What are the best online casino games of 2021?

by Matt Wright

Posted on October 24th, 2019

What are the best online casino games of 2021?

As one of the main adult entertainment activities, gambling is getting more popular. The number of casino games is increasing, just like the quality and accessibility of those games. Players access online casino games from internet sweepstakes cafes, PCs, and even mobile devices. Players become more engaged and demanding towards gambling sites. Online gamblers want to get the best services at reasonable prices. This post aims to cover the most entertaining online casino games and give detailed info about their features. The first game on the list of casino games is Deuces Wild.

#1 Deuces Wild

Poker is one of the most popular online casino games. Deuces Wild is an online casino game that Vegas X is offering to its users. It is a modern poker game to get the best poker hand that is possible for a particular round. The essential point in this game is that all the deuces need to be counted as a wild card. In other words, if a player has a pair of queens and the deuce on board, that player will have three queens. As you can see, deuces count as queens in that case because they can replace cards using deuces wild feature. 

How to play Deuces Wild?

To play Deuces Wild, players need first to insert credit points, and after that, they need to choose the amount that they would like to credit on the hand. For those particular rounds, players are obliged to play with that credit amount. If you passed this phase, then you can press the deal button on the slot machine. After that, the player will get five random cards, and the slot machine will ask which cards they want to keep and which ones they want to pass. You can press the hold button while you are scrolling on the cards. By doing so, you will keep those mentioned cards for this round. Online casino games, especially poker, is not that hard to play. Though, you need to practice before actually playing for real money. 

By keeping cards for the next rounds, players ensure that they will not change though deuces if they got two of them. Once a player decides which cards to hold and which ones to pass, they need to press a deal button so that cards would change. After this procedure, at the beginning of the next round, the slot machine will look at your hand and decide whether or not your hand is right enough to win an ultimate prize or not. In online casino games such as poker, it is better to play by your side so that you can estimate future results. This tip is also working in the Deuces Wild casino game.  

Deuces Wild is a unique poker game, and while playing it, you will have more chance of getting prizes rather than playing regular video poker. The reason for that is the Deuces Wild feature of the game that allows you to maintain good standing while playing several rounds. If you want to create a winning strategy, you need to learn the rules of this game, and in the next paragraph, we will go through the main provisions of the Deuces Wild poker game.  

Rules of the Game 

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Deuces Wild poker game is played through fifty-two regular cards. This matter is eliminating the chances of players to get the same denominations of the same cards twice. Playing with fifty-two cards is also useful for maintaining an equal opportunity for winning. Sometimes people think that casino games are rigged, and it is unfair. Though, Deuces Wild is giving a fair chance for everyone at winning. Decks are shuffled automatically using random variables. It is different from real poker because, in this game, players could not see which cards used and which are not till that time. All Deuces are wild cards, as we mentioned before, so that they will contribute to the player’s hand. Whatever benefits you the most, deuces will turn to that card type. Deuces Wild cards are coming after two rounds consecutively till the game ends.

#2 Billyonaire

Billyonaire is on the list of casino games that gained popularity in 2019. Amatic developed this casino slot. There are five rows and five reels in this online casino game. You can put a wager on forty different pay lines while playing Billyonaire. It is a progressive slot game, which means players can earn considerable prizes in the form of a jackpot. Free spin chances, unlimited bonuses, creative design, and exciting storyline, makes Billyonaire one of the best online casino games in the market. 


As you can expect from the name of the game, Billyonaire is a very generous game. Players can use pay lines in their favor while playing this kind of online casino games. Bet range changes from ten to forty, and on each spin, you will get a chance at earning great rewards. There are wild symbols in this game that can lead players to Grand X Casino. In other words, creating a winning line that includes wild symbols will give you an opportunity of getting a free spin, re-spin, and thousand coin bonuses. The scatter logo for Billyonaire is Ace, and it has excellent features. For instance, by using spread ace, players can collect up to fifty thousand coins and seven free spin opportunities.

#3 Bells on Fire Rombo

Fruit slots are one of the most popular types of online casino games. Bells on Fire is on the list of casino games that feature fruits. The game is offered by Vegas X, and it is developed by Amatic gaming company. Several winning combinations, colorful design, and exclusive bonus features make this game outstanding. 

Gameplay of Bells on Fire Rombo 

In the main screen of the game, you will see reels, rows, and start button. To play this game, you need to push the start button and wait for the reels to spin. Before spinning reels, players need to make deposits in pay lines according to their balance. There is a help button that can give information about gameplay and lead players to better results. If you are having a problem with the Bells on Fire Rombo, you can push the help button. By doing so, you will learn terms, conditions, and such essential aspects regarding gameplay.


bells on fire rombo

Bells on Fire Rombo have different fruit symbols. For instance, lemons, plums, grapes, oranges, melons are the main symbols of the game. Besides, there are also symbols like stars, bells, lucky seven, etc. Winning combinations are consisting of at least three identical symbols next to each other or the left side with the same order. A wild symbol is a bell that can give players multiplier effects. Bell figure can replace any other symbol besides scattering one while playing Bells on Fire Rombo

To finalize, producers are launching new casino games. Some of them getting success, and some fail because of the competitiveness level of this industry. As a player, it is better to learn about trending casino games because it can help you to choose the most beneficial match for your taste. If you are still searching for the best online casino games, make sure to check this list out and try those games in advance.