Online Casino Software and Online Slot Software

by Jack Morgan

Posted on August 9th, 2019

Online Casino Software and Online Slot Software

We cannot imagine a day without the internet and technology in the 21st century. It has already become a large part of our lives. Our work, our communication, our spare time is mostly dependent on it. We enjoy scrolling on social media. We are excited when one of our bloggers posts a new publication. And, of course, we enjoy playing online casino games. As this business is widely growing now, online casino software, including online slot software, has a significant demand comparing among other software. In the last decade, online casinos turned into one of the most popular internet video games.

Being competitive on the internet is a very challenging goal. Products and services on the internet do not have defined limitations and boundaries as time and place. This fact has many advantages, but in line with benefits, it has drawbacks, also. The main advantage of it is that as a business owner, you are not restricted to one country or one place. Your potential customers might be everyone from all around the world. And the drawbacks are also related to this. As a result of globalization, you have many competitors in any industry. Notably, about the casino software industry, thousands of online casinos are competing with each other.

However, as clients, gamers see the advantages of this competition. A competitive environment leads to vast improvements in that industry. While talking about the online slot software industry, online casino portals are becoming more customized. They are investing a large amount of money on security and safety. They are developing great video graphics features and 3D games. 

What makes Casino Software competitive?

online slot software

There exist many factors that online casino software developers should consider to be competitive. While they should be able to develop new, unique features, they should also meet the standards of the industry. It will have no meaning if your game is very engaging, but it does not involve simple features like payment options or multi-platform compatibility. Hence, developers should be well aware of the current characteristics of any software, including online slot software, and professionally meet them. 

If you want to start your own online casino business, the first thing to do is finding a competitive online casino software provider. This process will not be simple as there exist many different providers in your location. Besides, many software developers provide outsourcing opportunities. Thus, you can find one even from a very long distance. In a global market like this, making a choice will be time-consuming. Therefore, we created the below list for you. This list indicates the most critical sides of software provides for you to consider. As a result, you will save a lot of time and energy. 

Games of Online Slot Software

Providing software with fun games is not enough for staying competitive. Even the most loyal gamers will get bored after some time. What they need are constant engagement and new excitements. Therefore, a professional software developer should ensure that they will add new games each month. Though it sounds a little surprising, this feature has already become the industry practice. Almost every online casino software ensures a rich library of games such as interesting online slots where new ones are added periodically. Besides, if an online slot software provider adds new games automatically and entirely free, it will instantly stand out in the competition. 

You should not forget that players sign in online casinos to play games. Therefore, your most powerful tool in designing excellent tools. You should offer a variety of games including classic or modern slot games, table games like poker or blackjack.  In this way, you ensure that no player will switch your software to another because of dull gaming experience. 

Payment options

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Another essential factor that makes software unique is payment options. First of all, online casino software should support many different types of payment methods. These methods should work smoothly both for payments and withdrawals. In fact, governmental bodies and other third parties heavily regulate payment transactions. They ensure that no fraud is involved and the account details of customers are encrypted safely. Besides, those bodies audit and give an online casino license to casinos based on payment activities. With permits, online casinos become more trusted. The online slot software and casino software providers need to focus more on the events involving money to help any casino to get those licenses.

Multi-device compatibility

Multi-platform compatibility has already become an industry standard. In the past, people were happy with brick and mortar casinos. However, then online casinos emerged, which enabled them to play whenever they want without visiting a physical casino. As smartphones advanced, online casinos enhanced their availability to mobile devices, too. And now, there exist many different operating systems, namely, IOS, Androids, or Windows, Linux. Besides, people own various devices, like computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. Therefore, any online casino software, including slot software, should support many platforms. It is not a luxury anymore; compatibility is not a unique feature. Based on the gambling statistics we can say that if you want your online casino business to survive, you need to find software, which provides games for various systems.

Instant Play or Download

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There exist two types of online casinos; Instant-play and Download apps. Instant play means that customers can access the games just by entering an online casino through a web browser. They do not need to download any apps or install additional software to enjoy games. It has some advantages, as you will not need any storage. Having a computer and internet access is all a player needs.

On the other hand, players can also download individual apps of online casinos using their app stores or webpage of the casino. The downside of this type is that you need to forego some space from your hard disk. When new games are added, the size of the application will get even more significant. Therefore, it can lead to slow loading time. However, players have different tastes. The best strategy is to develop software that is available through Instant play and via applications. In this way, you ensure that your casino will reach a broader base of global customers. 

Customer service

Technology advanced quickly during the last decades. However, sometimes, players can face technical issues or errors while playing a game. If they do not find the solution to the problem quickly, there is a high probability that they will leave. Therefore, the right online casino software should enable its clients to use various communication channels. This channels might include email, telephone, or live chat. Besides, the existence of customer care is an indication of the reliability of an online casino. If clients notice that there is no customer service or representatives answer questions ambiguously, they will be suspicious. As a result, they can switch your software to another one. It is always advisable to care, clients, as they are the primary source of your income. Hence, finding an online slot games software provider that enables you to solve the problems of customers fast will lead you to instant success. 



