4 Differences Between Traditional and Online Slot Machines

by Isabella Mason

Posted on October 29th, 2019

4 Differences Between Traditional and Online Slot Machines

Although the first slot machine has been the three-reel game, now the gambling industry provides customers with seven or even nine-reel games with more than 60 paylines. Another important advancement that the gambling industry has achieved is online slot machines. Meanwhile, there are enough fans of land-based casinos, most of the gamers prefer to play online slot games. Continue reading, if you cannot choose which way to go; traditional or online. In this article, we will explain the main differences between online and traditional slot machines.

#1 Speed of Online Slot Machines

The first and one of the most important differences between traditional and online slot machines is the speed of play. When gamblers play various casino games such as blackjack, baccarat or roulette at a land-based casino, the structure of the slot machines will define the speed of the process. Nevertheless, online slot machines provide users with a fast gaming experience by clicking one button. Unfortunately, there are no big speed differences between online and traditional versions of video poker games. Yet, most of the online slot machines offer users higher speeds than traditional ones. Therefore, if you want to buy a slot machine, you should consider this feature.

Frankly, the advantages of online machines can change depending on the preferences of gamers. They are favorable for users who would like to experience faster and more exciting play. However, if you prefer to play safer and preserve your bankroll by spending slower, you should choose traditional slot machines. Keep in mind that when you play faster, you will have more possibility of losing faster. Therefore, the speed of play a crucial role in the decision process for choosing the slot machine type. 

#2 Spot Availability

online slot machines

How many times have you entered a brick and mortar casino and have waited in a queue for a place at your favorite slot machine? If you have never been in a land-based casino, we can ensure that it is a typical situation in these places. More precisely, if you decide to play slot games at traditional casinos, you will probably have to wait for a certain amount of time. Nevertheless, when you prefer to gamble at an online casino, all “seats” are always available. The casino software will enable customers to enjoy their favorite slots online at any time. It is a fact that if an online casino does not satisfy you, you can easily move to another one. Therefore, game developers design online slot games that deliver high-quality and fast performance. Hereby, competition in the gambling industry offers gamers more online casino options and great games. 

Besides, most of the online casinos provide gamblers with a vast variety of online slots easily. Because there are no limitations based on the size of the gaming place. If you would like to perform poker, it might be difficult to find a free spot in the brick and mortar casino. Additionally, most casino games are not lucrative for land-based casinos. Therefore, they prefer to offer the ones which have the capability to bring more profit to the business. Nonetheless, online casino holders do not have the same problem. They can deliver a wide diversity of online games regardless of profitability. Because, when they purchase game software once, it will not require more investment to offer the acquired game. 

#3 Money Transactions

Another significant difference between traditional slot machines and online slot machines is the money transaction issues. If you decide to entertain in the land-based casino, you should bring your money, wire it to the casino and make it accessible for gaming in the form of cash or credit. The next step is to convert your cash into casino chips. You do not need to worry if you cannot finish all of the casino chips. Casinos will allow you to convert remaining chips into actual currency. 

On the other hand, online casino businesses use different ways of money transactions. More precisely, they apply various systems for moving deposits and payouts. The most common and effective method you can practice in online casinos for money transaction is credit cards. However, some online casinos enable their customers to use more advanced methods such as cryptocurrency. Additionally, you can make money transactions through online wallet systems such as PayPal. Even, there is a special type of online e-money service, Neteller wallet systems, which are designed for the gambling industry. At the same time, some of the online casinos also receive credit transfers; but, it is not more usual options for many online casinos.  

Additionally, limitations of the deposit alternatives that online casinos offer to depend on the place that you accommodate. The state and banking industry mainly define the rules for the money transaction through the gambling industry. Although the system in online casinos looks simple and efficient, you cannot easily transfer your money into or out of them. Nevertheless, this process will take minutes in the land-based casinos. It makes the process more challenging for users who play online slot machines for real money

Support Service for Money Transactions

If you have ever experienced any trouble or difficulty related to deposit transactions, you can contact the online casinos. All you need is to send a message to the support team which will provide you with solutions for 7/24. As a result, you will be able to make deposits smoothly and enjoy playing online slot machines for real money. 

#4 Bonus System

bonus system

One of the significant features of online casinos is bonuses on deposits. They follow this strategy for attracting new potential customers to their business. When you research online casinos, you can notice an extensive variety of bonus programs offered by them. At first sight, it can seem a great deal; however, keep in mind that online casino is a business which should deliver profit. Therefore, each online casino has different kinds of bonus systems and they are based on precise rules and conditions. You can get information about these rules though the terms and conditions section of the online casino websites. 

Nevertheless, brick and mortar casinos don’t deliver bonuses in the same way. Sometimes, they can offer different types of comps and coupons to clients. Thus, if you like to play on traditional slot machines and do not want to waste time on the queue in the land-based casinos, you can buy a slot machine. Nonetheless, we would like to remind you that you will miss these coupons and comp which make additional money.  


Are traditional or online slot machines are better? In other words, do online casinos or land-based casinos deliver more profit and entertainment? The response depends on the preferences of the players. More precisely, choices about which slot games you prefer, how you gamble, what are your gaming aims define your casino selection. Now, you already know 4 main differences between brick-mortar and online casinos. Therefore, you can determine which one is a more suitable alternative for you.