Best Slots to Play Online – 5 Features That Make Them Fun

by Jack Morgan

Posted on November 6th, 2019

Best Slots to Play Online – 5 Features That Make Them Fun

People have different opinions about the casino games. Some of them like poker, while others have affection for blackjacks. But it would not be an exaggeration to mention that slot games are the most popular and entertaining casino games. It becomes more and more complicated to determine which are the best slots to play out there. But before that, you should know about some of the crucial features of the slot games. In this article, we will look at five essential features that you should focus on while playing your favorite slot game. 

Features of The Best Slots to Play

While playing in online casino games, you probably get lost in the emotions. It is normal to feel these emotions, but they should not deceive you. While playing and enjoying your favorite game, you should question the quality of it. And you should ask yourself, is it worth playing? Here are the five most important features that the best slots to play should focus on.


It is the indicator of the impression the game makes in your brain. The better the graphics, the more chances to remember the game for a long time. That is why nowadays, game development companies try to have HD graphics in casino slot games. It is one of the first factors that determine the reputation of the game. The symbols and the theme of the game should feel real. It is one of the factors that makes the game one of the best slots to play. Some games deliver it so brilliantly that you get attached to the game without notice. 


The fact that the slot game has vibrant graphics is not enough. Another crucial feature of any slot game is that it should have an auto-spin. In any casino game, you should have a relaxation of having smooth gameplay. In slot games, an auto-spin is an indicator of it. While you sit at home, you can spin the reels for hours and wait for the winning combinations to form. 


Another essential feature of the slot games is the number of paylines it has. Nowadays, the best slot games have a different number of paylines. And that affects people’s opinion about the game. The more paylines you have, the more people you attract. However, having fewer paylines does not make the game terrible. It just makes the slot hard to beat.

In most cases, slot games with fewest paylines have the biggest jackpots. In short, notice the paylines before you start playing. And make your choice depending on your taste. 

Free Spins and Bonuses

That is what motivates a lot of people to play the game. Because without the free spins, the best slot machines to play do not entertain you so much. And bonuses are equally significant as the free spins. That is why you will see at least one of these two features in the popular slot games you want to play. It would be better if the game has both of them. 


And practically it is the most crucial feature of the best slots to play. The features we have mentioned above are about the quality and entertainment side of the game. But the RTP is what slot game pays you if you win. It is better for the reputation of the game if it has more than 90 percent RTP. But we will see that the games we mention have more than 95, even 97 percent RTP. In online gambling, you should be aware of your winnings. And the slot must be paying you the fair amount of money you have won. 

The Best Slot Games of 2019: Zombies

The first game on our list is a game with a unique and brilliant theme. It has everything we have mentioned above. The quality of the vibrant graphics of the game is undeniable. NetEnt has developed the game, and there is no question about the gameplay. It has five reels, twenty paylines, unique symbols. RTP of the game is 97 percent, and it is one of the highest numbers in video slots. There are free spins in the game too. But the only thing that this game lacks is the absence of bonus rounds. However, that does not prevent the game from being one of the best slots to play. 

Demolition Squad

There is a ranking platform that many people are unaware of: Fun to Play Score. Depending on the reviews and comments of the users and critics, the game gets points out of ten. This game has a rating of eight. There are five reels, and that is a decent number. But as we have mentioned, the paylines of the game is crucial. If we rank the game for them, Demolition Squad should be on the top of our list of best slots to play. Because the game has forty of them. RTP is more than 97 percent, and the game is quite an entertainment from beginning to end. That is why it is no wonder to see this game among the top online casinos

Sinbad’s Golden Voyages

People who love fairytales will also enjoy this game. It has an excellent theme and graphics. Based on the movie of 1973, Sinbad attracts a lot of people just because of its unique symbols. It has eight Fun Score and 97.1 percent RTP. There are the highest number of paylines in this game, 163. That is a critical factor for a lot of people to distinguish this game. Because it is scarce to see 163 winning paylines in any slot machine, you will encounter. There are no bonus rounds, but the free spins will do it for you. That is why Sinbad is one of the best slots to play in 2019. 



It is another example of the best slots to play online. You can find this iconic game in Vegas-x. It is hard to give up after you start. That is why the game has an excellent Fun Score, more than any other game on our list. And there are both bonus rounds and free spins available in the game. There is no need for a guideline to play, which makes the game brilliant in any way you can imagine. The graphics, sound effects, and winning combinations- you will love everything about this excellent game. 


Including all the features we have mentioned above, it remains complicated to choose the best slots to play. You have thousands of choices in front of you and the unique taste of your own. That is why other than the key features, your personal experience is also important. So, while trying to find the best slot machines to play, you should still stick to your preferences. After all, you can find the games that meet all the significant features and even make you feel satisfied.