Bonus features do not only make gaming exciting but also attract more customers. From time to time, players might hesitate to use online gambling. After long years of betting in fancy casinos, online ones might seem not so reliable. Welcome bonuses can be a great tool to solve this issue. In order to motivate those gamers, welcome bonuses of free spins, free or no-deposit games to players. After a player starts playing, other types of bonuses will stimulate them to continue and stay loyal. One of those bonus features might be progressive jackpots. It ensures that the jackpot amount increases steadily until someone wins it. When you try to choose a competitive online casino software or online slot software, analyze their extra features. Their bonuses can be an essential factor for making your online casino business profitable. 

Exclusive Design of Online Slot Software

    The key to success for online casinos is the credibility of its customers. The human mind works in a way that we trust the things and people with whom we are familiar. Thus, unique design plays a huge role in the prosperity of online software. Online casino software development group which guarantees the exclusive design is a key to your success. The unique design of your online casino will make your portal easily recognizable. As a result of what, customers will feel your website familiar and will trust it.

For this reason, big brands are investing large amounts of money into building their brand and brand positioning. Once a brand could reach a level of high brand recognition, it will have a high customer retention rate. In other words, customers who have tried your product or service once, and were satisfied, have a lower chance of switching to other products.

But, of course, this condition holds only in case of product or service has high brand recognition. The reason is that people do not like to change their consumption habits, but they don’t want to spend a lot of time on finding a product. If they were satisfied with one product and they can easily recognize it among others, then they will most probably purchase the same product. Applying this logic into online slot software, exclusive design for an online casino will make its customers trust this portal and make them loyal customers. As a result of what, a profit of the online casino portal will boost. 

Security and Privacy

security and privacy

    Globalization and the popularity of the internet made our lives much more comfortable. However, there were points in which we all became conscious. We all are using our devices for connecting into different portals, starting from a simple email system and ending with blogs. While surfing on those websites, we are clicking on thousands of links. We are logging in into different websites using our email or social media data. But we want all those links to be secured. We do not want our personal data to be stolen.

Therefore, privacy and safety became one of the basic requirements for any portal. The online casino software company should be cautious about this issue. In fact, in the last decade, the term “social engineering” became popular. Social engineering is the act of manipulating someone to steal his or her private information. Someone can hear your name and identify in which bank your account is by your plastic card in the shop. And right after, he can call you and introduce himself as representative of that bank, refer you by your name and ask you to tell him your card number. Of course, you might see that this is a ridiculous case, but still, there exist some people who became a victim of social engineering.

In online worlds, these manipulations happen in the form of suspicious messages or other kinds of notifications. You might receive a message asking you to click on the link, and that link might be the program that will retrieve your data. Online slot software should guarantee a hundred percent safety in the online casino portal. All data of the clients should be properly encrypted, and all kinds of privacy violations should be reported and stopped. 

Effects of Online Slot Software

    Video effects and sound effects have become a great tool in the hands of movie and video game producers. Scientists have analyzed and concluded that it affects our brain more than the actual content of the movie. Many great movie directors are using these effects to influence our emotions more. This sound and video effects are creating a kind of mood or environment around us. Thus online casino software developers also started to use this tool. They are developing online casinos with 3D games and great soundtracks. Effects are even more critical for online slot software. These soundtracks help us feel more comfortable and enjoy playing.

Split screen

    While playing slot games on online casino portals we all sometimes get bored of playing one game at a time. We are becoming impatient for waiting for the spin of the slot. Thus, a new competitive advantage that online casino software development companies are building is a feature of splitting the screen. It has many positive impacts on customers. First, the player would not get bored from playing one game at a time. The can play two or more slot games at the online slot, and they should not wait for the spin.

Secondly, while playing several games at one time, they can build the risk hedging strategy on the games. In other words, they will be able to diversify their bets and choose the best approach. While increasing the stake in one game, they can decrease it in another and so on. By doing this, they will be able to cover their risks. Thirdly, the casino will earn more money out of this feature, as players will play not one game. Mathematically speaking, at the same time playing this feature will double or triple the revenue of the casino.  

What Vegas-X Offers?

online slot software

Among so many features and casino software providers, you might be stuck to choose one. This process might take a lot of time and energy of yours. However, if you want to start your business, do not worry. Just take your device and contact Vegas-X representatives. Our team will install your online slot software in less than an hour. Besides, you will enjoy a lot of benefits offered by Vegas-X.

Our software gives full control to business owners. We have created administrative tools, including dashboards and panel, which stores all data related to game transactions. You can use our analytical tools to find out which games are mostly preferred and which ones bring the most profit. Besides, our software is large-scale. They can accommodate hundreds of different games and still ensure smooth and fast operations. No matter whether you wish to install sweepstakes software or slot software, we provide you get multi-device compatibility. Gamers using any device and any operating systems will be able to play your games. Also, we integrate CRM into your system so that you can build long term relations with your clients. As a result, you will be able to increase the loyalty of your customers, also. 

Our engaging games of the online slot software with excellent graphics and friendly user interface will be a favorite of all gamers. We will provide your business with various types of games, including keno, slot, bingo, and other table games. Our team develops a cloud-based online casino software system to help you enjoy the free benefits of online casinos. Just contact us and enjoy the simplicity of management.