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Top 5 Online Slots Real Money – 2024 Updated List

by Jack Morgan

Posted on September 29th, 2019

Top 5 Online Slots Real Money – 2024 Updated List

Online slots real money games are the best. People can win a lot of rewards at online casinos while playing those games. They are extremely in offering you the best bonuses. There are several features of online slot games that pay real money to excite gambling players. 


In the early years of the gambling business, land-based brick-and-mortar casinos were mainly the only places where people could play their favorite games. However, nowadays, we have thousands of online casinos that are available on any electronic device. In this post, we will talk about online slots that pay real money.


As we all know, the main reason why so many people are fond of casino games is getting profit. While playing online slots for real money, you will experience that feeling. Before listing the best slot games that pay real money, let’s briefly explain online casino slot games.


Online Slots Real Money: Overview


For decades, casino players liked to play slot games. They are an entertaining and exciting form of casino gaming. What are slot games? Slots are online casino games played by pushing the button and spinning the reels. In brick-and-mortar casinos, online slot machines real money was mechanic. Nowadays, in online casinos and cyber cafes, we have both electronic and mechanic-controlled slot machine games that pay real money.


The classic slots, most of the time, have three or five reels in them. However, players do not know what slot games pay real money, so we developed this article. But before that, let’s analyze different types of online slots that pay real money with no deposit. 


Currently, there are 3D slots, video slots, and storyline slots that are available in Internet cafe software. The Vegas X has the best slots to play online for real money. Today’s technology allows us to improve slot games, just like any other casino game. The graphics, sound effects, and design of the online video slots real money games remind us of video games. They are fun to play and very profitable. So, let’s find out what slot games pay real money. 


Criteria for selecting the best online slots for real money


online slots for real money


There are several essential criteria you need to keep in mind when choosing the online slots real money titles online. These criteria include:


Return-to-player Rate


The return-to-player shows the theoretical amount of the prize that you will receive after winning the online slots real money USA. The higher the rate, the better.


Ensure that the online casino slots real money game you choose has a higher RTP than 95% – average number.


Volatility And Variance In Slot Games


Another essential characteristic to remember while choosing is volatility. This feature defines if you what’s the probability of winning while playing the game. 


Generally speaking, if you want to receive frequent little payouts from the slot games that pay real money to cash app, you must choose games with low variance. On the other hand, massive wins are only available in highly volatile games.


So, make your playing plan, set your goal, and choose games wisely.


Bonus Features And Symbols


Winning in slot games is important. However, there are other factors that move gaming into a whole another level of excitement. These features are bonuses.


Bonuses in the online slots real money no deposit games bring even more free playing opportunities. They allow you to spin the reels for free, multiply your prizes, and overall enjoy the game more.


Keep the game’s theme and its bonuses in check while picking the online slots that pay real money.


Betting Strategies For Maximizing Wins


Finally, once you choose the online slot machine real money, it’s time to ensure your playtime will be successful. For that, check the casino slots tips and tricks for winning games.


Now if you’re ready, let’s move to the best online slots real money games in 2024!


Wolf Moon


best online slots real money


The first slot game that pays real money that we will talk about is the Wolf Moon. The story of this online casino game is unique and exciting. As we all know, wolves are wild animals that live in packs. They are haunting and walking together. This game starts with the story of the white wolf that left the box to see the shining moonlight.


The journey of that white wolf is the main subject of this fantastic slot game. The game was developed by one of the leading companies in the online casino business, which is Amatic. Wolf Moon is one of the most exciting free slots that pay real money. Let’s explore the rules of this game. 


Rules of Wolf Moon


The rules of the Wolf Moon are necessary, just like any other slot game. There are five reels in this game. Alongside that, you can see the four rows and fixed forty pay lines. People can score on as many as forty pay lines.


In any of them, you can wager coins in this slot game. There are many real money slot games in this business. However, only a few of them offer this type of Wolf Moon. If you are playing this game, it means that you have a very high chance of winning real money. 


Features of Wolf Moon


The RTP of this game is very high. It means that the slot machine is paying back lots of input. Return to the player rate for Wolf Moon stands at 97.97 percent. The top deposit for this game is one hundred euros. There are lower wager requirements, too. If you do not want to start with top bets, you can filter them.


