Top 5 IGT Slots for Online Gamblers

by Isabella Mason

Posted on October 6th, 2019

Top 5 IGT Slots for Online Gamblers

As important as it is to choose the right online casino, it’s equally essential for gamblers to know the best games on offer by these casinos. The best games do not only entertain you, but they also ensure your experience online is one you will always cherish. Some of the most memorable casinos made their names by becoming online slot providers. IGT, formerly called International Game Technology, is one of such names. The name has a special place in the hearts of many gamblers, and IGT slots are always in high demand.

Very few companies in the casino gaming industry are as dynamic and innovative as IGT. No wonder IGT slots are so popular. The company is highly in-demand for their casino software, and many casinos have built their business around IGT casino games. The best part, their portfolio of games keeps growing every year. Companies rely on them for the best online slots, and gamblers can’t get enough of IGT slots.

But one may ask, where to find the best IGT slots online?

Information about the best places to play online slots is always vital for winning. Because the internet is replete with online casinos. Some with IGT slots and others with games from other online slot providers. There are many slot games out there that aren’t worth your time and money. Therefore it’s in your best interest to know which games deserve the investment of your time. To find which of the top IGT slots you need to playing online, keep reading.

But first, a quick look at how to find IGT games.

Finding IGT games online

The company initially specialized in slot machines in land-based casinos. However, since IGT diversified to online gambling, they have increased the range of slot games in their portfolio. Perhaps some of the most recognizable names in gaming to belong to this company. Names such as Wheel of Fortune, Monopoly, and Cluedo. They also have classic releases that are very popular in most online casinos.

Most of the games in the IGT portfolio can found and played across any online or mobile-based platforms. All it takes is a good search engine and an internet connection. Some gamblers prefer to download casino apps to play their games. Others prefer to play right from their browsers. Either option is fine. Also, IGT has a large variety of slot machines and other casino games in various remarkable land-based casinos around the world.

Top-rated IGT slots

igt slots

IGT has been trailblazers in the domain of online slots for decades without end. Naturally, they have an impressive library of the best online slots. Many of the games on this list have into the time slot hall of fame. With thousands of loyal gamblers from around the world committed to playing online. Even today, online slot providers are still thriving to reach the heights and high standards set by IGT. As far as online gaming goes, you can’t consider yourself a real gambler until you’ve tried your luck at all the games in the list below.

Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of fortune slot got its name from the famous game show called by the same name. If you’ve ever watched, you’ve also experienced the tension and excitement in the room as contestants try to solve puzzles. The original game show debuted in 1975, and since then, the number of spin-offs keeps rising. The Wheel of Fortune on Tour slot game is one of the best spin-offs ever.

 The game has a travel theme and a beautiful rock-n-roll soundtrack. It is best suited for seasoned gamblers who are familiar with high volatility games. Imagine making a quarter of a million dollars in a single spin. That’s how high the payout of this game. However, the chances of winning are low.

Family Guy

If you love Seth McFarlane’s adult animated TV called guy, then you’ll fall head over heels with the Family Guy slot. A hilarious and exciting game, this IGT slot delivers ample doses of five-reel spins. It has 30 pay lines and features a lot of famous show characters. To get to join the Griffin family and play along in their dysfunctional squabbles. Right from the comfort of your home.

If The Rock would play a slot game before heading out into the Jumanji jungles, you bet he’d choose Family Guy.  

Double Diamond

As a typical IGT slot game, the Double Diamond slot is ultra-playable and very rewarding to gamblers. They initially developed the game for land-based casinos in Monte Carlo, Las Vegas, and London. If you’ve been in the online casino business for a while, you know this games from IGT is considered one of the best online slots of all time. For such a renowned slot, it has a rather simple layout, cool after-effects, and intuitive gameplay.

Believe it or not, the Double Diamond’s payout percentage is about 95.4%. If this doesn’t whet your appetite, then don’t know what else can.

Kitty Glitter

kitty glitter

Very few online slots providers can boast of a game like Kitty Glitter. Here IGT game back to the gambling community by including may free spins. So the game has a unique appeal to gamblers who love freebies and bonuses – and who doesn’t? Many confuse it with the Pretty Kitty Slot. But, these two are worlds apart. The Kitty has in store, a total of 225 free spins waiting for you. Like any other IGT slot on this list, it has many surprises for players.

Next time you play this slot watch out for a diamond in the rough. Many do not know, but, this diamond holds the biggest payout in the entire game. You’ll need some extra pockets just to fit in your payout after such a lucrative cash prize.

Siberian Storm 

Winter is coming! Well, winter is finally here. Another top IGT slot, this game takes plays on a winter’s tale with 720 different ways to win each time you spin the reels. It beats many of the best online slot games by far. But the Siberian storm doesn’t stop there. The game features five reels that spin to award gamers with bonuses, high payout, and free spins.

To play, you need to pay 50 coins each of the 720 spins of the reels. You can make changes to your coin value depending on your preferences. Remember, the game doesn’t feature fast play or autoplay function.

Other top online slot providers 

Apart from IGT, there are several other renowned online slot providers with top slot games in many casinos online. Many of these brands are very familiar to both physical casino players and gamblers online. Like IGT slots, games from these casino providers are also among some of the best online slots. Seven of these honorable mentions include:

  • Bally Technologies
  • Vegas-X
  • Booming Games
  • Genesis Gaming
  • Riversweeps Platinum
  • Gaming Innovative Group (GiG)


The casino industry is a very competitive one. Every day, many new casinos and online slots providers spring up. However, only those who can stand the test of time rise to the top and remain there. Players in the industry will always gravitate towards the games that give them what they are after. Hence, IGT slots and several interesting online slots have carved a place at the top for themselves. If you have any games you feel you’ve been on this list; please do tell in comments.