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How to pick the popular slot games? Top secrets

by Jeffrey Black

Posted on September 20th, 2019

How to pick the popular slot games? Top secrets

The first thing gamblers have to know when it comes to playing online slot games is to understand what is a slot machine and the instructions of online slot games. The slot is a casino game that contains three or more spinning bars. The spinning bars have a predetermined number of spaces, which represent different symbols and icons with various values. Wilds, Scatter, Bonus, and Surprise are some of the specific symbols in the spinning reel that most popular slot games contain. Their nature and value are established in the paytable of the game.

When the bet is made, the spin starts to operate, and it lands the symbols randomly. Combinations of symbols need to be arranged in a specific pattern that determines winning results. These particular patterns are also called pay lines which are a part of slot games. The pay lines contain rows that go through the spinning reels from left to right. The most significant point you should remember about slot machines is that they are not predictable. Thus, Random Number Generators, also known as RNGs, assign a value to each symbol and identify how their combinations appear.

Slot Symbols of Popular Slot Games

Slot games are based on pure luck, which means that there are no precise rules to follow to become a winning player. But, it is still important to recognize significant symbols so that you can understand how slots work. Some of these symbols create bonus rounds and free spins and also unlock special features. Wilds, scatters, coins, and bonuses are the most common symbols that can be found in the slot games that have a lot of different functions.


Scatters are considered the most valuable symbols in many games, and their key feature is to activate bonus rounds. These symbols appear mostly in video slot games. Scatters give rewards when they are on the reels, and if the number of scatter symbols are many, the prizes get more significant.


Wild is a symbol that is famous for its substitute trait. It can substitute all of the symbols except Scatters, which triggers winning combination on the pay line. Players can find these symbols in any online slot game.


popular slot games

Coins represent winnings and virtual money of the player in slot games. They are used to place wagers that gamblers can subsequently exchange for cash. Coins always appear on one of the sides of the board.


The bonus symbols resemble scatters in several ways, but they trigger bonus games and players have to put a specific amount of them on each line. These games are known to be the most innovative features of a slot. They contain visual effects and big prizes.  

Guide to Find Popular Slot Games

The online casino should have a high reputation for you to find out that it includes popular slot games. It is only possible to realize if you are playing in a good slot machine software or not after you have won a significant amount of money and the casino pays your cash readily. There are many cases in which online casinos have deceived their players. If the casino maintains a good reputation, it means that it also has many popular games that attract players all over the world. 

Attractive bonus offers are also a method to identify popular slot games. Each online casino suggests promotions to its players in the form of bonuses. They can help gamblers significantly decrease the costs of playing online slots.

Graphically pleasant website of the online casino gives visitors that first good impression and also it makes people enjoy playing in that site. The web design helps players understand that it is a highly developed casino, and it can contain famous slot games.

If the slot games are available on smartphones and tablets, it shows that the games are so popular that people demanded them to play on the go. The availability of mobile slot games has already become the standard of the popularity of online slots.

Activating free spins is also an essential component of popular slot games. Free spins are triggered differently, but the most common one is when specific scatter symbols appear through nominated pay lines. Free spins enable players to win real money without putting a bet and give a chance to multiply the amount.

Moreover, there are certain websites we can recommend that provide a lot of entertaining online slots with distinctive features. High-quality slot machine software providers such as 

Return to Player – A Remarkable Feature of Popular Slot Games

Online slot games are always considered profitable for the owner regardless of the number of spinning reels, pay lines or rows. However, we cannot know the possibility of the return of the profit to the player. The Return to Player percentage, namely RTP, indicates the measurement of the whole amount of payouts to the betting amount player makes within a specific period. In other words, it represents the percentage of money the bettors expect to get back. In most online gambling slots, RTP changes between 80 and 99 percent. If the rate is higher, the player gets more money. However, if the percentage is lower, the casino receives larger profit.  

Popular Types of Slots

It is possible to find slot games devoted to any theme that comes to mind. The themes vary from the famous TV show and movie slots to historical events. We can highlight a number of most popular slot games themes: 

Action Slots

Some of the popular slot games include many various action-themed slots. Action slots are about daring moves, killing people, and fast-paced car chases. Good examples of these games are Jumanji, Tomb Raider, 300 Shields, and Lost Vegas.

Adventure Slots

This type of slots has always been popular among gamblers because they combine excitement, action, design, and scenery and offer to win a considerable amount of money. Gonzo’s Quest, Book of Dead, Tarzan, and Alice Adventure are among best adventure slots.

Ancient Egypt Slots

popular slot games

There are a number of popular slot games based around Ancient Egyptian history. They include various historical characters and usually focus on the book of Ra. Some of the online slots that revolve around Ancient Egypt are Anubis, Ark of Mystery, A While on the Nile, Cleopatra, and Golden Egypt. 

Fruit Slots

Fruit slots are the most popular and familiar theme for players. It is among the most searched games on the internet. In terms of graphics, easiness, variety of bonuses, and RTP, the best fruit themed slots are Fruit Zen, Juice’N’Fruits, Fruits of Neon, and Fruit Spin.

Lifestyle Games

These kinds of games are mainly designed for female users. Statistics show that at least 20% of online gamblers constitute women. Therefore, slot designers create lifestyle games more now to appeal to female players. Most played lifestyle games include Cosmopolitan, High Fashion, Dress up Diva, and Ladies Night.