For instance, you can lower the wager requirements for deposits to as low as zero point four euros. In Wolf Moon, you will see twelve symbols. Ten of those symbols are considered to be basic symbols, while two of them have exceptional features. The first one is the wild symbol, and the second one is the bonus symbol. We will discuss these issues in the gameplay section, so let’s move to that part. 




The main character of this game is the white wolf. If you could get this wild symbol matching, then you will get the highest prize. To do that, inactive pay lines should have five wild symbols at the same time. If you can match bonus symbols, you will get five free spin bonuses. There are other bonus offerings of these online slots real money.


The multiplier is one of those prizes. You can get as much as bonus packages if you guess the suit of a playing card. The awards will quadruple in that case. Overall, this online gambling game is very satisfying if you want to get more bonuses and win real money. 




Another great slot game that we will discuss is the Starburst. These slot machine games that pay real money are very colorful and entertaining. It is effortless to play Starburst, just like any other slot game. This game is exciting because it has many bonus features.


Besides traditional wild symbols, there are wild starburst symbols in this game. The winning combinations in this game can multiply your rewards. Before giving information about bonuses, let’s briefly explain the gameplay of Starburst. 


The Gameplay of Slot games that pay real money



Starburst is among the online slot machines that pay real money that has been developed by Net Entertainment Company. The design of the slot games that pay real money to cash app will remind you of old school brick and mortar casinos — retro arcade games used for designing these fantastic online slot machines real money. There are many colorful jewels in the background. It is an excellent choice for online slots that pay real money with no deposit players.


To win this game, you need to know the rules. If you can get the Starburst wild symbol in the second, third, and fourth reels, you will gain the prizes. There are five reels and three rows in these online video slot apps that pay real money.


The main symbols are the traditional ones. For instance, in Starburst, you can see the seven bars, gems, and letters like A, Q, B, and many in Starburst more. Bonus packages include three spin bonuses and free re-spin bonuses. 


Billy’s Game


If you are trying to find online slots for real money, you can start by analyzing Billy’s Game. 


Billy’s Game is a slot that pays real money, which is designed and introduced by one of the most reputable gambling websites called Vegas-X. Let’s find out what this slot game is all about. Billy’s Game is one of the best online slots real money, which is so appealing that you will regret it if you miss out!


It has a traditional content and gameplay pattern and introduces minimal customization alternatives to you. It consists of three reels and the combinations payouts from the left side of the screen to the right. Basically, it means you have 27 different ways of winning in every round.


You have to choose a wager and place it. And after that, all you gotta do is spin the reels. Selecting a bet to place is the most critical step here because both the symbol that you pick to line up and the wager’s size are related to the size of the reward that you may win. You have a chance to double and quadruple your cash winnings. All you need is to spin nine precisely the same symbols on the reels, and here is your doubled winning! 


There is another way to multiply your reward. All you gotta do is guess either the form or the color of the winning card. It happens in the mini online gambling endgame after you win the round. For accelerating Billy’s game, the best way is to switch the game to the autostart mode, which will make the reels spin until you turn on the regular mode.


Playing Billy’s Game



Billy’s game is all about a sequence of popular slot symbols. To show you the worth of each combination, we will give you an example based on a ten-credit bet. Basic symbols consist of red sevens, bar signs, and bells. The maximum credit you can earn here is 100, which requires seven combinations.


Compared to other casino slot games, this feature makes Billy’s Game even more attractive. There are classic fruit symbols such as oranges, plums, lemons, and cherries. You get a chance to make a lot of combinations with these symbols in each round.


Rules of Billy’s Game


This slot game has several hidden features that can change the flow of the game entirely if it is used correctly. The most significant thing in this step is to find Billy’s symbol. There is a wild card, which is the cigar-smoking character, and it can replace other symbols at any time. You can also get a reward of up to 150 credits when you get a combination.


Furthermore, you can get a substantial winning reward by just filling the screen with the same symbols. The best award comes with the red sevens. When there are “red sevens” in the combinations, you win a reward of at least 5,400 credits worth.


To win Billy’s game, you need luck and experience in free slot games that pay real money. Only hard-core players get an opportunity to hit the big wins in this game. If you are one of those people, do not miss this chance. Go online, and start the game.


