 Casino. A characteristic of this organization is that it focuses only on U.S. participants since the list of countries banned for playing in this institution exceeds the list of countries on planet Earth in principle. But it is not important for US gamblers, the main thing is to have most popular slot games from Real Time Gaming and a good bonus program. 

And here the reward program provides many winning chances. What is worth only a welcome package worth $ 7,777! And not to mention the fact that only the names of bonuses are almost as many as the states in the USA! But, to indulge in all this, Planet 7 Casino is planning precisely its fellow countrymen. Although it is likely. that someday they will turn their gaze to the rest of the planet.

Cool Cat Casino

Cool Cat Casino is one of the first establishments: it began work in 2002. In slow manner, Cool Cat gained a notoriety for itself, expanded geography and still used popular slot games from Real Time Gaming. Success on external fronts has partially ensured the popularity of Cool Cat online casino in the USA, which is reflected in many online casino ratings. 

Features of American online casinos

popular slot games


Online gambling is becoming increasingly popular in the United States. However the financial and social implications of this new phenomenon are not yet known.

The state of Nevada, a gambling paradise, has allowed online poker tournaments this year. Two other states – Delaware and New Jersey – want to expand the list of virtual games to include, in particular, blackjack, roulette and slot machines.Thanks to the use of geolocators, only those who are physically located in the state of Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey can play online casinos. The governor of the latter, Chris Christie, has calculated that virtual gambling with real money rates can replenish the state’s treasury by more than $ 180 million annually. For Nevada and Delaware, this amount does not exceed $ 4 million.

Difference between the US and other countries

Unlike some other countries, there are no national lotteries in the USA. Instead, residents of the country can take part in lotteries covering several states, the jackpot of which sometimes reaches several hundred million dollars. Only in two of the 50 states, gambling is not legalized in any way, in others there are casinos and lotteries.

Two years ago, the US authorities made it clear that they would not block most online gambling, which led to their prosperity in Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey. The remaining states are considering such a perspective. Debates about whether online casinos should be resolved throughout the country have not yet been held at the federal level, and lawmakers in Washington often ignore the problem.

The corporate world of the United States as a whole supports a new form of gambling, even though it may lead to a decrease in the number of people visiting the casino. However, Sheldon Adelson, the owner of several casinos, took a different position on this issue, calling on Congress to ban online casinos, considering them dangerous for society.


Treasure Island

treasure island online gambling


Treasure Island is the most fashionable and profitable casino in Las Vegas. The total area of the institution is 8950 square meters and is located in a famous hotel with five stars. The territory of Treasure Island has several zones. Everyone can enjoy playing blackjack, poker, craps, roulette, baccarat, and slot machines. In front of the entrance to the building, there is a huge pirate ship. The casino service is one of the highest in the city and has one of the most popular slot games casino.

Las Vegas Casino

To visit the famous casino Las Vegas Casino, you do not need to be in Las Vegas. You just need to register and get on the open online platform. The high service of the site is due to the skillful combination of the color palette, excellent graphics, high-quality music, as well as a user-friendly interface and a clear list of commands. The creator of Las Vegas Casino is PlayTech. Today there is a browser and downloadable version of this online institution. The application is available in several languages, including Russian. Players can try their hand at blackjack, poker, roulette, slot machines, and slot machines. The welcome bonus is $ 400.

Slot games rules

We want to tell you about the slot games rules. First of all, you must determine the denomination of the coin required to play the selected slot machine. How many times have I caught the embarrassed views of people who got back a quarter of a dollar dropped into a car through a tray. After close examination, it turned out that they were pushing a quarter dollar into a dollar machine.

What kind of gambling do US residents prefer?

gambling in california


Among Americans, the most popular online gambling game is poker. More than 27% of users of gambling establishments prefer to play this particular game. It is worth noting that among the English poker is also popular, its admirers are 24% of clients.

The second position is occupied by slot machines and more than 26% of Americans actively play “one-armed gangsters”. Only 20% of UK players choose online slots.

In third place among the customers of the US casino was a game of bingo. It plays 17% of users. If to compare with the British gambling market, where bingo is more popular, it is preferred by 23% of customers. Blackjack is of less interest, then roulette, video poker and other games of chance.

It is worth noting that among the British roulette is more popular than the players from the United States. 14% of UK casino customers play roulette, while only 5% of Americans are fans of this game.

Aladdins Gold Casino

According to the authoritative resource Casinolistings, the most popular online casino in USA is the one that is the most convenient. This is Aladdin’s Gold which has many popular slot games. The establishment, which was founded in 2007, quickly gained popularity with its bonus program, convenient limits and methods of depositing and withdrawing funds. But the biggest attraction for American players was the presence of online casino software from Real Time Gaming.Also, Aladdin’s Gold Casino has many popular slot games in their portfolio. The presence of these games in the Aladdins Gold collection actually guarantees this casino success in the USA. By the way, if you suddenly meet the owners of this casino, then say that in terms of graphics, the planet has gone far ahead since 2007.

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