Slot Machine Design Features of The 21st Century

by Isabella Mason

Posted on February 12th, 2020

Slot Machine Design Features of The 21st Century

In 1985, Charles Fey invented and presented the famous slot machine considered as a predecessor of modern casino slots. As years passed, we can see considerable changes in almost all aspects of the casino slot machines. Today, gambling games are available not only in regular land-based casinos, but also in an online world. Due to the preferences of people to choose online establishments, the ground clubs lose their rates. Therefore, the developers try to include such features to the online casino slot machines to make them look like a real land-based casino. Mainly, the casino owners try to focus on the slot machine design and its software. 

Accordingly, the developers look for exciting and creative options to include getting high-quality results at the end. Furthermore, anyone who wants to get more information about a particular online casino can freely visit their official website. The first thing that the player sees is the appearance and the slot machine design. Thus, the developers should not overlook the importance of the attractiveness of the slot machine games.

Symplicity of the slot machine design

The majority of the players come to online casinos to have a good time or relax. Therefore, they always look for a place that can guarantee a cozy atmosphere to spend time fascinatingly. We can emphasize that in the slot machine design, the developers pay a lot of attention to the excitement of the gameplay. To have it, they include an intuitively clear and simple user interface, realistic graphics, and undoubtedly, excellent music and sound effects. Thus, any reputable casino company simplifies the technical components of the slot machine design. By doing so, they help new members of the gambling industry easily get adapted. Even though the casino providers try to bring something creative and unique, they always try to listen to the wishes of their customers to satisfy their needs.

Demo opportunities

slot machine design

Did you know that almost any modern online casino welcomes its users with attractive offers of a free game accessible to everyone? In this demo mode, you can get familiarized with the game without exchanging any real money or placing bets. This feature is an excellent chance, especially for new players, to try different casino games and gain practical experience without taking any risks. Expert players emphasize that in order not to lose money and get an ability to control themselves, the newcomers must start their game experience with a demo mode. Overall, what are the advantages of this mode?

The first and the most apparent benefit of demo mode is to have an opportunity not to risk real money. Since you will not worry about possible loss, you will feel more relaxed and focus on achieving the best results. Accordingly, you can get a chance to develop some tactics to improve the gameplay. Even though it is not related to all of the slot machine games, there are still some games where it works. As you will try different types of games of different levels, you will gradually get used to the website and slot machine design. After, the casino turns into a convenient place that you know from all the sides. Only then, you can quickly show your full performance. Undoubtedly, this feature is a must for all the players to try before engaging in real money casino slots.

A chance to get bonuses in an online casino

Have you ever wondered about the differences between regular land-based and online casinos? There exist several variations, but one of the obvious ones is about bonuses. Overall, the essence of gambling is based on real money bets. If in land-based clubs, the players buy chips at the cash desk, in online casinos, the users make deposits through online payment systems. However, modern slot machine design includes such a possibility that players can start their internet casino games without any investments.

Especially, catching a bonus opportunity helps when you already have a not outstanding balance. Did you lose your motivation to go further? Here come the bonuses! In general, there are two types of bonuses in online casinos: no deposit and deposit bonuses. The first category, which is no deposit bonus, has no connection with a deposit at all. It means that the money that you have in your account has no association with this bonus. Then, how do these no deposit bonuses work? 

Firstly, these bonuses are several types as well, which may include categories for newcomers and already existing customers. For instance, new players can get rewards for registering or confirming their email address/phone number. Then, there are some bonuses available for existing customers. The users can get them simply sharing the casino link with their friends. Apart from this, there are daily, weekly, monthly bonuses for regular players. Later, following some simple regulations, who lat can become a loyal player and get a VIP player status. With this status, the users can get more bonuses, including gifts for the birthday or other special days. In a word, encouraging bonuses included in a slot machine design attract more concerned players.

Variations in online slots

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As you may know, with the existence of online casinos, the developers tried to copy the functionalities of regular land-based casinos. However, they also added several new options and characteristics to improve them. We can highlight two types of slot machines: classic and multi-line slots. Classic slots are the analog of “one-armed bandits,” and they have three reels with a single game line. To continue with multi-line slots, we can say that they are online slots with the playing field consisting of 5, 7, 9 reels.

Among them, 5-reel slots are the most popular ones at the moment because of a large number of paylines. Then, come 7-reel slots that have a playing field containing no more than ten paylines, and smaller symbols on the reels. The nine reel slots considered relatively new look like regular three-reel slots with three paylines. The difference is that the symbols rotate independently of each other, and the paylines have horizontal, vertical, and diagonal directions. 

Apart from this, there are some other slots like progressive and 3D slots. Progressive slots are not much different from their real alternatives. For instance, here, to hit the jackpot, you need to play at maximum bets. 3D slots are slot games with more sophisticated graphics and detailed rendering. Specifically, developers use 3D technologies during their development to allow you to feel a distinctive and dynamic atmosphere. Because of this, you can enhance the sense of reality during the gameplay. All the features, including demo mode, bonus opportunities, and simple interface, are related to these slots as well.


Nowadays, online casinos do their best to satisfy the preferences of the public, offering their customers different quality services. Mainly, the owners try to collaborate with the top-rated software developers to have incredible design of an overall website and existing games. Therefore, it is better for a slot machine design to consider some crucial points, including the first impression on the players. This moment is very valid because if a user gets a feeling of excitement after entering the casino and facing well-classified information appear on the main page, he will understand the overall atmosphere existing in the games.