All Ways Fruits Best Online Slots For Real Money


best slots to play online for real money


All Ways Fruits is another title on the list of online slots real money. The game was developed and launched by Amatic. You can find All Ways Fruits on the Vegas X casino platform. The best online casino that pays real money game, as you might guess from the title, is a classic fruit slot machine.


There are five reels and three rows. In addition to them, you will get a chance to deposit on 10 different pay lines. It is better to mention that those lines cover all the paytable as they are located both vertically and horizontally.


You can win great rewards by playing All Ways Fruits as it is among the most proficient titles in this genre. There are many promotions and bonus opportunities that you can use in these slot machine games that pay real money. 


In order to trigger those bonuses, players need to line up at least three scatter symbols on the same reel. The bonus opportunities can help you to earn free spin chances up to 10 free spins.


Merry Fruits


The last one on the list of the best online casino that pays real money game that we will talk about in this list is the Merry Fruits. Amatic designs this game, and it is fascinating. In this real online slots real money USA game, players can put wagers in pay lines. Those wagers can vary from zero points to one point twenty-one cents.


online slots real money no deposit


The cost of every spin in Merry Fruits is different for each round. In this fantastic slot game, you will win while matching at least three symbols in reels. In this game, there are no progressive jackpot modes. There are five reels and twenty pay lines in Merry Fruits. This game is one of the best slots to play online for real money, and you should try it. 


Bonus Features of Merry Fruits


There are many advantages to playing Merry Fruits, and one of them is the excellent bonus features of this game. In this slot game, a wild card is the lucky seven symbols. If you could match lucky seven while playing Merry Fruits, you will boost your winnings.


The scatter symbol is no exception to these free slots that pay real money. To accumulate huge rewards, you can try this fantastic slot game. Thank you for reading. Hopefully, this article will be helpful for you while searching for the best real money slot games. 




Are there any free slots that pay real money?


There are numerous free slot games that pay real money on the Vegas-X platform. Register on the site, give yourself various bonuses, and play any real money games for free.


Are there any online slots that pay real money?


All the best online slots real money no deposit games on legitimate sites such as Vegas-X, pay out real cash. Sign up on our platform immediately for the best bonus offers!


Is there a slots app that pays real money?


There are lots of slot apps that pay real money. Some of the best picks in 2024 are Vegas-X, BitBetWin, and BitSpinWin platforms. Check them out, choose your favorite, and enjoy mobile gambling.


Can you play slots online for real money?


Yes. You can play slots online for real money at legit gambling platforms. Check the Vegas-X blog for more info.


What online slots pay real money?


All online slots real money games on Vegas-X pay out real money. For starters, check Wolf Moon, Billy’s Game, All Ways Fruit, Merry Fruits, and Starburst.


How to play slots online for real money?


To play online slots for real money, you must have a gambling account at a respectable real money sweepstakes casino. You can register immediately on Vegas-X and get all the best promotional opportunities to play real money games for free.


Where can I play slots online for real money?


You can play online casino slots real money games at modern sweepstakes platforms, such as Vegas-X, BitBetWin, BitPlay, and PlayRiverSlot. These websites offer the most authentic and safe payment options, various bonuses, and real payouts.


How to win real money online slots?


To win real money at online casino slots, check the link. There you will find all the best tips and tricks for winning these exceptional games.


Are online slots for real money safe to play? 


When you play the best online slots real money no deposit games at legitimate sites, they are safe to play. To be sure of security, check your preferred casino’s gambling license and permissions from local jurisdictions.


What is the minimum and maximum bet for online slots with real money? 


Different online slots real money have different wager limits. If you have a limited budget, we advise you to play low-volatility games as they have lower betting limits and frequent payouts.


Can I play online slots for free before betting real money?


Yes. Reputable casinos, such as Vegas-X and BitBetWin, offer various promotions and bonuses. Thanks to that, you can play various exciting slot games that pay real money to cash app for free and, while doing so, win real payouts.




If you are ready to play the best online slot machine real money, register on Vegas-X immediately. For starters, check out the top games from our shortlist that will definitely bring you satisfaction and lots of wins.


Sign up now and discover even more online slots real money games on your way to great wins!

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