How does Riverslot online casino gambling system works?

by Matt Wright

Posted on March 4th, 2019

How does Riverslot online casino gambling system works?

Vegas-X is an internet consulting and gaming technology company. Their specially-selected online gaming online slot machine software answers and merchants have every sort of platform and customer-side equipment. The customers can use everything from browser-based, platform conditioned and mobile applications that utilize certified Java codebase, as well as innovative 3D online slot machine software resolutions. If you want to purchase online casino software, we offer to get the Riverslot online casino platform. This online casino gambling system holds in the contentious gambling market due to feature graphics, animation, and original storylines of online casino slot machines. The significant development of the company, which made it the leading Riverslot online casino software supplier is the multi-platform engine for video lotteries and online gambling software.

A little bit about


Riverslot Online casino expansion is also an option provided by the gambling system. It can adequately be considered innovative for getting bonuses in Bitcoin cryptocurrency there. The digital form of money is on the rise. Its value is growing. Therefore, as you ask your clients to bid in the Bitcoin, you involve a financially devoted reader of IT pros and miners.

Riverslot is an available casino program for games, sports bets, and cafes. Riverslot Casino slot machines can be connected in a sports bar or a Riverslot online casino. The Riverslot portfolio includes about 80 raised-quality and entertaining video slots. Casino slot machines are  differently themed: from classical stories regarding pirates, princesses, and Wild West, to the games presented by the Soviet cartoon “Nu, pogodi!” (“Wait, I will show you!”)

Riverslot also features a whole specter of facilities and services to run an internet-based business and optimize the current operating software. The Browser gambling system involves slots game machines, Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, Keno, and lottery. Furthermore, the operator of a casino can apply marketing devices to adjust premia, jackpots, loyalty programs. You can use the consumer care aid for event- and newsletter.

Riverslot online gambling software 


Casino gaming platform explications have many benefits. The multi-functional game club system was created based on the best high-quality software.

Primary benefits  associated with the gambling system are:

  • More than 80 Full HD online casino slot machines. Each machine has a high-class graphic design, intelligent, easy interface, engaging gameplay;
  • Riverslot online casino gambling system is generated on C++ language and is compatible with the Android, Windows, Mac, iOS platforms. These gambling products meet the necessary standards of the gambling world. Riverslot flexible  resolution is integrated within the newest Windows version and requires neither an encouraging environment nor a particular programming system;
  • Riverslot gaming software is like with most electronic  cash systems as well as e-wallets;
  • the platform allows you to set up  premium and reliability systems for gamers and bring new guests to a browser casino;
  • This platform declares to be very soft as well as adaptive. If you develop the software provider, you can transfer the Riverslot platform without wasting the players;
  • Riverslot system cross-platforms allow a play on any device having an internet connection.

So, how Riverslot works?


  • a game server;
  • the management system;
  • the system of jackpots and bonuses;
  • random number generator.



  • cash processing;
  • Player Monitoring System (for operators);
  • CMS (Content Management System);
  • E-newsletters devices;
  • digital marketing module.

Riverslot online gambling is the delegate of the few providers offering their clients connection co-operation (community). Riverslot Affiliate System is combined into the general casino system and consists of the following elements:

  • statistics and reports;
  • promotional campaign structure tools;
  • a referral system that includes both passive and active methods.

The significant benefit of Riverslot is the security system of private data and money transfer information. Riverslot personnel also controls the percentage of return payments in their slots to guarantee that the actual rate is compatible with the listed one.

The company portfolio includes Riverslot online casino slot machines already similar to players in Europe and CIS countries.

Vegas-x Company presents retailers with unique software answers for various sorts of cyber cafes and betting shops promoting and supporting the cross-platform format. It deserves to be the head online platform maker with high potential in the gaming industry. Gaming content offered to casino vendors is modernized continuously presenting them with the most innovative game set mentioned by the top-quality program.

Riverslot Internet Cafe Software


Riverslot gaming software does not need a difficult setup or specialized knowledge to connect. The developer’s team concentrates on improving practical solutions elaborating maximum of desired peculiarities. To use River slot casino content, members need to form an account at the cyber cafĂŠ. After defining a single e-wallet, all gaming products are available on multiple tools for every account partner.

Riverslot software gaming clarifications are proposed to explain the arrangement issues as well as to make each player’s experience including the most critical one.

Riverslot Internet Cafe Software active program creates an opportunity for players recognition and appointment and owns business strategy development. Their modern gaming software claims to be the last word know-how ensuring a comfortable start for every vendor.

Riverslot web-enabled POS tool explains the operation process implementing high-security level together with a user-friendly way. Thanks to a multilevel management system. Vendors accept the opportunity to provide unlimited places number with terminals, tablets, and mobile tools that can be easily controlled.

Online machine software allows you to manage and secure their cyber cafe, WiFi, public computers, gaming, and more. When seeking the best online slot machine software, you will need to know what to look for in an online gambling website. Unless, you could miss out on some big changes, exclusive games, and bonuses! First, you will want to search for an online gambling venue with a  lot of various games and an extensive collection for each game type. The best online slot machine software has 100 to 300 casino games or more. The game types include Poker games  (3-card poker, video poker, and live dealer poker), Roulette (American and European), Baccarat, 3D online Slots, Vegas Slots,  classic slots, and video online slot machine software, Blackjack, and even games like Bingo and Keno!

It is simple to buy and install the software. All system modules are embedded in a Riverslot online casino or a gaming terminal.