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What kind of slot games does Vegas-X offer?

by Matt Wright

Posted on March 6th, 2019

What kind of slot games does Vegas-X offer?

In every casino, you can find a lot of various sorts of slot machines available, such as from single-coin and multi-coin to touch-screen and video slot machines. For the players, it is extremely essential to choose the right device, because users will not want to play a slot that their bankroll cannot support. Also, a player needs always to pick a slot game machine which he/she is comfortable with because, at the end of the day, slot games are above all supposed to be fun. In recent day years, the choice of online slot games has increased massively, from the convenient classic 3 Reels to the more exciting 5 Reels with unique features and multi paylines.

Thanks to technological advancement and the internet, online casino software providers are continually looking for new ways to entertain the players. For example, the latest innovations are 3D slots and iSlots which provide a rich experience for a generation of players brought up with video games. The most beautiful feature of them is because they have been developed based on computer programs, they can be designed in numerous ways, creating various gameplay styles to enjoy.

Slot Games

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If you are new to this world, then you may be confused by the various types of games that you will find online casinos. One of the many ways to differentiate games is to categorize them by subject matter or theme, such as personality and celebrity games, sports slots, TV and movie slots, etc. But it would be more practical consideration to pay attention to the features that define how you play the machine, how you hit winning combinations, and how much you may win.

Vegas-x offers a comprehensive list of online real money slots which you can make sure that you will have an exciting time and extreme fun by playing. Let us take a little more profound look at the different types.

1- Three Reel Slots

3 Reel slots are a traditional type of slots that are designed like the classic Fruit Machine games were in arcades all around the world. It may be considered the most elementary version of online slots games, so 3 reel slots are quite easy to understand. A window has 3 columns and 3 rows of symbols where the middle row is known as the payline. Your bets and spins the reels; when the reels stop spinning, if the symbols on the payline match up to any winning combination from the payline, then you win the amount of money stated. 3 Reels slots are a basic and gentle introduction to the world of online slots. As players of this game get more experienced and knowledgeable about tricks, they generally move on to the more complex slot games described below.

2- 5 Reels Slots

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5 Reels slots are also well-known as Video slots, they are a more complicated version of the slots game. Unlikely the 3 reels slot, video slots have paylines up to a hundred. And of course, this provides many more combinations for winning and gives the player a great chance of gaining on each spin. 5 Reels have far more detailed pay tables because of the additional reels and several paylines. Even though these may seem a little daunting at first sight, casinos easily allow you to view the paylines separately to the game.

5 Reels also possess special features such as wilds and scatter symbols which give you more chances to win. As you are betting on each payline, betting on a 5 reel slot becomes more complicated. Thus, a 0,10 stake will cost you $5 per spin if you choose all 50 lines, that is why you need to have a more sensible bankroll management strategy.

3- 3D slots

3D variety is one of the newest forms of the slots. The gameplay of the 3D slots is precisely the same as Video slots, except only that there are 3D animated characters that interact with the players during the game. These type of online slot games also possesses a narrative impression, with each 3D slot providing a distinct setting and storyline. 3D slots are exciting with the new and advanced 3D animation, sound effects, and colorful themes which all these combinations give a special and modern twist for the experienced slots player. Currently, Vegas-X offers the best choice of 3D slot games, and it is well worth to check out the latest offerings.

4- i-Slots

i-Slots are considered the newest entry into the games market. The fun of these fish games which brought up online video games will enjoy these immensely. i-Slots have a more interactive designed structure which allows the player to develop their storyline by spinning different combination of reels, or by taking part in an adventure to advance the game. By having optional ways to complete the game and a wide assortment of bonus rounds possible, there is enough in an i-slot game to guarantee that even the “greedy” player is kept entertained. Today, the best casinos are leading the way with i-slot, and it is recommended to start your i-slot journey there.

5- Feature Slots

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This type of game refers to those slots which provide features such as additional spins and Bonus rounds that unlocked by Wilds and Scatters (random symbols that act as wildcards, giving the player many more chances to win on each every spin). It could be said that feature slot games are also the area where you will find innovation in gameplay, for example, Freefall or Collapsing stacks.

6 – Progressive Jackpots

In every casino, you can see that typically, each slot has a set jackpot which is individual to that game. No matter at whatever casino,  wherever they are in the world, with a progressive jackpot, every player is playing this slot for a steadily increasing jackpot. The jackpot constantly increases every time someone plays. This means the more players that play, the higher the jackpot goes, but only one player will win on the slot. Quite a big deal, right? You can win huge payouts with these games. The largest recorder Progressive Jackpot payout in history was $11.8 million on the competently called Mega Moolah.

7- Fruit  Machines

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One of the significant differences between a Fruit Machine and a slot machine is that users are able to hold reels or nudge reels to get an advantage for themselves. Since you have spun, you sometimes have the option of keeping them in the spot for a further spin. The advantage of this is when you have to see three wild symbols on the three reels to start a feature or if two out of three equal symbols have spun on the payline. In this way, after you spin, the machine may offer Nudges which is supposed to mean that users can move (nudge) any of the reels in a downside direction. Generally, the number of nudges will be from 1 to 5. You are able to push a winning combination on to the payline. Otherwise, by nudging three wild symbols onto the screen, you can unlock exclusive features.

The different variations and exceptions to the various slot games (Vegas-X offers all of them)  we described in this article. Each kind of these games offers its challenge and rewards. You can play them in their free mode to get a feel for those you are interested in and to discover how to win.

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