Mafia Slots

Mafia slots are not high in quantity as other themes; however, these games provide great plots that is both fun and fast. The Slot Father, Reel Gangsters, Mafia Millions, and Mafia Boss are top mafia slot games right now.

Marvel Slots

Marvel is considered one of the biggest brands in the entire world. It is also famous in the online casino realm. There are a lot of available online slot games that include Marvel characters that focus on their specific powers and obstacles they encounter. Some of these slot games are The Incredible Hulk, The Avengers, Iron Man, Captain America, and Spiderman.

Mystery Slots

Mystery themed slots generally comprise of various fantastic creatures, mysterious things, and dark and gloomy game symbols. Ghosts, zombies, and vampires are the elements of most mystery slots. Lost Treasure, Haunted Night, Crystal Mystery, and Wild Blood are some examples of popular slot games with a mystery theme.

Sports Slots

These slots offer the gamblers different types of games such as football, baseball, basketball, and tennis. Sports lovers highly appreciate these games, because they can earn money while they enjoy their hobbies. Football: Champions Cup, Basketball Star, Ice Hockey, and Cricket Star are among the best slots related to sports.

Vegas Slots

When talking about the casino, Vegas is the first place that comes to mind. Therefore, more users prefer playing Vegas themed online slots to feel the spirit of land-based casinos. Vegas Joker, Vegas Nights, and Viva Las Vegas are a few popular slot games that give the real casino feeling.

Classic vs. Video Slots: Which is the Best?

classic video slots

Both classic and video slots are available almost on all casino websites. Different people prefer different types of popular slot games, so it is a matter of taste when deciding playing either video or classic slot game. However, it is needed to compare the two to choose better.

The classic slots are usually three-reel slots with a more simple design. There are a lot of people that prefer this type as they remind of first slot machines. Classic slots generally do not offer many features and options, and they are also very simple. The games have typically straightforward pay tables that offer no extras and bonuses.

However, video slots are comprised of five-reel slots, and they have many kinds. Video slots tend to be very interactive and appealing. These games offer players the chance to go in a bonus round that opens on a second screen and makes the playing process more fun. Many players find this interaction very enjoyable. Also, video slots are considered to have strong storylines and attractive graphics.


The amount of pay line options is the first difference between the two slots. Video slots offer by far the most pay line options to its players than a classic slot. Classic slots provide one pay line over three reels and sometimes three or five, but video slots usually offer hundreds of pay lines per spin.

Bonus Games are another feature that differs video slots from classic slots. This type of games are more easily accessible on video slots, but classic slots are not designed for a wide variety of bonus games. If one enjoys playing bonus games and wants to increase his winning potential, it is better to prefer video slots.

In terms of the jackpot values, there are no big differences between video and classic slot games. Either type of slot game allows players to use this feature. However, it is not very easy to win jackpots; the chance of hitting this feature is very low.

New game releases make video slots more attractive and exciting than classic slot games. Online casino game designers release classic slots less often, but every month there is a constant flow of new video slots. There are also some new classic slot games on mobile casino sites. However, they are mostly identical to the previous games.

Some Slot Machine Secrets

Both experienced players and beginners have always wondered if there is any strategy or guide to winning at online slots. Possibility of having an advantage on slot games is not predictable. Slots are purely related to your luck, more precisely, on a random number generator. However, there are some tips and slot machine secrets that may help you increase your chance to win.

Try For Free

One of the best slot machine secrets is to try the game for free before betting real money. Many games allow its players to play slots and other casino games for free that help improves their strategy without any cost. Playing for free let gamblers understand pay tables, features of the games, and also distinctive symbols better. This strategy is a great way to realize whether you want to play the online slot or not. 

Know when to stop betting

Best wisely! Online slots are the games that consume players’ time the most. These games are so exciting that people spend hours to maximize their benefit.  Thus, players need to set both the amount of money they can contribute and win. If they reach the limits they set, they should quit the game and stop playing. Also, betting max does not increase the odds of winning. Players need to take into consideration that each slot game has a different degree of volatility. Slots with high volatility do not pay money often, yet they tend to give big amount of cash. On the other hand, low volatility popular slot games pay often and offer less money.

Use the Single Play Strategy

single play strategy

One of the most effective slot machine secret is the single play strategy. When you play at an online slot only once, you can get the highest possible amount of money. If you win after the first try, you continue playing, but if you lose, you hit another slot game. This strategy helps players save both their money and time.

Use Bonuses

Online slot casinos provide a vast range of promotions in the form of bonuses. Some of the bonus options casinos offer welcome bonuses, sign-up bonuses, and cashback. Using these promotions help gamblers understand slot machine strategy and get additional winnings too.


In conclusion, before finding popular slots and utilize slot machine hints, players should understand how these games work. Users need to know slot features as well as special symbols and icons. After getting acquainted with the game, players have to take into consideration the following points to find popular slot games. Reputation of the online casino, the design of its website, bonuses and free spins slots offer, and availability of the games to play on the go.

Moreover, types of slots help gamblers discover some of the most popular slot games online. Action, Mystery, Fruit, Marvel, and Vegas are a few categories of online slots that contain the best games. It is helpful to compare the type of slots. Popular games differ across classic and video slots. After finding popular games, it is time to use some slot machine secrets and play wisely. Trying the first game for free, applying single play strategy, setting spending and earning limits, and finally using offered bonuses help play better and win more.  

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