How Did Slot Machine Games Emerge?

by Jeffrey Black

Posted on October 28th, 2019

How Did Slot Machine Games Emerge?

If you are new to the online casino world and have less experience, there is a chance that you missed out on some interesting facts about online slots. As one of the essential parts of the casino business, slot games have a unique background. We will try to keep it short because you are probably more into playing casino slots than reading. In this post, you will have a chance to learn about the history of slot machine games and how they evolved through time. So let’s start with the first slot machine in the history of gambling. 

First Generation of Slot Machine Games

In 1891 two friends from Brooklyn, New York, developed the very first slot machine. It is considered to be the ancestor of new hit-tech slot machines. The slot game in that machine was fundamental, but it captured many people’s attention. So, owners slowly started engaging those machines in their bars, and that leads to improvement. 

Liberty Bell

Charles Fey created the second invention for slot games in 1895. That game was primitive, but it somehow resembled modern slot games online. There were three reels and three rows. Symbols of Liberty Bell slot machine game featured several playing cards. This type of old slot machine game was hard to play, considering modern solutions for online gambling. At that time, players needed to pull levers so that reels start moving. There was not any automatic control or setting bars, just like today’s online casino slots. Players were waiting for reels to stop, and then they could see whether it is a jackpot or not. In eighteen-nineties, prizes in slot machine games were rewarding fifty cents for matching three symbols. Charles Fey’s invention led to the improvement of the gambling industry, and the Liberty Bell slot machine is still saved in Nevada, Las Vegas. 

Operator Bell

slot machine games

Before getting into modern slot machine games for pc, we would like to mention one last ancestor of those games, which was the Operator Bell. Operator Bell was developed in 1910. This slot machine was an improved version of Liberty Bell and had various features. The only problem for that time was the weight of the device. These slot machines weighed over a hundred pounds, and it was hard to move them from side to side. Fruit symbols came to the online casino game industry with the Operator Bell slot machine. In each reel of this slot machine games, there were different fruit images, diamonds, hearts, spades, and such symbols. During this time, slot games have become very popular and addictive. So, the American government decided to ban them and make them illegal. Though, massive demand for slot games led to changes in both the gambling industry and law-making about the issue. 

Advances in Slot Games 

As time goes by, modern technology-enhanced slot machines and manual games advanced to become electromechanical ones. The betting system and overall design of those slot machine games online were considerably improved by using advanced technology. Higher bets, higher pay-outs, and Random Number Generator systems helped players to enjoy their favorite casino games. The popularity of casino slots grew incrementally, and nowadays, they are contributing to almost seventy percent of revenue in casinos.  

Online Slots  

The invention of online casinos was considered the most significant invention since the Liberty Bell slot machine. Online casino games took off from the first day that this platform was established. As a flagship game, casino helped first online casino portals to grow. Currently, there are thousands of people who are enjoying slot machine games from their houses. That is because of improvements and adjustments that casino brands acquired through the years. For the last two decades, online casino games have changed a lot. Graphics of the games, bet sizes, symbols, figures, reels, and formats of the slots are nowhere near to the first slot games. So let’s move on to discuss one of the inventions in gambling slot play that is progressiveness. 

The emergence of Progressive Slot Games

In recent memory, there have been many occasions that progressive slots gave out millions of dollars to lucky online casino players. The advantage that slot players getting by playing progressive slots in online casinos instead of land-based ones is about the cash-out amount. In online casino portals, hundreds of players are linked together while playing a wide-area progressive slot game. Since the number of players is higher, the progressive slot jackpot is also getting more significant. 

Benefits of Online Casino Slots in Comparison with Land Based Slot Machine Games

Slot machine games for pc are also beneficial for players because they are asking for lower bets than land-based casinos. Coin sizes in online casino portals are starting from as little as a quarter-cent. That is an excellent feature for amateur players because by playing and learning online casino games, they are not risking any enormous losses. Pay lines are also higher in online casino games. Modern slots have as much as fifty pay lines that can work and pay separately.

The emergence of 3D slots 

First, there were basic slot games, and then they improved a lot as one of the recent inventions now we have 3D slots. 3D animations seem unique and exciting while combining them with slot games. Fresh storylines were one of the lacks of slot machine games till now. After the emergence of 3D slots, players can play popular slot games that look like console video games. Storylines help players to focus and get entertainment while playing for an extended period. 

Nowadays, online casinos are full of various themed 3D slot games. Players can play those games on touch screens, personal computers, and even mobile phones. Bonus rounds are what make 3D slots so amazing. While the player earns rewards from the slot machine game, the 3D slot presents it with movie scenes. In casinos, gamblers can play online casino games for real money and free coins. So, you can fulfill your casino desires even if you do not want to spend money on the unknown slot game. 

Casino Slot Games are Available 24/7 

Casino players waved goodbye to old days where they need to go to the land-based casinos to play their favorite slots. Availability is the key to the success of online casino games. While sitting at your house, you can play slot machine games and enjoy every ounce of it without any inconvenience. In classic casinos, there was not much of an option regarding slots. However, now, we have thousands of breeds with different features. Players can test slot games for free and choose whichever suits them well. There are various slot machines games for pc, android and IOS devices in the market. Regularly, casino slots are getting new features and improving current ones. That is the main reason why slots are one of the best slot machine games online.

Slot machine games have come a long way from the Liberty Bell to current video slots. Mechanic levers improved to become automatic buttons. Many changes happen throughout the history of casino gaming. These changes led to success, and now we have a great variety of online slots that are available in online casinos from all around the world. If you are one of those players who want to get knowledge about the history of casino slots, make sure to read this passage. Hopefully, it will be interesting for you.