Becoming an Online Casino Affiliate is Kid’s Stuff with These Tips

by Isabella Mason

Posted on June 28th, 2020

Becoming an Online Casino Affiliate is Kid’s Stuff with These Tips

Working in the casino industry has always been cool. But being an online casino affiliate is arguably one of the best jobs one can have today. It is especially more demanding and profitable when many countries have their people locked at home. As much as it is fun and lucrative, you will become unsuccessful unless you know the critical nuances one must know to become a casino affiliate. Taking into consideration the demand for this information, I decided to produce this article on casino affiliate topics. Once you complete the article, you will be fully ready to establish your casino affiliate business. So, sit back and get started.

What is an Online Casino Affiliate?

Before moving to more comprehensive aspects, you need to comprehend the notion of this job. An online casino affiliate is basically a person that sends new depositing clients to an online casino. A simple question may arise at this point. So how does the casino owner know that you send customers? Well, as a new affiliate, you should sign up with a certain affiliate program. And when you sign up, you obtain links for monitoring. Thanks to these links, the registrations, and activity of people who have been directed through this link, will be monitored. As a result, the casino owner, or operator will have an idea of what they should pay you as a commission. Likewise, they will be able to check the revenue, bonus expenses, and more through this method. 

So, as you got it, you should not always play slot games to earn money. Nor should you provide casino games for others. 

How to Find People to Sign Up for Casinos?

You already know what an online casino affiliate is and how it earns you money. Now you should know how to find players that will sign up for the casinos you collaborate with. That is probably one of the most critical parts of the entire job. Yet, once you get in the track, it will be a piece of cake for you to get customers to sign up. 

Well, there are actually multiple ways to get this part of the work done. Some of the more popular methods are SEO affiliate, PPC affiliate, email marketing, etc. I will go through each of them briefly so that you would choose the most suitable one for yourself. 

SEO Affiliate

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) affiliate can be called the best way in order to entice customers in online casino affiliate business. Here, you should create one or multiple sites which will have to rank in the search engine related pages when searched for various casino-relevant terms. I particularly like this method because you will not incur any costs for acquiring hosting and links. 

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Obviously, there are some positive and negative sides of SEO affiliate. Speaking of its pros, note that organic traffic that you will get through SEO is totally free. Second, you can get into competition with any firm and be successful. It is because no one knows how the Google algorithm works precisely. Furthermore, you can earn so much money through SEO affiliation. Also, when you obtain adequate experience and want to leave, you can abandon the industry and work anywhere as an SEO specialist. 

No matter how many upsides SEO has, I should make you familiar with its downsides, too. So, you can decide whether it is the best match for you. So the primary negative aspect of an SEO affiliate is you will have to spend a lot of time on learning. And it does not matter whether you are implementing everything correctly or not. On top of that, there is the constantly-changing algorithm of Google. It signifies that you must continually be aware of the latest updates. And even if you are always aware, you may sometimes see a weakening in Google ranking. 

PPC Affiliate

Another method to grab customers as an online casino software affiliate is through PPC (Pay-Per-Click). In basic terms, you purchase traffic in return for money here, and then try to convert that traffic to make the revenue bigger than the cost you paid for the traffic. Although this method is also pretty prevalent, it is also much more challenging than SEO. Also, it is much more costly than any other technique used here. That is why I do not prefer this method. Nevertheless, there are some pros to this method. For instance, in case you become successful with it, you will earn money in a very short period. That said, we should not forget the fact that it requires a good knowledge of Facebook and Google ads. So, be aware of the risks and make your decision carefully.

Email Marketing

Another common way to get customers to sign up for sweepstakes software is through email marketing. Although it is not costly, it requires bountiful patience and time. Here, you send emails to potential customers, and try to get them to sign for your newsletters. In a nutshell, if you are unwilling to with PPC or SEO, this would be an ideal option for you. 

Create Your Site

Now that customer sign up issues are apparent, we can move on to creating a website. This part may seem challenging, but if done properly, there is nothing complicated. First, do not crave for anything fancy. A simple site will do the job. Also, a more decorative site will cost you a lot. So, all you need to do is to open a website through WordPress. Once you have a site, you will get even closer to being an online casino affiliate. 

I will give you some advice regarding the website, too. So, try to adhere to them, and you will see the results. Basically, you need to possess four pages on your website. If you have them, it will be more than enough for success.

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The first one is the homepage template. It merely shows the content on your website. You can also leverage this page as the one that ranks. The second one is the subpage template. I strongly advise you to get these pages ranked. They include information about the casino list. The third one is the blog article template. Here, you better target little words. Also, I recommend you to update this part of your site continually. Lastly, there is a blank page template. This part is useful for pages like terms of use, about us, etc. 

Using Backlinks to Rank

The last thing you should do is to ensure your site ranks. And for that, you will need backlinks. They are basically links that will redirect the reader to your site. To get quality backlinks, you need to collaborate with affiliate programs where there will be testimonial links. When you type a few words about your collaboration with them, they will provide backlinks to your site. 


It is no doubt that becoming an online casino affiliate takes time and effort. But if you follow the correct strategy, it should not be a pain for you. To ensure you do not face any hardship in this journey, I briefed all the crucial points. From now on, you take control. 

Hopefully, you find the article helpful. To read more useful articles, make sure you check out our blogs page.