Security Features of Online Gambling Software

by Matt Wright

Posted on January 27th, 2020

Security Features of Online Gambling Software

Online gambling has become one of the most sought after hobbies for adults. Online gambling software has allowed gamblers to play and earn real money without leaving the comfort of their homes. But as with any case, when it comes to sharing your personal information and depositing real money, security should be one of your main concerns. Even as a business owner who runs an online casino cafe, you carry even more responsibility for the data security of your clients. 

Online gambling software, whether used by independent gamblers, or business owners, should feature many forms of security to ensure a safe atmosphere for players. Lucky for you, almost all legitimate online casino software feature a set of security checks and balances system that allows for safe gameplay. Even sweepstakes software and internet cafe software has its security systems that are necessary for the success of the software. So then, the point of this article is to inform you of some of the security features of online gambling software that will boost your confidence in choosing and using the most optimal online gambling software.

Spotting an unsafe online gambling software 

Before starting to list the features, it would be wise to give you an idea of how to spot an online gambling software that may be lacking in the security department. It may be hard for the untrained eye to spot an unsafe casino. Fortunately, there are some ways you can tackle the issue of security before it even arises. Experts mainly advise three significant factors to investigate before choosing an online casino software.

Firstly you should be keen on looking into reviews of the software you want to work with or use. You don’t need an expert to tell you this, but unfortunately, most of the time, this step is overlooked. Google is your best friend, in this case, using it to search for the written reviews for the software of choice will take minutes of your time, but save you even more in the long run. Reviews written by users like you will help you see the real face of the gambling platforms. A software provider will never state their weakness, so it is up to real gamblers to point them out. In most cases, you can even see if the casino website has been blacklisted or not by many other review websites.

The second thing to look for when trying to spot unsafe casino software is information regarding their audit. Secure casinos will have no trouble making their data about their audit history public, or sharing it with the users upon request. If a developer is dodging questions regarding the audit, it is best to stay away.

Last but certainly not least is the license an online gambling software has. An online casino without a license is operating illegally and should be avoided by you like the plague. It is as simple as that.



When playing in online gambling software, you register an account that lets you become a physical entity on the platform. There isn’t much to worry about if you are playing casino games that are free and do not require you to deposit real money. But as time passes, you will be ready to place real money into your account to start winning real prizes. Almost all legitimate online casino software providers offer an encryption feature that secures your data. 

End to end encryption and SSL

End to end encryption divides your data into unbreakable codes. Individual machines and software solutions decipher the codes upon request by the user, which is you. This encryption method is between the software provider and you, making it hard for any unwanted eyes to see your data. This feature comes almost like a standard for any software provider and lets you play with a peace of mind knowing that you are not at risk. SSL, which stands for Secure Sockets Layer, on the other hand, is also another type of data encryption. This technology is used mainly by major banks, so you know it’s a useful security feature. 


Regulations may not seem like a security feature at first. But it serves as a checks and balances system for the online casino industry. Depending on the country you reside in, it is most likely that if your state allows gambling, it will have a gambling commission and authorities that regulate the businesses. This regulation method ensures that casinos operate securely. By continually monitoring and controlling the activities of casinos, authorities create a safe space and ensure the legitimacy of casinos. Your country’s laws and regulations are most likely to serve your interests rather than the interests of the online casinos. The reason for this is because most commissions monitor platforms to check for the correct function of online casinos. If a sweepstakes software does not have all of the necessary security measures in place, massive fines are what they will be receiving instead of a license. 

So make sure to check with your local laws and regulations. More importantly, check to see if the website of your choice falls into the guidelines of jurisdiction and policies. 


online gambling software

Random number generators or RNGs is an online gambling software tool that is used to generate random numbers and symbols in slot games. The point of the tool is to ensure that your outcomes during gameplay are random and unbiased. Any game, whether it be a slot game or blackjack use RNGs to ensure that your result is mathematically random and has not been tampered in favor of the casinos. This itself is a security feature that guarantees the possibility of online gambling software developers designing games to make you lose purposefully is non-existent. Legitimate online gambling software developers employ independent companies to test and check RNGs to showcase their level of transparency. The results are often showcased on the websites of casinos. 


You may be uneasy at first when choosing the right online gambling software. But there is not much to worry about. Keeping in mind the above-mentioned security features, you can now confidently enter the market looking for the best online casino. It is a matter of choice when choosing the software that you prefer. This, however, does not protect you from the fact that there are still plenty of online casino software solutions that are looking to cause trouble. So make sure to double-check before choosing to save you lots of time and money in the long run!